7 Ways eLearning Templates Benefit Online Learners

7 Ways eLearning Templates Benefit Online Learners
Summary: eLearning templates reduce eLearning course development time, cut down costs, and make updates of the eLearning content stress-free. But what are the perks for your audience? In this article, I'll share the 7 ways eLearning templates benefit your online learners.

How eLearning Templates Benefit Your Online Learners

Creating an eLearning template takes time and attention to detail. However, you can reuse them time and again to create cohesive eLearning courses. You can rely on them for future eLearning projects instead of starting from scratch. This saves time, resources, and a whole lot of frustration. The benefits for eLearning professionals are well known. So, let's take a closer look at what eLearning templates can offer to your online learners.

1. Allow For Stress-Free eLearning Navigation

eLearning templates follow the same format all throughout. Online learners know where to find icons, buttons, and other important eLearning navigation elements. This prevents online learner frustration and makes the process simple and stress-free. As such, your online learners are able to focus on the subject matter instead of searching for hidden links. Ease of navigation in eLearning also leads to a variety of other benefits. Online learners are more likely to enjoy the eLearning experience, which makes eLearning content more inspiring and engaging. In addition, they have the ability to remember where everything is located on the page, and access the information more quickly. For example, they can click on a link to access the main eLearning course menu in order to choose the next eLearning activity.

2. Improve Knowledge Retention

eLearning templates are predictable in a good way. Online learners are aware of the general layout before they even start the eLearning course. This is particularly beneficial for anxious online learners. There are no unwanted surprises waiting for them, which breeds familiarity. Thus, they can concentrate on absorbing and assimilating the subject matter. Furthermore, you have the ability to create an effective layout that facilitates knowledge transfer. For example, bullet lists, short text blocks, and graphic placeholders help you prevent cognitive overload. If the structure of your eLearning course has worked in the past, you can reuse it for all future eLearning experiences.

3. Reduce The Likelihood Of Frustrating Glitches

Let's be honest, a glitch can ruin a perfectly good eLearning course. Online learners aren't able to progress to the next page. A button doesn’t work, or visual aids don't appear properly on the page. All of these glitches cause online learners to disengage, which prevents them from getting the full benefit of your eLearning course. eLearning templates are quality tested from the get-go. You have the power to evaluate every aspect of your master eLearning template before using it. As such, you can prevent glitches from showing up in future eLearning courses.

4. Cater To Learner Needs And Preferences

You've conducted surveys, focus groups, and pre-assessments to find out what your online learners need. As such, you have a wealth of data at your disposal. And you can use this data to design a master eLearning template to ensure continuity. You know that your online learners prefer a particular color scheme and layout. Thus, you're able to customize your eLearning course to meet their needs and then reuse the eLearning course design time after time. This increases the level of engagement of your online learners and allows them to connect on a deeper level.

5. Increase Learner Participation

Online learners are more likely to participate in the eLearning experience when there is a sense of cohesion and continuity. All of the elements tie into the subject matter, learning objectives, and organizational identity. This improves the quality of the eLearning course design, as well as the value of the eLearning experience. Online learners already know that they are going to get a glitch-free eLearning course that is easy to navigate. More importantly, it caters to their personal preferences and interests. As a result, they are motivated to learn and engage with the subject matter.

6. Build Organizational Pride

Quality eLearning enhances your brand image and identity. Employees grow accustomed to the fact that they are going to get an amazing online training experience every time. As a result, your eLearning template fosters organizational pride among your corporate learners. You've taken the time to create an effective corporate eLearning template. Employees appreciate the time and effort, as it allows them to maximize their potential. They get the personalized online training they require, without having to worry about navigation headaches or fragmented online training content.

7. Ensure Training Relevancy

With eLearning templates, your online learners know where to find the information they need. You can also leave room for a brief explanation before each eLearning module or activity. Thus, online learners are able to quickly see if the eLearning content is relevant or if they should seek out other resources. They don't have to waste time sorting through every element of your eLearning course to find the knowledge or skill they require. This makes eLearning templates ideal for just-in-time online training, as well. Simply create a "moment of need" menu at the beginning of the eLearning template, and then integrate suitable eLearning activities, assessments, and modules.

How To Create An eLearning Template On Budget

There are a number of rapid eLearning authoring tools that allow you to create master eLearning templates. Many feature rich online asset libraries that come complete with graphics, images, and themes. These tools also help you cut down costs and maximize your resources. You don't need any prior design experience to create an effective eLearning template. In addition, a variety of sites offer free eLearning templates so that you don't have to start from scratch. Just be sure to test out your top choices before making your final decision. You don't want to invest time in an eLearning template, only to realize that it doesn't suit your needs.

eLearning templates give you the power to create eLearning courses more quickly, with fewer resources, but they also provide a range of benefits to your online learners. The key is choosing the right tool for the task and using all of your available Big Data to customize the eLearning experience for your audience.

Are you ready to create your first eLearning template? Read the article 4 Steps To Create Amazing eLearning Templates to discover the 4 key steps to create amazing eLearning templates, even if your don't have any prior template design experience.

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