eBook Release: The Ultimate Guide To Moving To Online Learning

Free eBook: The Ultimate Guide To Moving To Online Learning
Summary: Organizations are moving toward online or blended learning at a rapid pace. Why? Because they are seeing the benefits of reduced production and delivery costs. If you've been evaluating a move from face-to-face training to online learning, or you're trying to convince your superiors of the benefits, the eBook: The Ultimate Guide To Moving To Online Learning is for you.

Why The Ultimate Guide To Moving To Online Learning Is Right For You 

The Ultimate Guide to Moving to Online Learning will take you through the 4 key areas you need to consider before making the leap to online learning. In this guide, we share practical examples of blended learning solutions to inspire you to start integrating online learning into your training program.

Instead of putting off online learning, learn how to use it to reduce your learning production and delivery costs.

5 Reasons To Read The Ultimate Guide To Moving To Online Learning

1. Convert Face-To-Face Training.

Migrating to eLearning doesn’t need to be slow and complicated, and it doesn’t mean recreating all your courses. Learn how to quickly turn your face-to-face training material into online learning.

2. Best Practices. 

Discover why a blended learning solution is the best way to integrate eLearning into your training.

3. Real-World Examples. 

Draw inspiration from four blended solutions that we’ve put together to help you get started.

4. Don’t Lose The Human Element. 

Learn how to keep the social element while moving your training online.

5. Filling eLearning Roles. 

We’ll show you the eLearning roles do you need to fill in order to make this move a success.

Who Is This eBook For?

Who should read The Ultimate Guide to Moving to Online Learning? Well, that's easy:

  • Learning and Development managers working at large companies.
  • Trainers and coaches who are looking to integrate an online element into their programs.
  • Training providers who are considering moving their products online.

About The Ultimate Guide To Moving To Online Learning

To help you get the most out of this eBook, Steve Penfold, Director at Elucidat, has organized it into 5 main sections:

1. The Challenge Of Moving Online. 

This chapter tackles the big challenges that are holding back learning professionals from moving to eLearning.

2. How To Analyze Existing Content That Can Be Used In eLearning. 

This chapter shows you how to migrate existing face-to-face learning to an eLearning medium.

3. Why Starting With A Blended Solution Is Most Effective. 

This chapter gives real-world examples to show you how to create blended learning solutions that mix face-to-face and online learning.

4. Ideas To Help You Integrate A Social Element, Online. 

This chapter provides some ideas about how you can retain the richness of social learning as you make the move to online.

5. How To Involve The Right People In Your eLearning Team. 

This chapter shows how to identify key players in your organization who can take on the core roles required to create fantastic online and blended learning.

In each chapter of the eBook, you will find real-world examples to demonstrate exactly how to implement the ideas presented.

Are you ready to move toward a modern online and blended training program? Get The Ultimate Guide to Moving to Online Learning from Elucidat today!

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