The Advanced Guide To Top Your Customer Service Training Game

The Dunning-Kruger Effect Of Customer Service

Customer service is all about how your company interacts with customers before, during, and after a purchase. It is a vital piece of Customer Experience. It critically impacts buyer satisfaction and it is a requirement for repeat business. According to this eBook, most companies don't consider investing in customer service training because they believe they are doing great. Sadly, few of their customers agree with their assessment. This creates a gap between what the company perceives and what is actually happening.

eBook Release: The Advanced Guide To Top Your Customer Service Training Game
eBook Release
The Advanced Guide To Top Your Customer Service Training Game
Learn how to identify and solve problems with your customer service, develop a training plan, understand 4 popular training methods, integrate blended learning, reap the benefits of experiential learning, and successfully set KPIs.

This is a kind of the Dunning-Kruger effect that traps the organization in a negative feedback loop. This is something that is very hard to escape from, not before it is too late at least. It is important to always be aware of the actual quality of your customer service experience. Likewise, it is important to train yourself and your employees to meet the ever-increasing demands of your clientele.

About The eBook

This is a very insightful eBook by Infopro Learning. It contains a wealth of information about dealing with various aspects of a customer service training scheme. The eBook discusses the ways of conducting proper customer service training. Additionally, it explains the challenge of meeting the ever-rising requirements of customer service in modern days. Likewise, approaches to identifying customer service problems are thoroughly analyzed. These approaches are simple and intuitive tools that you can use immediately. Accordingly, similar advice is provided on the matter of developing customer service training plans. The eBook also covers various training methods, blending and experiential learning, and KPIs.

Communication Is Key

There is a piece I particularly enjoyed about the 4 methods you can use to identify any potential problems with your customer service: asking your customers, encouraging reviews, asking your employees, and tracking returning customers.

A good way to communicate with your customers is to make a brief survey and ask them to fill it out. Keep it short. Ideally, try to not exceed the 5 questions. If your survey is too long, fewer customers are going to participate. Online reviews offer invaluable feedback. It is important to encourage them because they give you the opportunity to identify your weaknesses and correct them. You can also access insights you can use to correct various problems. Your employees are the ones who take care of your customers, after all. Repeat business is a great metric of brand loyalty. If customers are not returning to your business, this means that there may be problems with customer service. Likewise, if you have lots of returning customers, your customer service is probably doing well.

Developing A Training Plan

Another important tool included in this eBook is the development of a training plan. One of the most important elements of a customer service training plan is using customer feedback to figure out what skills need improvement. One also shouldn’t forget that an employee's specific role is a vital factor for the kind of training and activities they will need. However, all employees need at least some degree of customer service training although an executive, for example, will have to be trained differently from someone who works in customer support.

Still, there are some skills that every employee will need. Soft skills like active listening and clear communication can help employees exceed customer expectations every time. A common complaint regarding customer service is that the employees are not able to give the information or answers that the customers are looking for. If you include product knowledge training in your customer service plan, your employees will surely be able to provide pertinent information. The company’s vision and values should be clear to all employees, but it’s even more important for your customer service staff to understand these values and be able to apply them in their day-to-day communication.

When choosing the right customer service training method for your organization, you should take into consideration various factors. These include costs, the specific customer service skills your employees should learn, and how to better optimize their development. The most successful training programs use a blended approach and integrate a combination of methods.


To improve your organization's customer service is to prepare for the future. By assessing and optimizing all points of contact between your company and the customer, you create a brand identity that reflects your company's ideals and culture and communicates this to your customers in the best possible way: through the behavior of your own employees. It is essential to make sure that everyone in your company is in a position to properly represent your organization when dealing with your customer base.

Each person in your company has different needs and different roles to fulfill. With the right tools and methods, you can approach all of them in the most effective way. Customer service is such a vital part of your model that you can't afford to try anything less than your absolute best. Download the eBook The Advanced Guide To Top Your Customer Service Training Game and give your customers a service experience that they will not forget.