Yuletide eLearning Distractions: 8 Tips To Keep Your Corporate Learners Focused During The Holidays

Yuletide eLearning Distractions: 6 Tips To Keep Corporate Learners Focused During Τhe Holidays
Summary: Online training is the last thing on people's minds during the busy holiday season. So, how do you keep the Yuletide eLearning distractions at bay and help your corporate learners focus on the task at hand? In this article, I'll share 8 tips to help your corporate learners concentrate during the holidays.

How To Help Corporate Learners Deal With Yuletide eLearning Distractions

It's the season to be jolly…and stressed out from holiday shopping, family obligations, and a heavy workload. Who has the time or patience to participate in online training courses? Your corporate learners have a number of distractions to deal with, which can diminish the value of their online training experience. Fortunately, there are ways to keep them focused during the holidays so that they retain the key ideas and concepts.

1. Offer Online Training Incentives

Rewards are a great way to get your corporate learners involved and excited. It doesn't even have to be monetary incentives, such as gift cards. You can boost their retention and motivation by incorporating badges, points, and other gamification elements in your online training course. Game mechanics make online training courses fun and engaging, which also helps to maintain their mental focus. Corporate learners can actually look forward to their next online training session because there is an opportunity to earn their reward. The secret is to research your audience in order to determine the best approach. For example, some people may respond to badges, while others require leaderboards.

2. Emphasize The Benefits Of Active Participation

Corporate learners want to know what's in it for them. They are taking time out of their busy holiday schedule to complete the online training course. So, what can they expect in return? Emphasize the real world benefits of actively participating in your online training course. Let them know what they can do with the information after the fact. For example, they will be able to use their newfound skill to improve their task proficiency or increase sales. You should also mention the overall objectives and desired outcome of the online training course on day one.

3. Incorporate Real World Activities To Boost Engagement

Real world activities engage your corporate learners and make the experience more valuable. Branching scenarios, online training simulations, case studies, and real world examples, allow corporate learners to apply what they've learned. They can apply their knowledge into context and try out different approaches. Instead of just watching an online presentation, your corporate learners have the opportunity to practice and perfect their strategy. This also reiterates the benefits of your online training course, as they can see how the information translates in the real world.

4. Provide Flexible Microlearning Online Resources

They key word is "convenience". Corporate learners want to get the essential information as quickly as possible so that they can move on to the holiday festivities. Microlearning online resources also make online training more flexible and adaptable. Therefore, corporate learners are able to focus on the knowledge and skills they require without wasting precious time. Create a bite-sized online repository that is divided into categories or topics. Send corporate learners the link so that they have convenient access to the online training materials, and invite them to visit the page whenever the need arises.

5. Use Serious Games To Make It Fun And Exciting

Serious games are entertaining and enjoyable. In fact, some corporate learners may forget that they're even learning, which makes it even more beneficial. They get so caught up in the challenges, levels, and characters that forget all about holiday distractions. Use a rapid eLearning authoring tool that features serious game templates to reduce development time and cost. This gives you the ability to create an immersive gaming environment, even if you don't have graphic design experience.

6. Encourage Online Group Collaboration

The holiday season is a time to meet up with friends and reminisce about the past. Why not bring that social element into your online training course through online group collaboration projects. Encourage corporate learners to break into teams and then collectively solve problems and create online presentations. You can make it even more exciting by presenting them with a real world mystery as a case study. They are able to use Project Management online tools and video conferencing software to collaborate remotely. This also allows them to learn while they are away from the office during their holiday break.

7. Host A Live Webinar

Webinars allow you to interact directly with your corporate learners and get them involved in the process. They have the ability to ask questions and participate in online discussions with their peers. This is also the time to gather their feedback so that you can make improvements to your online training course design. If you're working with a larger audience, you may have to host several webinars and invite smaller groups. Thus, everyone has the opportunity to make their voice heard and address their concerns. In addition, you should always record your webinars for those who cannot attend the live event. Send everyone the link afterward, along with a list of supplementary online training resources. For instance, task simulations or branching scenarios that tie into the subject matter.

8. Start An Online Forum Or Social Media Group

Another way to give your stressed corporate learners the social interaction they crave is to start a forum, blog, or social media group. Post a new prompt or question every week and then invite them to join the online discussion. You can even close the group to the public or create different groups for specific topics. For example, one group might cover customer service online training while another explores company policy issues. Set some ground rules in advance to prevent conflicts and ensure that everyone respects differing opinions. Also, give your corporate learners a chance to get host the eLearning blog from time to time to increase engagement.

Don't let the holidays stand in the way of meaningful eLearning experiences. You can use these 8 tips to grab your corporate learners' attention and help them focus on the online training objectives. They still have the power to broaden their knowledge and build vital skills in between singing carols and sipping egg nog.

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