The Best eLearning Articles of 2012


The TOP 20 eLearning Articles of 2012

Since July 2012 that eLearning Industry was launched we have published more than 250 articles and 80+ eLearning Jobs. Based on the social signs we have choose the TOP 20 eLearning Articles of 2012. To show you our appreciation we have include a Bonus Gift at the end of the post!

  1. Free Authoring Tools for eLearningIn this post you will see a list of 11 Free Authoring Tools that you can use in your eLearning design and development process.
  2. 10 TED Talks Perfect For the eLearning IndustryDoes eLearning kill creativity? Bring on the eLearning revolution! What do you believe about open-source learning? What eLearning developers can learn from kids? Would you teach at the 100,000 student classroom? What have you learned from online education?
  3. List of Free Tools to Create Infographics for your LearnersDoes your learners prefer acquiring and processing information via images, pictures, maps, graphs, charts, illustrations, and other visual aids? Since they are visual learners have you though of using infographics at your course?
  4. Free eLearning and Instructional Design BooksIn this post you will find a list of 49 FREE eBooks for instructional designers and eLearning professionals.
  5. The Ultimate list of Free Stock Photos Sites for eLearningIn this post I will present you find The Ultimate list of 17 Free Stock Photos Sites for eLearning.
  6. 12 YouTube Videos Every Online Educator Should ViewWhat are the benefits for the teacher and learner in the context of open education and OER? How does a blended-learning school boost student achievement? How can we design the schools for 21st Century Learning? How will be the classroom of tomorrow? What are the tools and resources for the 21st Century Educator?
  7. The Ultimate list of Open Source Learning Management Systems In this post you find The Ultimate list of 17 Open Source Learning Management Systems.
  8. 10 Awesome Infographics about eLearningWhat is eLearning? What it takes to create effective eLearning? How to develop an eLearning Roadmap or what are the milestone in elearning and much more will be covered by the following 10 awesome infographics about eLearning
  9. List of Free iPad Apps for children with Special Needs: Part 1I am not going to promote iPad. However, I was extremely impressed by the number of Free iPad Apps for kids with special needs.
  10. Top Open Source Learning Management SystemsOpen source Learning Management Systems have become extremely popular in recent years, but what does open source mean?
  11. Exploring the layers of social learning Exploring the layers of social learning by Julian Stodd
  12. eLearning 101 eLearning 101 is the first of a five part series that covers the basics of what developers should know about building online courses.
  13. Ultimate List of Free Music for eLearning Development At the Ultimate List of Free Music for eLearning you will find 34 websites where you can use Free Music for your Online Courses. You can download hundred thousand music files for thousands artist and use it for Free.
  14. 7 tips for a Game-Based Learning success Are you thinking of using games as a new way to develop eLearning content? Are you thinking of applying the theory of gaming in eLearning but you do not know how to? In the following post I will give you 7 tips to succeed with your Game-Based Learning.
  15. What kind of the 7 styles of learning your online students prefer? Visual, aural, verbal, physical, logical, social, solitary. As an online educator, teacher, facilitator you probably wonder what kind of the 7 styles of learning are the most effective for your students, learners.
  16. 6 Tips for Producing Good Quality Audio Narrations Every Online Educator Should Know About Can we prepare, record, and finally produce a better audio narration? Of course we can. However, we should consider some aspects such as, budget, time, technology, and our available resources in general.
  17. Converting Large Group Classes to Massive Online Courses Last month, the NY Times declared 2012 as the year of the MOOC. With so many educators and students involved in these courses, we should think about how we can best convert the university course experience to this new, scalable online experience. For simplicity, let's break the process of transferring knowledge into three parts: instruction, coaching, and assessment / feedback.
  18. List of eLearning Professionals that use Twitter: Part 1Are you an eLearning Professional that is looking to follow eLearning Professionals at Twitter? You aren't alone!
  19. Ultimate List of Free Storyboard Templates for eLearning Would you be interested for a list of 72 Free Storyboard Templates for eLearning? Are you an entry level or an experienced eLearning developer?
  20. TOP 5 tips to Convert your Traditional Course into an eLearning formatSeveral professionals in the Learning industry want to convert their f2f courses into an eLearning format. However, several of them do the same mistake again and again. They believe that by simply moving their content such as PowerPoint presentations, videos, audios, and documents to a Learning Management System that they have converted their face to face courses to an eLearning format. In my opinion, they have convert their traditional courses to an electronic format.

Bonus Gift:

138 Authoring Tools

  1. 11 Free Authoring Tools for eLearning
  2. List of Authoring Tools: Part 1 - 50 Authoring Tools
  3. List of Authoring Tools: Part 2 - 40 Authoring Tools
  4. List of Authoring Tools: Part 3 - 37 Authoring Tools

167 Learning Management Systems

  1. Learning Management Systems: Part 1 - 70 LMSs solutions
  2. Learning Management Systems: Part 2 - 50 LMSs solutions
  3. Learning Management Systems: Part 3 - 30 LMSs solutions
  4. The Ultimate list of Open Source Learning Management Systems

100+ Tools

  1. Social Learning Tools Every Online Educator Should Know About
  2. Free Podcast Tools
  3. List of Free Screen Capturing Tools
  4. Ultimate List of Free Music for eLearning Development
  5. Free Survey Polls Quizzes Tools for eLearning
  6. List of Free Photo and Image Editing Tools
  7. Free Testing and Quizzing Tools for Online Education
  8. Free Text To Speech tools for Educators
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