8 Top Sales Online Training Topics To Cover In Your Onboarding Program

8 Top Sales Online Training Topics To Cover In Your Onboarding Program
Summary: Are your new hires ready to pitch products and provide the best customer experience? In this article, I share 8 top sales online training topics to cover in your onboarding program.

What Sales Online Training Topics Your Onboarding Program Should Include

Every member of the team must overcome challenges that are unique to their job duties. However, new sales staffers must be able to address customers’ needs, find the perfect products, and speedily ring them up from day one. Even remote sales employees need to meet clients' expectations and negotiate deals straight away. So, how do you prep them for everyday challenges and cultivate sales skills? The secret is an effective new hire sales online training program that’s relevant and relatable. Here are 8 top sales online training topics to add to your onboarding strategy.

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1. Product Knowledge

Customers ask new employees questions about products. Or maybe they reveal little clues about buying behaviors and pain points. Then staffers must find the right item for the job. Every employee requires product knowledge, even those who don’t handle the sales process. For example, the warehouse team must be aware of safe handling procedures or how to properly lift heavy products. On the other hand, sales staffers need to know product specs, features, and real-world benefits. As well as how to promote products to specific customer personas/profiles. For instance, different USPs appeal to different customer groups.

2. COI Compliance

Conflict of interest violations is not to be taken lightly. They tarnish your image and could even lead to serious fines or penalties. As such, it’s one of the most essential sales online training topics to cover in onboarding. First, define what COI is and how it relates to their job roles. Then review some of the most common conflicts sales staffers face in the workplace and how to avoid complicated situations. For instance, what should they do if a client offers them a gift that’s actually a bribe? Are your sales team leaders showing nepotism?

3. Interpersonal Skills

Can sales employees effectively communicate with customers? Do they know how to handle co-worker conflicts? Are they able to actively listen to clients to identify their needs? These are all crucial talents sales staff must develop to achieve their true potential. Soft skills are at the core of everything they do. From persuading customers to make a purchase to improving the productivity of their team.

4. Identifying Customer Pain Points

Every customer or client who does business with your organization has a specific need. There’s a reason behind the interaction, and sometimes your employees have to dig deep to find it. While many customers are open about their personal pain points, others are more guarded. It’s the sales employees’ task to disclose buying behaviors, challenges, needs, and expectations in order to find the perfect product.

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5. Overcoming Sales Sticking Points

Inevitably, there’s always that one customer who presents a unique challenge. They know they need the product and that it will benefit their lives. But they come up with every excuse in the book not to buy. Prepare your new sales employees for sales sticking points so that they know what to expect. Develop eLearning infographics that highlight the most common hurdles and some tricks to eliminate them. Or simulations that allow sales employee training participants to interact with customer personas and alleviate their worries.

6. Perfecting The Sales Pitch

Experienced customers can spot a memorize sales pitch from a mile away. They know when sales employees are genuine and when they’re just reciting the same old script. As such, your new hires' sales online training program must involve sales pitch practice. Encourage employees to find their own approach and then perfect it over time. This may involve simulations, branching scenarios, or serious games that help them learn from mistakes. The goal is to find their authentic voice and touch on all the key selling points.

7. Vetting Prospects

Not everyone who walks through the door or calls in is going to be a hot lead. They might be causal visitors who are still in the 'research' stage. Likewise, some clients are still exploring different options, and numerous meetings won’t amount to anything. This is why it’s essential for new recruits to master prospect vetting. How do they identify a hot prospect? Are there certain questions that will spot motivated buyers? How should they approach prospective customers without scaring them off? Is there any way to convert casual callers/visitors into hot leads? This is also a good time to map out the customer journey so that employees know the organic cycle of sales.

8. Sales Follow-Up

Customer loyalty is all about rapport-building. Which requires your sales team to follow up after the fact and ensure the customer is happy with their purchase. This also gives them the opportunity to recommend add-ons or product tie-ins. How soon should sales staff reach out to customers or clients? What’s the best contact method? How can they seem genuinely invested in the customer’s needs without becoming annoying? In some cases, employees must also develop a marketing list of their own. Which requires another online training path. For instance, how do they get prospects to opt-in to the mailing list? Do they have the authority to offer special discounts to repeat customers?

New hires have certain expectations when they join the company. They need online training resources that bridge skill gaps quickly and help them mitigate on-the-job risks. These 8 topics serve as the basis for successful onboarding because they cover the entire spectrum. From product knowledge to interpersonal skills. It’s a holistic approach to new hire online training that boosts sales staffer confidence and gives them the tools they need to hit their monthly targets.

As a general rule, your sales team should be well-rounded. Is a new sales online training course worth the investment? Download the eBook Skyrocket Sales On A Global Scale: How To Launch A Successful Sales Online Training Program In Your Organization and get to know how to launch, enhance and retain successful programs in your organization.