4 Tips To Optimize Course Management System ROI For Training Companies

How To Optimize Course Management System ROI For Training Companies

Spending money on yet another tool for your business might be the last thing you want to do, but what if it could offer you a massive Return On Investment? Finding a great Course Management System is an excellent way to manage your training administration for training companies, and if you use it effectively, you can see a huge ROI, far offsetting the cost of the system itself!

Course Management Made Easy: How Training Companies Can Effectively Manage Courses And Events In One Place
Discover how to make the most out of your Course Management System (CMS), the perfect tool to manage all your training courses from one place.

1. Ditch Unwanted Systems

A Course Management System can help you manage a lot of aspects of your training administration from one place. Not only does this mean your course administration can be super organised, but it also means you can condense the number of systems you currently use and get rid of those ones you will no longer need!

This is great for a number of reasons:

Save Money On Systems

Instead of having to pay for multiple systems you can make the move to one system to handle most of your training tasks. This means instead of having a separate CRM, reporting system, sales system, marketing system, etc., you could find a Course Management System which has the functionality of all these separate systems.

This means even though you are paying for your Course Management System, it should still work out cheaper for you to ditch those extra systems and only continue to use the ones you need.

Save Time

As well as saving money, your team will save lots of time, as they won’t have to go between multiple different systems to find all the information they need. Instead of logging in and out of lots of places, they will be able to access everything they need through your CMS.

Cut Down On Staff Training

The fewer systems you have in your business, the less time you need to spend training your staff on how to use them all. It makes sense to get rid of as many systems as possible and train your staff to be experts on the systems you keep, rather than expecting them to know how to get the best out of lots of probably very differently functioning systems.

Make Onboarding Easier

As well as training for current staff, having fewer systems means onboarding for new staff will also be simpler, as they will have fewer systems to get up to date with in order to do their jobs properly.

2. Get More Done With The Same-Sized Team

One of the huge benefits of a Course Management System, and a major way you will see the Return On Investment, is your ability to get more done with the same-sized team you had before. Hiring new staff members can be a huge expense, so obviously spending a little money on a tool – which means you have to hire less often – would be of huge benefit to your business.

Course Management Systems are designed to handle a lot of tasks for training companies which you currently do manually. Not only will your staff get more job satisfaction out of not having to complete the same boring tasks over and over again, but it will also mean that your team will now have a lot of free time, as your CMS handles everything for you in the background.

This will enable you to do lots more things in a workday that you would not have had time for before. This means you can get more done with the same-sized team – living the dream!

3. Get Rid Of Repetitive Tasks

As we mentioned above, those repetitive tasks that really could be automated can be a massive time drain on your team. A CMS can give you a massive Return On Investment if it manages all of these repetitive tasks for you, and you no longer need to worry about managing them manually.

Here are just some of the tasks you can pass over to your CMS to handle:

  • Sending emails and SMS to your students.
  • Compiling reports and sending them to whoever needs to see them.
  • Creating and sending certificates to students.
  • Sending feedback surveys to students.

4. Sell Your Courses Online

Obviously, the main draw of a CMS is to manage all your training courses! The most important piece of functionality a CMS can offer you is the ability to sell your training courses on your website.

Get a CMS which will integrate with your website, as not only will this mean you can see your courses online, but it also means that uploading all the information to your website and managing orders will be as simple as possible.

Once you integrate your CMS with your website, all the information you enter into your CMS will automatically be pushed to your website! This means no more entering course information in two places, having to make edits in two places, and risking your team working for a different version of the information your students have access to! This will save your team loads of time and effort.

It also means that any sales that are made will be pulled back into your CMS as well. This means confirmation emails will be sent automatically, sale details will be entered into your sales system, customer details will go into your CRM, and students will be registered for the correct course – all without any manual work being created for your team!

ROI-wise, not only does it mean your team will be more productive than ever as your CMS handles most of the tasks for them, but it also means that you will be able to handle more course bookings than ever before! Selling online means you can accept sales at any time and don’t need to worry about your office being open, a salesperson being free to deal with the sale, or losing the sale to other competing training companies! You can simply sit back and watch the revenue roll in!