Free eBook: Transforming Culture In Larger Organizations

Your Guide To Transforming Culture In Larger Organizations

Imagine a workplace culture where excitement fills the air, where everything is done to enhance the customer experience, where innovation thrives and teams easily adapt to unforeseen circumstances, where your senior team works toward a shared vision of success, and where people genuinely care for one another, feel recognized, and receive support within the organization.

eBook Release: Transforming Culture In Larger Organizations
eBook Release
Transforming Culture In Larger Organizations
Discover key learnings, smart exercises, and 3 great case studies that will help you identify your next steps in fostering a vibrant, high-performing work culture.

Cultures like these are not created overnight. They aren’t formed by policy, procedure, and measuring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). High-performing cultures have values alignment, mission alignment, and low levels of fear. These are cultures where employees can bring their beliefs and values to work and where there’s a shared belief, throughout the organization, that they have a high-performing culture.

SweetRush’s intention for Transforming Culture In Larger Organizations is to introduce the concept of transforming culture in larger organizations, those with more than 1,000 employees.

While culture change involves engineering a process and managing the moving parts, transformation takes place on the inside. Transformation involves human beings and all the feelings, beliefs, and values that motivate them. It’s about working with people’s motivations to create something bigger and better than you could have imagined alone. It takes time and needs to be cultivated, like a plant or any living thing. While change is a process from “this” to “that,” transformation unleashes the best of what can be. Transformation frees human potential and accesses our collective wisdom.

Throughout the eBook you’ll come across with the culture journey. Leaders on a transformational path need to respond to market conditions as well as to the needs of their internal teams. You will create visions and then reshape them. Culture is not a place you arrive, but a way of being that you will develop and evolve over time.

About The eBook

Transforming Culture In Larger Organizations includes three brief case studies, an overview of the concepts and key learnings about transforming culture, and exercises to help you get started. Here are the eBook’s key chapters:

  1. Introduction
    Get an overview of the concept of transforming culture and find out what you’ll learn in this valuable resource.
  2. Case Studies
    Learn from organizations like Old Mutual Group, Volvo IT, and Unilever Brazil how to approach cultural transformation, and discover ways to successfully work with your culture.
  3. Key Learnings
    The authors share their most important key learnings about culture change, including insights about measurement, communication, and timing, as well as other perspectives from the field.
  4. “Growing” Your Desired Culture
    Creating a culture of engagement is like gardening: It’s an organic process. In this chapter, find out the five areas that need attention, planning, and adjustments in order to grow your desired culture.

Download Transforming Culture In Larger Organizations to find the confidence and the tools to begin one of the most important and catalyzing journeys in your organization’s history.

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