5 Ways Training Software Boosts Your Business

5 Ways Training Software Boosts Your Business
Summary: When it comes to intelligently expanding your business and enhancing your course offerings, there's only one solution...

How Will Your Training Organization Grow This Year?

One of the best ways to drive your company forward is an investment in dedicated software for training companies. These powerful systems automate your admin and streamline processes, so you can focus on what really matters: business growth.

Features Of The Best Training Management Software

But there’s a lot more to it than just cutting out all that time-consuming admin. The very best training management software is packed full of features that will enable every department meet their business objectives – features like:

1. True Automation

Course management systems are all about automation. You know, letting the software handle all those boring manual processes that take up so much of your time. Imagine invoices that are automatically raised, certificates automatically generated, emails automatically sent… Imagine creating insightful business reports at the click of a button, instead of trawling through past data. Now, imagine what you and your training team could accomplish with all that time you’re saving.

Automated training software doesn’t just mean the end of manual processes either. Because the system is handling all data, it also means you can kiss goodbye to things like embarrassing double bookings and data duplication that only serves to slow your business down.

2. Accurate Reporting And Insights

Data is everywhere. We’re soaked in the stuff. But is your training company making good use of it?

The reporting function of a training management system is one of the big draws for those who are serious about growing their business. That’s because it can scrape together an assortment of data in a matter of seconds – every course that’s booked with you, every happy sheet you receive, it all adds up to provide your business with a clearer picture of what’s successful, what’s not, and what you need to refine for your delegates. And you can see those all-important metrics at a glance.

Integrate your site with Google Analytics to understand how people are finding your website and how they’re using it; schedule accurate course viability reports to be sent to key stakeholders at regular intervals (or just send them whenever you want). Essentially, you can drive your business forward using intelligent data to make business-critical decisions.

3. Sales And Marketing

Web-based training software offers a golden opportunity to promote your training company. You can see all your opportunities in a single hub, and generate forecasts using those super-handy reporting features. Then, you can start marketing directly to these opportunities.

It’s incredibly simple to create a branded email template—you know, to really show your business in the best light—so you easily send bulk emails that attract new delegates with irresistible course offerings.

And it’s not just about engaging new customers, either. Post-implementation, precise remarketing becomes a realistic option. Simply, set up your system to automatically email delegates who haven’t been on your site for a while, promote courses similar to those certain delegates attended before, and even offer special discounts and hot deals to particular customers.

Because you’re dealing with an immense amount of data, you can tailor specific messages to specific sections of your audience, to ensure your message cuts through the noise.

4. Online Course Booking

This is the game-changer. One of the biggest challenges faced by training companies is effective course promotion – and online course booking is one solution to this.

Often, you’ll find clunky eCommerce portals that don’t look professional (actually, they usually look a bit shady, circa Windows 95, if we’re honest). Other times, delegates are ordered to email or call to book a course. But that’s just not the way we shop now. Delegates are used to buying everything online, from films to fish – so why not your training courses?

Online booking makes it super-simple for your delegates to see in real-time what courses you’re running, and book them through a secure finance portal – no matter where they are and what kind of device they use.

Better yet, that advanced automation means the system will instantly email online booking confirmation, as well as reminders and updates before the course begins. They’ll even access a branded learner portal where they can manage and track their own training, and keep their details accurate.

5. A Smooth Customer Journey

By automating core parts of your training business, you’ll naturally improve the delegate experience from enrolment to evaluation, and beyond.

It starts with them arriving at your website, where course booking is a breeze. It continues, with handy updates and notifications that assure them their training is in safe hands. After their course ends, they’ll automatically receive their awards, alongside digital happy sheets so you can quickly collect informative feedback that dictates your company’s trajectory. And when it’s time to book that compliance-critical course, your system will automatically send out reminders to book again.

What could be easier than that?

Better yet, because you’ve already saved so much time, you and your team will be able to focus on other ways to refine the customer journey – whether it's enhancing courses based on the feedback you receive or honoring your truly outstanding trainers.

And, ultimately, the effect this sort of fluid customer journey has on your company reputation is unparalleled.