How Virtual Reality In The Workplace Can Help You Retain Your Top Talent

Virtual Reality In The Workplace
Summary: They’re your top performers. Always going above and beyond to turn a profit and uphold your reputation. Are you making the most of modern VR tech to retain them?

VR Training Solutions To Keep High Performers In Your Organization

There are several characteristics that your top performers have in common. They understand your brand image, value customer service, and utilize their skillsets to further your goals. They are also aware of their place within the organization and how that role fits into your business design. All these traits require you to up the training ante and provide custom-tailored support. They won’t settle for one-size-fits-all solutions or online training content that doesn’t translate in the real world. Here’s how Virtual Reality in the workplace can help you keep your top talent so that they aren’t tempted to stray.

eBook Release: VR Training Outsourcing: Your Guide To Launching A Successful Virtual Reality Training Program With A Top-Notch Content Provider
eBook Release
VR Training Outsourcing: Your Guide To Launching A Successful Virtual Reality Training Program With A Top-Notch Content Provider
Find the ideal partner for Virtual Reality training and transform employee training into an immersive and engaging experience.

1. Next-Gen Employee Empowerment

Virtual Reality empowers employees to take charge of their own development. It takes experiential learning to new heights and lets them explore different scenarios on their own. They can use VR simulations to prepare for new tasks or duties instead of struggling through them on the job. When they’re in doubt, top performers can always turn to VR support tools for reassurance. Thus, they’re more confident in the workplace and willing to take on new challenges that expand their skillset. Top talent is also aware that your organization values employee L&D. That you don’t settle for generic content and use modern technology to help further their ambitions. Employees take pride in working for a company that gives them control and prioritizes learner-centered training.

2. Turn Every Error Into A Training Opportunity (Discreetly)

VR training tools allow employees to try new solutions, even if failure is an option. They still learn from the experience without compromising their status within your organization. They're discreet because only they can see the simulation, branching scenario, or serious game and disclose personal gaps. However, managers and LMS admins still have access to reports to identify performance issues and offer follow-up support. That said, you can also use VR training results as a teaching tool. For instance, top performers would like to solicit peer feedback to find hidden gaps they might have missed. Or take suggestions on how to improve their behaviors moving forward.

3. Create The Perfect Online Training Environment

There’s a lot to contend with when employees train on their mobile devices, depending on where they are or the L&D topic. Virtual Reality in the workplace creates ideal online training conditions, as employees fully immerse themselves in the simulated environment. Say goodbye to crowded office spaces or hectic morning commutes that prevent top talent from expanding their knowledge. They just put on the headset, choose their activity of choice, then block out the rest of the world. This allows them to focus on the task instead of letting talkative coworkers or social media notifications get in the way. For example, an email or LMS reminder pops up every time they try to lose themselves in the scenario and achieve an emotional connection.

4. Reduce Travel Time

Top performers can attend ILT events and workshops using VR tools instead of traveling to on-site sessions. This gives them more time on the job and ample opportunity to gain contextual experience. Your organization also benefits, as employees spend less time honing skills and more time applying them in the workplace. Another benefit is reduced ILT costs. You used to hire instructors to travel to the venue, print training materials, and rent rooms to accommodate your occupancy. With VR training, real-time training is just a click away. Use video conferencing tools to bridge the geographical divide without sacrificing one-on-one support.

5. Provide Immersive Knowledge Refreshers

Even the best of us forget things from time to time. But it’s different for your top performers. They are usually over-achievers who feel ashamed or foolish if they can’t remember the next step or new company policy. VR training provides immersive memory checks and knowledge refreshers to reinforce the takeaways. Clickable eLearning infographics with embedded links serve as niche online training libraries. While task-based simulations walk them through the process and show them how to apply skills in context. You can even produce video demos that remind them how to show off a product or avoid common mistakes. They don’t just review checklists or read examples but explore them firsthand to retain more information. Staff members assign meaning to the online training activity, as they’re living it instead of staring at a screen.

6. Offer Interactive JIT Resources

Top performers reach the top because they aren’t afraid to admit their faults and remedy them autonomously. They don’t wait for managers to point out an issue. However, you must give them the tools they need for self-diagnosis, such as VR Just-In-Time training resources that enable employees to evaluate their performance and do something about it. They’re more likely to stay with your organization if there are interactive online training resources to fix problems on the spot before they escalate into glaring obstacles that derail their professional aspirations. For example, serious games to test skills, followed by personalized eLearning feedback and online training resource recommendations. Or a branching scenario to evaluate their problem-solving and lateral thinking abilities. Static support tools won’t suffice, because your top talent wants to dig deeper and put productivity blockers behind them.

Virtual Reality in the workplace eliminates distractions, provides personalized support, and encourages mistake-driven learning, without making employees feel judged or singled out for taking risks that don’t pan out. They can learn at their own leisure and concentrate on tasks that trip them up without waiting for the next ILT event. Thus, you’re able to retain your top talent instead of paying for their replacements. You also ensure that MVPs are ready to take on intradepartmental challenges and continually tune their skills.

You can launch your own successful VR training program with the right eLearning outsourcing partner, regardless of the resources and size of your business. Download the eBook VR Training Outsourcing: Your Guide To Launching A Successful Virtual Reality Training Program With A Top-Notch Content Provider and find out how to warrant your investment while boosting your employees’ performance and self-confidence.

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