3 Strategies To Keep Tech-Hungry Millennials Happy In The Workplace

3 Strategies To Keep Tech-Hungry Millennials Happy In The Workplace
Summary: Millennials have grown up in a world thriving on innovation and technological advancements. They are always ready for change and are demanding more of it from employers. Here are some of the key factors that help key tech-hungry Millennials happy at work.

Keeping Tech-Hungry Millennials Happy In The Workplace

The most dramatic difference between Millennials and earlier generations in the workforce is the spread with which you can introduce new technology. This will have a positive impact for many companies and organizations as the next industrial revolution dawns, but right now, it can be a challenge to keep up with the demands of tech-hungry Millennials. To put a term on it, this generation of workers born between 1977 and 2000 are "early adopters" of new technology. They have learned from the cradle that newer is better, and they expect their technology to be upgraded continually.

However, in traditional workplaces, where there are budget constraints and equipment is expected to last as long as possible, the millennial worker may become frustrated with the pace of technological change. What can your company do to keep this eager new worker engaged without disrespecting the realities of the corporate budget?

3 Ways To Keep The Millennial Generation Of Employees Happy  

Here are 3 strategies that can allow you to ensure that your tech-hungry Millennials get their regular new-tech fix:

1. When Contracting With A Technology Provider With Your Firm, And When Feasible, Ensure That Equipment Will Be Upgraded On A Yearly Basis.

For example, suppose you are contracting for new smartphones for all your staff. Make it mandatory that anyone wishing to upgrade within a year can do so. When the anniversary of the contract rolls around, be sure to email or text your staff to alert them to the option for upgrading. The Millennials will jump at the change, but the older worker who may still be getting use to the smartphone in the first place can leap the one he or she has. This will also give your Human Resources department a keen perception on which employees are more open to changing technology.

2. When Considering A Technology Upgrade, Instead Of Hiring An Outside Consultant, Build A Team Of Millennials To Explore All Aspects Of The New Technology.

Also, report on their recommendations on what has the best potential for your company. Nothing makes the millennial worker happier than to be asked to test a new piece of technology or try out a new device. It give them their new-tech fix, whether or not you decide to buy it. Not only that, but their recommendations will be pertinent to the needs of your individual company, not just a generalized recommendation.

3. Allow Millennials To Bring Their Own Technology To Work When Possible.

For example, instead of trying to outfit your sales team with new devices, tell them what the device has to do and give them an allowance to secure their won. Many workers will actually buy even better equipment, contributing some of their own money to the process, because with your contribution they can afford it. (Think about car allowances and how many on-the-road workers buy bigger, tougher vehicles because they can afford them once they put their contribution in on top of yours.) While there are situations where this is not possible, in many instances, particularly in phones and tablets, it is.

What Happens When Your Company Is Not Able To Upgrade Its Technology?

Sometimes, however, your firm just may not be able to upgrade its technology as quickly as your millennial workers would like. In that case, if they make a recommendation for a technological change, be respectful and let them know their input is valued.

If you cannot make it happen, be truthful, another trait highly valued by the millennial worker. Explain that there are financial constraints in place but let them know their request will be a priority item in the future.

Two things happen then. The millennial worker knows that his or her opinion matters and that they are being respected. The second thing is that the resourceful millennial may be able to go out and find a more reasonably-priced option that could still do the same job.

The most important factor to consider about tech-hungry Millennials is their constant eagerness to make a difference. These employees want to feel like they have a positive effect on the organization and can actually do something that goes beyond the day-to-day tasks at work. Be it introducing a new technology that increases the productivity and efficiency at work or the way they embrace and encourage collaboration. Millennials, usually with the help of technology, are always on the hunt of showing how they can make their organization better. Allowing your younger workforce explore their ideas is a great way to ensure a happy worker.