Why Is Training So Crucial In A Hybrid Workplace Model?

Why Is Training So Crucial In A Hybrid Workplace Model?
Summary: The pandemic has made work from home common. The hybrid work model can also be an excellent option, but companies need to provide training for hybrid work to be successfully adopted.

How Can Training Affect Performance?

The pandemic has had a massive impact on the world, and employees now prefer the work-from-home mode. Hybrid work is an excellent option for employees because it provides them with an ideal work-life balance. The employees like working from home and the office both and may not wish to restrict themselves to only one place. However, they can also choose to work only in either one depending on their preference.

Companies want employees to work in hybrid mode due to the low costs of running offices and the increased productivity. Companies offering hybrid work also seem like an attractive proposition to employees. A hybrid work model has also been mandated because all kinds of work don't require commuting to the office. When employees don't require to talk to each other to complete their tasks and can work solo, working from the office becomes a drag. When they get the freedom to work from home, they become more creative because they can then schedule their tasks depending on their responsibilities toward their children. They can work in solitude when the children have left for school or are sleeping.

However, some employees are not comfortable using technology and find meeting other people for work a feasible option. They like to deal with another person rather than a whiteboard animation or having to ask questions in a document. Some jobs like programming don't need one to attend office, unlike jobs in HR where interviews have to be conducted, and employee meetings are a regularity. For employees, the work from home mode is also beneficial because it cuts commuting costs.

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Why Is Training Required In A Hybrid Work Model?

1. Not Coming To The Office Regularly

Training has become quite important in the hybrid work model because employees work online, so there is no scope for in-person meetings. Hence, employees need to conduct meetings online, which has necessitated using video conferencing and other software. Companies are establishing more specific guidelines for employees to know how to manage their communications. Employees can't conduct all communication synchronously, as they would have to delay urgent tasks to do so. Also, some interaction is required for all employees to be able to express their views, which is critical for making decisions.

2. Ensure Reliable Communication

It's also crucial that employees have a perfect grasp of how to handle communication when working away from the office. People may not get the opportunity to solve their problems because of a lack of interaction. Hence employees should be advised on how to deal with critical concerns when talking to each other. This is because any postponement can lead to problems for the business. Working remotely requires employees to write better emails, including about their issues with coworkers. Hence companies must make employees understand how to become adept at written communication. Employees should also not shy away from making voice calls when required. If written communication is ambiguous, it can cause problems.

3. Prevent Nonadherence To Hierarchy

It's not easy to work remotely for employees. They may not take online meetings seriously and may not be present in proper attire, but they should show proper respect to managers during their meetings, which can be taught only through training.

4. The Crucial Role Of Leaders

Leadership training can also make a world of difference because employees have to be monitored on their performance even when they are working offline. Although there are tools through which the work hours clocked by an employee can be checked, they might not be showing the same productivity as they were while working from the office. Leaders have to explain to such employees that they need to be efficient even when working from home. In addition, employees have to bear the responsibility for their jobs which has to be ensured by the leaders. Diversity training is also crucial for leaders because they mustn't differentiate between the employees working remotely and the office workers. Both can have concerns that require attention and might be hampering their productivity. Any discriminatory practices can lead to a lack of collaboration between the two types of employees.

Employees can also start discriminatory behavior when they develop a closeness toward those with whom they work in the office. Therefore training is needed to ensure that they have the same attitude toward all of their coworkers regardless of their working mode. Companies can conduct surveys among employees to know which work mode suits them the best. But, in the end, companies have to focus on the ROI of employees when deciding whether to give them a work-from-home or office mode.

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