7 Top Tips To Produce An LMS Promo Video That Goes Viral

How To Produce An LMS Promo Video That Goes Viral
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Summary: Do you need to generate more leads and increase your sales stats on a tight budget? In this article, I’ll share 7 top tips to produce an LMS promo video that goes viral.

How To Produce An LMS Promo Video That Goes Viral

A viral video is one that is repeatedly shared across the Internet, such that it becomes self-replicating. Internet-based viral marketing is one of the most popular ways to increase brand awareness and recognition. It can also help organizations to meet their marketing and publicity goals by attracting new prospects. What does it take to create a viral video? There are no clear metrics on what makes a video go viral. However, there are several tips that you can apply to increase the odds of your LMS promo video spreading across social media like wildfire. These tips are drawn from the common characteristics that all viral videos share. Let’s break them down.

1. Create A Storyboard Prior To Production

A storyboard features every scene, character, and line of dialogue you’ll include in your LMS promo video. This allows you to determine which resources you will need to create your production, as well as flush your ideas to ensure that they are viable. For example, your concept might sound great during the brainstorming meeting but the storyboard reveals that the storyline cannot be fully explored in a 2-minute video.

2. Appeal To Your Audience’s Emotions

Videos combine the visual and auditory element. For marketing videos, content is king. The visual and audio elements should be well-done. They must not only grab attention but also retain it. To achieve this, you have to see things from the perspective of the audience. Ask yourself what they look forward to seeing in LMS promo videos. Incorporate concepts that will satisfy their needs and interests. While you’re at it, do not forget to make the video fun and entertaining. Use humor to connect with them on a personal level and seem more relatable. Lastly, make sure that the content is interesting because no one wants to pass along a dull and drab video to their online network. Conduct market research to determine what your target audience wants and how to appeal to their emotions. Surveys, focus groups, and social media polls can help you gather insights and create targeted marketing content.

3. Do Things Out Of The Ordinary

People come across many adverts over the course of a day. This builds advertisement avoidance, especially for products with nothing new to show. If you look at all viral videos, they have one thing in common. They market remarkable products in a remarkable manner. Your LMS promo video will not be remarkable if you keep using the same old sales pitches. Catch them off guard by using cartoons or offbeat characters to promote your product. Extraordinary things draw attention, but if what you are sharing is not useful to your audience, you'll lose it all. Make sure that you find ways of making your extraordinary video idea relevant and relatable.

4. Reach Out To Influencers

Influencers are people with a wide following on social media. Reaching out to them and having them share your promo video increases your chances of going viral tremendously. Most influencers only agree to share content if it is of superior quality. Include concepts in your LMS promo video that other companies have never included in theirs. Preferably, something that ties into the influencers' niche. Lastly, don’t think too far outside the box. Choose a partner who can help you tap into your target audience instead of trying to expand your reach too far. For example, a health guru with their own YouTube channel may not be the best promoter for your LMS product. However, a learning technology expert/blogger is the perfect fit.

5. Keep It Brief And Simple

No one likes to watch a half-hour long explanation of your USPs in a video. Videos with concepts that are easy to understand are preferred by most people. According to research, most viral videos run between 15 seconds and five minutes. When you start creating an LMS promo video, ask yourself if it compels you to watch until the very end. Would you share it with your friends? And what about the video grabbing your attention? Ultimately, promo videos should not focus too much on explanation because viewers will simply bypass them. Make sure yours quickly addresses the benefits and selling points so that even viewers with short concentration spans can stick with it, and then share it.

6. Incorporate Hot Trends

Audiences watch promos they can relate to on the Internet. How can you make LMS marketing content relatable? By connecting it to a video that is already going viral. Have you ever noticed how people make covers of videos and songs that are trending now? The best marketers hop on the bandwagon and put their own spin on the hot topics. Just keep in mind that you need to act fast before the content you are connecting to becomes monotonous. For example, adding your own LMS-themed lyrics to a popular song may seem clichéd or outdated a month from now.

7. Hold An Advance Screening

Invite a select group of consumers to an advance screening of your viral video to gather their feedback. You can even host a live social media event wherein you showcase the video and then open up the floor to discussion. As such, you can determine which aspects of the video need some fine-tuning in order to become shareworthy.

These are the top tricks to use when creating your LMS promo video. If you don’t have the time or tools to make it yourself, consider hiring professionals who can provide a high-quality production. In addition, keep in mind that promo videos should subtly enlighten your audience while they are being entertained. Go easy on the sales tactics and focus on creating an enjoyable experience for your viewers.

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