23 Microsoft Free Teaching Tools for Educators

23 Microsoft Free Teaching Tools for Educators
Summary: Are you interested in a list of 23 free teaching tools that you can use in your classroom? From helping students learn through interactive 3D experiences to transforming ordinary classroom experiences into immersive education and much more…

Free Educational Technology: 23 Microsoft Free Teaching Tools for Educators

Would you like to engage your students with free classroom tools in an active learning classroom environment? In the following list you will find 23 Free Teaching Tools that you can use to improve students' learning.

  1. Learning Suite by Microsoft
    Over 20 of Microsoft's most popular education tools and teacher resources - all in one place!
  2. Flashcards by Microsoft
    Build memory and recognition skills with a modern twist on the classic learning tool.
  3. Office 365 for Education
    Free email, shared documents, storage and more! Office 365 offers all the tools you and your students need to succeed.
  4. Photosynth
    Help students learn through interactive 3D experiences.
  5. Microsoft Mathematics 4.0
    Visualize math concepts to promote better understanding.
  6. Kinect for Windows SDK
    Transform ordinary classroom experiences into extraordinary immersive education.
  7. Math Worksheet Generator
    Create great math worksheets in seconds!
  8. Digital Storytelling Teaching Guide
    The ancient tradition of storytelling meets the digital age.
  9. Kodu
    Teach programming, problem-solving and collaboration in a creative 'hands-on' environment.
  10. Interactive Classroom
    Use classroom polls to improve student learning.

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  11. Microsoft SkyDrive
    Easily manage, store and securely share thousands of classroom documents all in one place.
  12. Chemistry Add-in for Word
    The simple, easy way to include chemistry information in your Word documents.
  13. Mouse Mischief
    A fun way to keep your students' attention and increase participation in the classroom.
  14. Songsmith
    Help your students 'find their spark' in the classroom with music.
  15. Accessibility Guide for Educators
    Empower all students with accessible technology.
  16. Office Add-in for Moodle
    Manage your courses with Moodle and Office documents all in one place.
  17. Microsoft Mathematics Add-in for Word and OneNote
    Create, calculate, solve and import mathematical equations in Word and OneNote.
  18. WorldWide Telescope
    Explore outer space from your classroom.
  19. Project Tuva
    Make physics fun with a new twist on classic lectures.
  20. Ribbon Hero 2
    Learning Office is a game – really!
  21. Small Basic
    The fun and easy way to learn programming.
  22. Bing: The Getting Started Guide for Educators
    Quickly find what you need in a visual, organized way.
  23. Microsoft Digital Literacy Curriculum
    Prepare your students for the digital future.

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