4 Ways A Project Management Tool Helps Teams In eLearning Projects
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How A Project Management Tool Helps Teams In eLearning Projects

It has been found in a Brandon-Hall study that when employee training is provided through eLearning courses, nearly 40% to 60% less time is needed than in the conventional classroom learning method. According to another research carried out by The Research Institute of America, eLearning can up retention rates by up to 60%. This is why eLearning is increasingly becoming a popular choice among different organizations. As a result of the benefits eLearning offers, more and more eLearning courses are coming into picture. And, right from the beginning to end, development of an eLearning course is a critical project. Just like any other project, eLearning projects also require proper planning and management. In this article, I will let you know how a project management tool helps teams in eLearning projects.

But before going deeper into this solution, let’s take a look at some problems teams come across in managing eLearning projects:

  • Poor communication.
  • Difficulty in progress tracking.
  • Work overload.
  • Interruption in workflow.

A project management software solves all the above issues in an effective way. Read on to know what it does for an eLearning team.

1. Ensures Smooth Communication

According to a study by the consulting firm European Leaders, lack of effective communication can lead to decreased productivity among employees. Ashley Ward, director of European Leaders said "A seemingly negligible investment can get teams much closer to their full potential performance, resulting in a happier workforce and significant financial benefits”.

Needless to say, an eLearning team should be able to communicate clearly so as to avoid things from getting off the track. A project management tool helps teams to remain connected regardless of their location. With group chat in the tool, it’s possible to quickly and efficiently carry out conversation with any of your team members or the entire team.

2. Assists In Tracking Project Progress

Someone has rightly said “You cannot change what you don’t manage; you cannot manage what you don’t track”. So, it’s crucial to track the progress made in an eLearning project. Regular project tracking assists you in identifying any bottlenecks and take appropriate steps to maintain smooth workflow.

A project management tool lets you know how many activities have been completed by which individuals and in how much time. Once the tasks are finished, team members can update their work in the tool. Everything gets saved in it so that you can see work status at anytime and from anywhere. The tool replaces emails and meetings, which are commonly used ways to gather data about project progress.

3. Helps In Equal Distribution Of Tasks

The software lets you identify if any of your team members is facing work overload. You can quickly see how many tasks have been assigned to different team members. It aids in making sure that everyone in the team is able to deal with his/her workload without any stress. You can reassign the tasks on finding uneven workload in the team.

If a team member is overloaded with work, it will most likely lead to work stress. A study from Towers Watson, a professional services firm, found that high stress level at work leads to lower engagement, less productivity, and higher chances of remaining absent at workplace than those who don’t face the condition.

4. Provides Real Time Updates On Changes

There can be situations when a team member might remain unaware regarding a change introduced in an eLearning project plan because of poor management. And they end up wasting time in completing the tasks which are not required anymore.

A project management system solves this problem as well. All your team members get to know about any deviation in project plan or introduction of new changes in real time. The tool sends notification about changes to everyone to ensure the team remains on the same page and works towards common.

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If you are managing an eLearning project, a project management system is a must for you. It will save you from a lot of difficulties faced while running projects. And, getting the tool for your team is an investment.

All in all - a great investment for you, your employees, your organization, and its growth!