Upskilling And Reskilling Secrets For Your Next Online Training Bootcamp

Upskilling And Reskilling Secrets For Your Next Online Training Bootcamp
Summary: Upskilling and reskilling can substantially reduce the cost and delays involved in filling changing job roles.

How To Make Skill Development Part Of Your Digital Bootcamp

Upskilling and reskilling are critical issues for enterprise skill development training. The rapid pace of digital transformation and the pervasive changes caused in response to the pandemic have reduced or eliminated the need for many pre-existing job roles, while simultaneously changing and expanding existing roles, as well as creating new roles. When existing job roles change and expand, people in those roles have to change and expand their skill sets.

Sometimes the changes are so extensive that the new roles require a broad array of new skills. Upskilling provides people with the new, expanded, and updated skills to fill new duties and responsibilities in their job roles. Digital bootcamps are ideal for upskilling in skill development training.

Let's learn more about the upskilling and reskilling secrets you can leverage for your teams...

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Examples Of Using Skill Development Training For Upskilling

  • As the amount of data generated by online commerce, consumer behavior, and digital sensors has exploded, the skill set for compiling, analyzing, and understanding that data has transformed. Data analysts need new skills for accessing, processing, and visualizing data. Database managers now must acquire the skills of data engineers. The new role of Data Scientist requires additional skills to design the architecture of data systems and applications. In all of these roles, existing employees must acquire new or updated skills to fill the new requirements imposed on their roles.
  • Software developers and engineers once needed to learn new programming languages as industry preferences shifted. Today, they are often required to obtain skills in full stack web development and DevOps, to deal with continuous development and deployment approaches that are being adopted more and more commonly.
  • Digital marketing has expanded into a holistic set of disciplines that each require specialized skills. Digital marketers need to cross-train in search engine optimization, search engine marketing, pay-per-click advertising, social media, email marketing, content marketing, and other digital marketing skills.
  • When job roles become obsolete, your company can avoid laying off the affected employees by reskilling them to suit other roles remaining in the company. Additionally, when new technologies and new business requirements create entirely new job roles in the enterprise, current employees are often the ideal candidates to fill those roles with the proper training in the required new skill sets.

Digital bootcamps are perfect for skill development training related to reskilling.

Examples Of Reskilling Needs Driven By Digital Transformation

  • In retail, the shift to non-contact procedures and e-commerce have led to reductions in the number of employees in brick and mortar stores. Some companies have reskilled employees from their stores to become e-commerce specialists, in roles such as digital merchandiser.
  • In manufacturing, the ongoing conversion from manual controls to digital controls has led to reskilling opportunities for machinists and designers to fill the roles in completely digital design-to-build workflows.

These alone are two of the biggest upskilling and reskilling secrets.

2 Steps A Digital Bootcamp Provider Should Start With

When you engage with a digital bootcamp provider like Simplilearn to provide digital skilling for your enterprise, you should insist that they begin the process with 2 steps:

  • The digital bootcamp provider should work with you to identify the digital economy roles in your organization and take an inventory of the people in those roles. The provider should help you conduct a skills assessment to determine whether each person in your digital economy operation needs training in skills for their current role or upskilling into some other role that needs to be filled.
  • After taking a roles and skills Inventory, the digital bootcamp provider should work with you to configure an enterprise skilling program to provide sufficient training to fulfill your skilling needs in a way that fits your organization’s culture and operating style. The enterprise skilling program takes account of your team members’ current skill levels and geographic locations, and your organization’s preferred way of managing learning and development.


So, what did you think about the above upskilling and reskilling secrets?

As enterprises continuously assess their changing skills needs, they also need to assess their current skills inventory. Assessing each employee’s skill set and core competencies gives the enterprise the knowledge it needs to match employees to new requirements and to plan out personalized skill development plans.

When new roles open up, or when existing roles evolve to require new skills, the enterprise can turn to its skills inventory to identify which existing employees can fill those roles and what skills they will need to make the transition successfully. This lets the enterprise make an informed decision on whether to hire from the outside or to upskill and/or reskill from the inside.

The enterprise can also compare the skills inventory of its workforce with industry-standard role-aligned skill sets. This is part of the skills gap analysis that shows where the workforce needs upskilling and reskilling to remain competitive in its industry sector.

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