Top eLearning Gamification Companies (2024 Update)

Top eLearning Gamification Companies (2024 Update)
Summary: We are super excited to announce our list of Top eLearning Gamification Companies for 2022! We are sure that we have compiled the most influential parties in the gamification industry. If you want to stay in the know, here are our picks.

Best eLearning Gamification Content Providers For Corporate Training

eLearning Gamification companies are in high demand these days. And for good reason. Not only does gamification boost employee motivation but it converts casual customers into brand advocates. The key is knowing how to add rewards to spark meaningful change instead of making your course all about incentives. But how do you incorporate game mechanics into your current strategy?

Gamification content providers can help you retain top performers and improve customer engagement. After all, they know how to use gamification best practices to develop in-house talent. It’s not simply a matter of adding leaderboards to the mix. Furthermore, game mechanics should remain in the background instead of distracting staffers. In short, the main goal is to bridge the intrinsic motivation gap as well as track progress and identify areas for improvement.

Another notable reason to kick-start your gamification strategy is that your employees are only human. And most people gravitate toward games. Completing each level is a small victory. Every hit point brings us one step closer to defeating our enemy. Granted, gamification isn’t the same as console gaming. But it does trigger the same human instincts. We want to prove that we have what it takes. As a result, employees lose themselves in the experience and broaden their knowledge. Sometimes, without even realizing that they’re doing so. I’d even venture to say that training becomes fun. These are two things you don’t expect to see in the same sentence.

So, how do you find the best eLearning gamification companies?

Reasons To Check Out This List

The sooner you launch gamified employee training, the better. Fortunately, our top eLearning gamification content providers list has all the leading outsourcing partners. We’ve done our homework. And now it’s time to share the winner results.

Check out our top list to:

  • Evaluate vendor specialization areas and use cases
  • Read user reviews that cover everything from CX to responsiveness
  • Verify outsourcing partners’ industry achievements
  • Identify top eLearning gamification companies
  • Find the right content provider for your business needs
  • Compare top content providers' solutions by topic expertise, reviews, and rating

Explore Our Top List Of The Best eLearning Gamification Companies

Top eLearning Gamification Companies (2024 Update)

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1. EI
4.8/5 (94 reviews)
Learner-Centric Gamification Solutions To Drive Engagement And Boost Performance

EI’s learner-centric gamification solutions improve learner proficiency and drive business performance. Their solutions appeal to core learner values driving high engagement, behavior change, and performance gain.

Contact EI to design learner-centric gamification solutions that drive learner engagement, proficiency, and performance in the hybrid workplace.

Don't forget to explore reviews for EI in our niche directory.


  • Gamification for a hybrid workforce
  • Next-Gen gamification solutions
  • Gamification expertise across corporate training needs


  • Gamification for a hybrid workforce
    Their gamification programs drive active learning with high learner engagement even in a hybrid workplace, improving learner proficiency and performance.
  • Next-Gen gamification solutions
    EI's Next-Gen gamification solutions include gaming apps, VR integration, leveraging microlearning, personalized gaming challenges, and individualized learning paths.
  • Gamification expertise across corporate training needs
    They have expertise in applying gamification concepts across varied training needs including compliance, onboarding, sales, and leadership development.


EI has a proven track record of designing gamification solutions and improving business performance for customers across 26 industry verticals. They were ranked #1 in eLearning Industry’s list of Top 20 eLearning Gamification Companies for 3 consecutive years.

4.9/5 (53 reviews)
Developing Innovative Gaming Techniques To Engage And Improve Employee Experience

Engaging, relevant, and effective are hallmarks of SweetRush’s learning solutions, and gamification—from stand-alone learning games to gamified learning portal design—is woven into the SweetRush DNA.

You can read customer reviews for SweetRush in our directory. 

Get in touch with SweetRush—you’ll be in expert hands from day one!


  • Collaborate with game designers to apply game mechanics to learning
  • Create transformational learning games that change behavior
  • Bring innovation to learning through games and design thinking, Virtual Reality, mobile tech, and more

Clients trust SweetRush and love its culture of caring and commitment and its 20-year focus on effective custom learning solutions that connect with and motivate learners. With sophisticated online simulations, Virtual Reality, serious games, board games, mobile apps, and by adding gaming elements to eLearning, VILT, and ILT, SweetRush’s collaborations with their clients result in award-winning, game-based learning programs that yield exceptional results.


  • Collaborate with game designers to apply game mechanics to learning
    SweetRush first mastered the integration of Instructional Design, creative design, and engineering—later leveled up by integrating experienced game designers. Clients love participating in the iterative game design process, learning the rigor of game mechanics, and experiencing user testing. SweetRush game designers have become trusted consultants for some of the world’s most successful organizations.
  • Create transformational learning games that change behavior
    To achieve the desired ROI and impact performance, you need to change behavior, attitudes, and mental models. SweetRush creates transformative, game- and simulation-based learning experiences that open learners up to new perspectives, build empathy, and provide real-time feedback (e.g., via points or meters) on the consequences of decisions. More than fun and games, these learning experiences are inspiring and transformative.
  • Bring innovation to learning through games and design thinking, Virtual Reality, mobile tech, and more
    Like you, champions of gamification for learning are innovators, and you’ll love working with SweetRush. With a drive to push boundaries, SweetRush has embraced design thinking to create exceptional learner-centric solutions and leading-edge gaming technology in Virtual Reality, mobile apps, and learning portals. If you can dream it, SweetRush can help you create it.


SweetRush has won Brandon Hall Gold Awards in the Best Use of Games and Simulations category for 8 consecutive years and 119 Brandon Hall Awards overall since 2017, including 83 Golds for custom learning programs, which often include gamification.

Creating Training Content That Has Compelling Instructional Design And Immersive Qualities

The Learning Pool ecosystem of ready-made eLearning catalogs, custom content production, and powerful LMSs, LXPs, LRSs, and authoring tools gives clients the ability to quickly deliver personalized streams of expert content and curated experiences that rapidly drive performance across an organization.

Visit our directory to read customer reviews for Learning Pool.

Care to see what collaborating with them looks like? Click here to find out more!


  • Gamification pedigree
  • Range of gameplay frameworks
  • Link game performance with business data

Learning Pool has enjoyed a 12-month landmark, with highlights including growing their client base to more than 800 global organizations, launching their new LXP, Stream, acquiring an award-winning innovative learning solutions provider, HT2 Labs, and winning a vast array of awards, including Gold for Innovation at the 2019 Learning Technologies Awards and Gold at the International CSR Awards. 


  • Gamification pedigree
    Learning Pool has a great gamification pedigree, having earned a Gold Learning Technologies Award for Best Learning Game with Schlumberger in 2017. This virtual CEO game gave learners the opportunity to play as a client's chief executive making key investment decisions across projects around the globe. The experience helped sales staff get to grips with the different factors involved in their client's purchasing decisions and was an important conversation starter.
  • Range of gameplay frameworks
    As well as building games in traditional authoring tools such as Storyline and Adapt, Learning Pool has developed a range of gameplay frameworks that can be applied across a diverse selection of topics, settings, and industries. From multiplayer quiz challenges to digital board games to explorable map simulations, these frameworks make learning games a more attainable ambition for clients across the globe.
  • Link game performance with business data
    Games may be fun but they mean nothing without real business results. Learning Locker, the world's most widely used LRS, can be applied to analyze in-game choices—great for identifying patterns in behavior and culture—or link game performance with business data. This powerful combination is the perfect way to level up your gamification adventure. Gamification is key to skills development. 


This year, the Learning Pool team created the "Be Well" campaign for Well Pharmacy combining an immersive mobile game with supporting communication assets. The game is centered around a day in the life of a busy pharmacy with the learner taking on the role of a customer-facing member of the staff. Various realistic customer scenarios are presented throughout the day, and the learner has to deal with them in a manner that will increase their customer engagement levels. This game, accessible on any device, takes its cues from mobile gaming and offers a learning experience perfect for a lunch break, a bus ride home, or as a fun distraction while your partner is watching Coronation Street.

Inspire Your Employees To Learn More With CommLab's Robust Gamification Strategies

CommLab India combines Instructional Design principles and the power of authoring tools to design and develop courses that incorporate game mechanics such as scores, levels, and badges. They consult customers and recommend gamified solutions that meet performance needs, ensuring that form follows function.

You can read online submitted reviews for CommLab India Rapid eLearning Solutions.

Contact CommLab India to deliver outstanding blended learning solutions with gamification!


  • Consultation to ensure form follows function
  • New-age Instructional Design
  • Rapid development with authoring tools

CommLab India is a leading provider of rapid eLearning solutions. They also develop game-based courses that can be used as part of a training curriculum, standalone courses, microlearning assets, or assessments. So whether it’s gamified mobile learning for young employees in the food processing plant, scenario-based games for sales reps, or weaving a course into levels, CommLab India ensures "playing" is integrated to make learning a memorable experience. 


  • Consultation to ensure form follows function
    They offer consultation services to advise organizations on the right use of gamification in their training strategy, focusing on business goals, learner demographics, and learning objectives. The power of gamification is used to beat the forgetting curve, apart from fostering healthy competition and offering learners experiential learning. You may want to watch their webinar on custom eLearning.
  • New-age Instructional Design
    They employ creative new-age ID strategies to incorporate game elements into courses. The entire content is transformed into a narrative, with progressive levels, challenges, timers, and scores, aligned with the topic and learning objectives. Intuitive reward mechanics are used in order to let learners realize their errors and take corrective actions as part of the play. This internalizes learning and translates to better application on the job.
  • Rapid development with authoring tools
    They develop gamified courses on the lines of popular board games, reality shows, and games leveraging the inbuilt features and templates of rapid authoring tools. CommLab India Rapid eLearning Solutions also offers gamified templates that can be reused across projects. Their pool of authoring tool experts integrates game mechanics in courses easily by using all top rapid authoring tools.


They have developed close to 650 learning hours of gamification, impacting 7000 corporate employees. Projects include gamified courses and assessments, game templates, game-based courses, and micro-games for the pharmaceutical, manufacturing, retail, food and beverages, and banking industries.

4.8/5 (56 reviews)
Combines Elements Of Fun With World-Class Instructional Design To Bring Behavioral Change

AllenComm offers robust innovative gamification capabilities as part of their overall custom learning solution offerings.

You may like to look through AllenComm customer reviews in our directory.

Reach out to their team of experts to transform your learning experience with strategic gamification.


  • Strategy
  • Tactics
  • Data tracking

They incorporate gamification into their overall learning program design to align game design with learning objectives and business goals. This ensures the relevance and efficacy of gamified components. Rather than using simple, one-size-fits-all templates, their games are custom-built and designed to reflect clients’ brand specifications. This includes stand-alone games on the course level, and badging, leveling, and leaderboards on the program or curriculum level. 


  • Strategy
    Paired with their Instructional Design expertise, gamified training assets are mapped within the overall learning strategy to support specific learning objectives. Building elements such as leaderboards, badging, and scorecards have become standard practice, but these assets should fit within a carefully constructed learning ecosystem.
  • Tactics
    By using immersive training technology like 3D interactive models, 360 videos, Augmented and Virtual Reality to recreate realistic objects and environments, their games lend an added depth and relevance to real-world scenarios.
  • Data tracking
    To truly get a sense of the impact of gamification, measuring performance and learning outcomes is vital. Enabled by their innovative learning portal technology, custom data tracking allows for descriptive analysis of in-game performance.


They have won a Gold Brandon Hall Human Capital Management (HCM) Excellence Award in Best Use of Games and Simulations for Learning.

6. eWyse
4.9/5 (27 reviews)
eWyse Develops eLearning Solutions That Help You Engage Your Team

They make online courses that help users relate to the topic and keep their focus with interactive and gamified elements. eWyse has developed multiple free courses that are fun to take but also teach about eLearning development, gamification, and other important elements.

Make sure to check out their eLearning course examples.

For more info on working with them, visit our directory to read reviews for eWyse.


  • Jeopardy II Electric Boogaloo
  • The Fine Art of Pizza Making
  • eLearning about eLearning


  • Jeopardy II Electric Boogaloo
    In this course, they use one of the many ways to include gamification in your eLearning solutions. This quiz is fun! Why not give it a try and see for yourself?
  • The Fine Art of Pizza Making
    This course shows you how to incorporate gamification elements while learning to make your own pizza. Take a look to understand the endless possibilities of gamifying learning experiences.
  • eLearning about eLearning
    This particular eLearning course covers all kinds of things you need to consider when designing engaging and super-effective eLearning courses, for example gamification elements.


So far, they have worked with all sorts of companies, large and small, and in all parts of the world. Their eLearning solutions have helped their clients with their Learning and Development projects. They work with many different industries, from pharma and finance to hospitality. 

ELB Learning Has A History Of Creating Award-Winning Gamified Learning

ELB Learning provides custom game development services, as well as easy-to-customize premade learning games and templates, including Jeopardy!® for training.

Learn more about custom services or get a free trial of The Training Arcade®

For more info, visit our directory to read reviews for ELB Learning.


  • The Training Arcade®
  • Custom game development
  • Virtual Reality experiences


  • The Training Arcade®
    Easily customize games from The Training Arcade®, including Wheel of Fortune®, Jeopardy!®, and other popular learning games.
  • Custom game development
    Their experienced game designers, illustrators, and Instructional Designers can create a gamified learning experience that will engage and educate.
  • Virtual Reality experiences
    ELB Learning can create an immersive learning experience for you, or you can build your own with CenarioVR.


Their award-winning corporate training games have been played in over 100 countries and in 20+ languages and cover topics such as onboarding, sales training, social skills, leadership development, security, safety, compliance, financial literacy, and customer service.

8. Kineo
4.4/5 (8 reviews)
Level Up Your Learning Content By Getting Gamification Right

Kineo is one of the global leaders in the design and development of custom learning experiences and gamification. Their delivery is precisely engineered to enable companies to meet their organizational and business goals. 

Explore our directory to read Kineo reviews.

Visit their website to see how they create engaging gamified learning experiences.


  • Create authentic experiences
  • Enhance your learning
  • Flexible service that facilitates delivery

They use gamification to enhance learning experiences and engage their audiences, getting their learners to competence quicker.


  • Create authentic experiences
    They use gamification elements to create more authentic challenges built as an integral part of the learning design. This approach leads to more effective learning and enables users to acquire knowledge and boost skills. Hence, it aids in executing organizational tasks that drive a business’s performance interactively.
  • Enhance your learning
    At the core of Kineo’s highly customer-specific gamified solutions is their own "Designing for Results" methodology. The company uses it to design across all training modalities. By using this approach, they help their clients identify critical objectives and teach decision-making. As a result, the training leads to meaningful choices, impactful consequences, and actionable feedback. These gamified challenges also tap into the users’ emotions, which supports more enduring learning.
  • Flexible services that facilitate delivery
    Kineo provides flexible services to facilitate the seamless delivery of gamification technology across several departments of a business. Using these tactics, Kineo has attained global recognition, serving companies worldwide.


Rolls-Royce wanted to enhance the capability of their dealers to recognize potential Black Badge customers. In addition, they needed to effectively deliver the brand story behind the car and position themselves better. So, they approached Kineo.

Kineo developed a product that combined Rolls-Royce’s unparalleled marketing and branding campaigns with gamification technology that let dealers identify potential customers more efficiently. This gamified training solution helped Rolls-Royce’s sales team get trained in a simple, quick, and effective manner.

A Gamification Content Provider Can Help You Create Engaging Training For Your Workforce
Compare top content providers with gamification expertise. Leverage strategies and solutions that enhance learning experiences!

What Were The Criteria That Determined Which eLearning Gamification Companies Made The List?

We know that finding the best content providers for gamification can be stressful, even if you have some wiggle room in your budget. Vetting vendors is a chore, to say the least. And that’s why we decided to gather all the top outsourcing partners in one spot—virtually speaking, of course. This way you don’t have to search the web for hours or try to identify vendors that offer gamification content for your industry. It features gamification eLearning solutions for every price range and niche. There’s something for everyone. Best of all, it’s backed by solid evaluation criteria.

If you can't wait to start your eLearning gamification content development, this is all you need.

Now it's time to see what makes teaming up with gamification companies successful...

8 Crucial Components For Gamification Outsourcing Success

Globally recognized LMS experts, including C. Pappas, and our editorial team did a thorough review of each vendor's eligibility. By checking each eLearning company's website and relevant published content—articles, eBooks, webinars—we've reached a final conclusion. Our committee ranked the best content providers for gamification based on the following 8 criteria:

  • Company's economic growth potential
  • Company's social responsibility
  • Customer retention
  • Customer reviews
  • Employee turnover
  • Learning industry innovation
  • eLearning content development quality
  • Online training solution expertise

And, remember: this is not just a list of popular companies that offer gamification services. After scrolling down the list, make sure to read our tips on what you need to consider before choosing the ideal partner for your gamification programs.

You may also check out our full eLearning content providers' directory for other types of training content development.

The Importance Of eLearning Gamification Content For Your Business

Corporations can use this learning strategy to align serious games with business objectives. Corporate gamification techniques have a profound impact on engagement. It's not just about rewards taking center stage. Badges and points aren’t a crutch but fuel for internal drive. Here are just a few benefits of gamification for your business:

Encourage Behavioral Change

The gamification process is not only about rewards or reaching the finish line. Ultimately, the aim is to reinforce positive performance behaviors as well as encourage employees to examine their own actions. For example, they don’t reach the next in-course level. Why is that? And how can they improve? In short, it’s a more discreet way to foster change within your organization.

Improve Knowledge Retention

Employees are more likely to retain information during gamified learning experiences. It all boils down to immersion. Everything else fades away and they simply focus on the task at hand. Thus, they’re able to soak up the information. The human brain also plays a key role. You see, we remember enjoyable experiences that build an emotional connection. So, our minds associate this information with this amazing gamified course. Voilà, you have long-term retention.

Boost Workplace Productivity

The idea that gamification apps decrease workplace productivity is a myth. In fact, this approach can help employees bring their A-game (pun intended). They’re able to build soft skills and apply what they learn right away, especially when you add gamification to your JIT library. For example, a simulation teaches them interpersonal skill basics. They get to interact with customer personas and overcome common challenges. As a result, they learn from mistakes and don’t repeat them in the workplace. Gamification gives them a sense of accomplishment, which boosts self-confidence.

Improve Online Training ROI

Less seat time and more employee participation are a recipe for success. eLearning gamification companies also benefit your bottom line as employees absorb information faster when they’re fully engaged. They get the tidbits they need and then get back to work without cutting L&D corners.

Choosing The Best Content Provider To Provide Content For Your New Gamification Project

Our top lists and online directory listings take the headache out of vendor vetting. However, you still need to create a gamification plan of action. A little prep work goes a long way. For example, choose the right game mechanics and rewards for your team. Preferably, ones that inspire and engage. The last thing you need is a hostile work environment. Here are a few things to do before you search for the best eLearning gamification companies:

Get Your Assets In Order

Take stock of your current asset library to look for reusable resources. This also allows you to identify gaps in your strategy. For example, you need to enrich your sales JIT support program. How can the vendor help you bridge these gaps cost-effectively with eLearning gamification?

Choose The Best Gamification Approach For Your Business

In most cases, vendors will help you create a plan of action. However, you should still have a basic understanding of gamification best practices. Namely, which mechanics and delivery methods are best for your business.

Create A List Of eLearning Gamification Must-Haves

I’m not just referring to deliverables. You should also consider tech specs, accessibility preferences, and online training methods. For example, employees must be able to enjoy gamified eLearning courses on their smartphones. This way, they get on-the-spot support and add to their point total. Another must-have could be vendor support because your team is inexperienced or simply doesn’t have the time to troubleshoot.

Define Online Training Objectives And Goals Before Deciding On Your Gamification Content Strategy

Many eLearning content providers also provide Training Needs Analysis services. Even still, it’s best to define your online training objectives, goals, and outcomes in advance. Using gamification in employee training centers on performance behaviors and gaps. Levels and leaderboards are there to point employees in the right direction. Thus, you need to evaluate your current aims.

Assess Your Needs And Budget

It’s best to evaluate your expectations in advance as well as assess your online training needs. Which gaps are you trying to address with eLearning gamification? Are there work habits you need to improve? Then it’s time to look at your budget. How much can you spend on gamification content providers? Don’t forget to include software costs and ongoing maintenance.

Align Game Mechanics With Performance Behaviors

Ultimately, every incentive needs to tie into real-world performance. Whether it’s improving customer service skills or avoiding compliance violations. Think of it as a pat on the back for a job well done. In this case, it’s moving up the leaderboard for mastering the new product line.

Get Employee Input

Employees are your gamers. So, get their feedback. Find out what motivates them and what they expect from online training. For example, introverts might shy away from leaderboards but jump at the chance to earn badges because it allows them to achieve out of the spotlight.

Which Businesses Can Benefit From A Gamification Process?

Every business that wants to motivate employees and identify hidden gaps can benefit from eLearning gamification without exception. Gamification in L&D is versatile and cost-effective. Just to illustrate the point, here are some prime gamification examples in different industries.

Customer Service

The gamification benefits for customer service training are two-fold. Firstly, you can reinforce service skills with badges and points as well as transform real-world scenarios into immersive game-based simulations. For example, employees interact with virtual personas and tackle everyday challenges. Then the gamification LMS automatically provides feedback. Secondly, it’s ideal for customer training. Consumers are motivated to learn more about your products and services due to the fact that there are incentives involved, like a point system that lets them unlock exclusive promos.


Gamification and sales training go hand-in-hand. The sales industry is already highly competitive. So, why not develop gamification apps for employee engagement. Your sales team moves up the leaderboard or earns that coveted badge, which they can share on social media, by the way. The catch is that they must prove their product mastery. You can also combine gamification and onboarding to prep new hires for challenging customers. As an example, they move to the next level once they seal the deal. This requires communication skills, needs analysis, and product know-how.


Healthcare employees deal with stressors most can’t even fathom. I’m talking about life and death situations. However, gamification and mobile learning allow them to train and alleviate the pressure. For example, pair serious games with rewards. Employees reinforce their knowledge and enhance the quality of care all while they’re playing games and scoring points. As a result, they’re more productive on the job and make fewer mistakes because gamification in training builds self-confidence.

Human Resources

The HR department is usually known for policy and compliance. Fortunately, best-in-class eLearning gamification companies can help you jazz up dull topics. But it’s also ideal for leadership development. HR managers and emerging leaders can participate in gamified learning experiences. For instance, every certification course earns them a badge. They’re proud of their achievements and continue building vital skills. On the other hand, you can identify hidden talent based on in-course rewards.

What Makes eLearning Gamification Content Effective?

First off, when choosing a content provider for gamification, you should verify their credentials. Do they understand game mechanics and how to blend them seamlessly with your strategy? Furthermore, they need to know how to tap into the excitement of gaming in an online training environment. Games and gamification follow the same basic principles. Sure, one is for entertainment while the other improves employee proficiency. But they both rely on competition and achievements, even if it’s proving to yourself that you have what it takes. Below are a few essential elements that make gamification in business so successful.

Key elements of a top gamification content strategy:

Effective Rewards

I know I keep saying that it’s not all about the rewards. But incentives do play an important role in eLearning gamification. The secret is to know how and when to use them. For instance, you can’t give rewards for every activity, as they start to lose value. That said, you still need to give them credit where credit is due. Don’t make rewards so exclusive that employees simply give up.

Built-In Feedback

Embedded feedback is part of the package. You’re able to monitor employee progress. Likewise, they can track their own performance and spot gaps. Not earning incentives is automatic feedback. However, you should also explain the reasoning. For example, they need to work on these skills or behaviors to advance.

Clear Evaluation Criteria

Every good game needs rules. Gamified online training is no exception. So, set clear evaluation criteria. What do employees need to do? And how will you assess their performance? It’s also essential to give them a finish line or end goal. For instance, they need to fill their entire badge display case to move to the next tier.

Summing up, the gamification content provider that you’ll choose to work with needs industry expertise, not just game design skills because eLearning gamification goes beyond entertainment value. They should provide the best gamification experiences without going over budget. Finally, vendors must understand the pitfalls of gamification for corporations and how to avoid them so that they can mitigate risks and reinforce positive behaviors.

Types Of eLearning Gamification To Leverage In Online Training

What is gamification, exactly? Aside from the benefits and key components. More importantly, how do you leverage it in your online training program? There are several ways to use gamification in the workplace. But four techniques usually spring to mind. Probably because they’re so cost-effective and results-driven.

Social Media-Based Gamification

This is an ideal gamification approach for customer training. Consumers participate in activities to move up the brand leaderboard. You can also create shareable badges they can post to their social media profiles.

Serious Game-Based Concepts

Serious games often feature levels and challenges. These can be added to your online training course to boost engagement. There are also hybrid gamification solutions. For example, employees complete bite-sized games in exchange for rewards.

Mobile Gamification

Mobile application is a must these days. Employees should be able to access training on the go. And mobile app-based learning breaks down the barriers due to the fact that every gamification activity is responsive and quick to consume.

Immersive Gamification

If you want to take gamification best practices to the next level, make them immersive. Employees slide on their VR headsets and sink into the training experience. For instance, they complete a branching scenario with points embedded or participate in serious games to outrank their peers.

Evaluate And Compare eLearning Gamification Companies Before Kickstarting Your New Training Program

Gamification in employee training requires top-notch content providers. Namely, eLearning gamification companies with a proven track record. They should also stay up-to-date with gamification trends as there are always new ways to engage employees and enhance workplace performance. But how do you qualify vendors? And what happens if your shortlist is still a bit too long? Let’s look at some top tips to evaluate and compare eLearning gamification companies.

Use Comparison Tools

Top gamification training solutions directories have built-in comparison tools. You can review your top 3 choices side by side to see how they stack up. The comparison gamification checklist covers everything from solutions to pricing options.

Find Vendors That Specialize In Your Niche

You need an outsourcing partner that understands industry challenges so that they can overcome them with the right gamification elements. For example, they already know how to gamify corporate training in the sales sector, like how to expand product knowledge and negotiation skills with game mechanics.

Evaluate Their Online Reputation

Social proof is essential. Your top eLearning gamification content provider needs a solid online reputation. Do they have positive ratings? And how do they interact with followers on social media? You can also read user reviews to get the inside scoop.

Review Their Online Portfolio

All eLearning gamification companies need an online portfolio. This features work samples and case studies as well as background info. For instance, the objectives and challenges of each deliverable.

Submit RFPs

Last, but not least, you should submit RFPs to your top choices. These requests have all the project details from budget to support services. In return, vendors send their proposals and personalized estimates.

Another thing to bear in mind is that human psychology is the main secret ingredient. Vendors need to know what makes learners engage and how to fuel their motivation and spark friendly competition. One of the top benefits of gamification in training is personalizing the process. Everyone goes at their own pace and achieves success on their own terms. However, they also need a strong support system. That’s not possible if they’re pitted against peers. In short, friendly competition is the goal. Not a cutthroat corporate race.

Next Steps After Checking Out eLearning Industry’s Top List Of Gamification Content Providers

Indeed, all the eLearning gamification companies on this list have earned their feature placement. After all, it's their mission to create gamified learning experiences with a purpose. Above all, they’re passionate about service and support. But choosing the best content provider for your business is still the main goal. So, evaluate these eLearning vendors with your objectives and outcomes in mind. Then compile a shortlist based on personal criteria. You can even create a scoring system to make it easier or schedule a meeting with top contenders.

If you’re looking for other training solutions, check out our eLearning Content Provider directory. You can also get an LMS quote if you need a new platform that supports eLearning gamification. Just provide some basic info, and we’ll send a targeted list of recommendations.

Want to learn more about the benefits of gamification? Take a few moments to read The Science And The Benefits Of Gamification In eLearning. It covers all the perks gamified training brings to your organization so that you can make a stronger business case.

Do you want to qualify for our Top eLearning Content Providers for Gamification Design next year? We invite all gamification content providers to create a listing. Our exclusive online directory can help you reach your target audience as well as expand your online presence. What better way to maximize exposure for free?