Virtual Classrooms: Leveraging Technology For Impact [eBook Release]

Virtual Classrooms: Leveraging Technology For Impact [eBook Release]
Summary: Download this eBook to uncover virtual classroom best practices, uses, drivers, and barriers, as well as ways to fully leverage technology in your L&D programs.

What's The Connection Between Virtual Classroom Technology And Real-World Performance?

This eBook explores questions related to virtual classroom training in order to highlight best practices, use cases, and limitations to overcome. The survey data is drawn from talent development professionals across 434 organizations. You'll discover why virtual classrooms are such a powerful tool for development, ongoing support, and engagement.

eBook Release: Virtual Classrooms: Leveraging Technology For Impact
eBook Release
Virtual Classrooms: Leveraging Technology For Impact
Discover what makes highly effective organizations stand apart from the rest and how virtual classroom practices connect to real-world performance.

Why Virtual Classroom Training Is On The Rise

Virtual classrooms offer the best of both worlds, particularly for geographically dispersed teams. Employees have the opportunity to engage with peers, coaches, and instructors, while still being able to work remotely. It also eliminates safety risks and L&D costs. For example, you no longer have to pay for travel, accommodations, or site rental fees that are usually associated with traditional workshops or face-to-face training events. Likewise, employees can focus on bridging knowledge gaps and building essential skills without worrying about COVID safety protocols.

About This eBook

Here's a brief glimpse of what you'll find inside Virtual Classrooms: Leveraging Technology For Impact:

  • Executive Summary – Almost all organizations that participated in this research—98%—used virtual classrooms to deliver at least some training to their employees as of early 2021.
  • Key Findings – Facts about participants in the research, as well as information about virtual classroom uses, drivers, and barriers.
  • Conclusion And Recommendations – Find out what the research revealed and how you can leverage virtual classrooms in your strategy.


As you'll soon discover in the eBook, 40% of the survey participants reported that their talent development functions made strong contributions to organizational performance. So, how can you maximize modern tech and virtual training strategies in your organization? Download Virtual Classrooms: Leveraging Technology For Impact to delve into the data and see what sets successful virtual classrooms apart from the rest.