eBook Release: Hats Off To Adaptive Learning

eBook Release Hats Off To Adaptive Learning
Summary: Have you ever considered implementing an adaptive approach to learning in your organization? Discover all about the benefits it entails, and give your employees the chance to live an outstanding learning experience by delivering training that provides exactly and only what they need.

Tailoring Corporate Training For Each Learner

We have been discussing over and over again, hundreds of times, and consistently how a one-size-fits-all approach to learning is not successful enough to engage and retain the interest of learners. The most easily digestible way to understand this is a kindergarten class. Children need constantly to experiment, try new ways of dealing with issues—complex or not—and get involved in a variety of activities that the teachers come up with to keep them motivated and stirred up. Do you remember how ecstatic you were back then? You wanted to learn, you craved for more knowledge, and you were not afraid to try out new ways of implementing it. Everything was challenging and interesting. That’s because you had the privilege of learning new things through a variety of approaches and methodologies.

eBook Release: Hats Off To Adaptive Learning: Tailoring Corporate Training For Each Learner
eBook Release
Hats Off To Adaptive Learning: Tailoring Corporate Training For Each Learner
A powerful approach for achieving highly effective, personalized training and better performance outcomes.

Later on in life, you had to take the other way around. You were thrown in a big theater watching professors blabbing over stuff, you had to take millions of notes, and you could not retain even 10% of the material. You hated it—I’m sure. This is why new approaches to learning have been found to be more effective and, to be honest, this is what the corporate environment needs as well. Active, motivated learners that are happy to engage with further knowledge, which will make them grow into successful professionals. This is where adaptive learning, or personalized learning, falls into place.

The Rationale Behind Learning Styles

Let’s not rush things out, though. Let’s examine first the different learning styles of individuals. Then I’m sure you’ll understand why one learning mold for all is not optimum. Educators have agreed that there are 7 different learning styles for people [1]:

  • Aural
    They prefer using sound and music to learn.
  • Verbal
    They learn best through speech and writing.
  • Physical
    They do best using a "hands-on" approach.
  • Visual
    They prefer learning using pictures and images.
  • Logical
    They learn best through reasoning—and tend to do well in math.
  • Solitary
    They do best through self-paced studying.
  • Social
    They like to learn in groups with others.

So, you realize that it’s impossible to create one type of learning that applies to all. Maybe you will be lucky, and an important percentage of learners will get through this without any issues. Will they be motivated and hyped, though? Probably not so much. It’s wise, then, to try and implement a variety of methodologies and learning approaches to help them grow and not burn them out. For instance, take the example of twins. They are identical on the outside, but they do learn in completely different ways. Their mother has to explain things to them following different paths and methods. The one might retain information by doing first and then exploring while the other one might need some time first to reflect and then take action. If they followed an identical method, one of them would be bound to fail.

About The eBook: Exploring Adaptive Learning In Depth

This term is an online learning method that provides a personalized learning experience that results from data. Adaptive learning builds custom learning paths through algorithms, analytics, assessment, and eLearning feedback. It has been found that it assists learners to master content as a highly innovative way of learning [2]. According to a recent study, "adaptive learning allows for a more enjoyable, flexible, and specific learning experience to which users can apply prior knowledge and experiences [2]."

In this astonishing eBook, Hats Off To Adaptive Learning: Tailoring Corporate Training For Each Learner, SweetRush’s experts strongly believe that a learner-centric design, delivered fully optimized for each individual, has now become very easy and brings about numerous benefits. This stunning resource includes a thorough explanation of adaptive learning, how it is defined, and how it can help learners. It highlights that having state-of-the-art technology at hand doesn’t mean that the adaptive learning design will be successful or that a clever algorithm can save the day. L&D professionals are those responsible for its proper implementation, thus, for its probable success. More specifically, Jon Cleave pinpoints in his impressive introduction, "Every minute of wasted training you can eliminate is a win for all involved."

Thus, L&D professionals and eLearning experts will get the chance to delve into valuable pieces of knowledge provided on this eBook. More explicitly the eBook analyzes:

  • What Is Adaptive Learning And How Does It Benefit Your Online Training Program?
  • 6 Ways You Can Add Adaptive Learning To Your Online Training
  • What’s The Difference Between Adaptive Learning And Personalized Learning?
  • Busting 6 Myths About Adaptive Learning
  • Instructional Design Techniques For Adaptive Learning
  • Fostering Employee Engagement In (And With) Adaptive Learning
  • Evaluating The ROI Of Adaptive Learning

Even if this guide is the bible of adaptive learning, the world has still a lot to learn on the topic. If more and more organizations believe in this and start implementing it as a method of online training, we will definitely receive more fruitful insights into the subject of adaptive and personalized learning. L&D professionals need to provide freedom to the learners so that they can flourish and thrive, and enable them to meet all the business objectives through their learning experiences. Adaptive learning ensures the improvement of the learning model as we know it today, and establishes a new era of learning that secures the future of Learning and Development. Download the eBook Hats Off To Adaptive Learning: Tailoring Corporate Training For Each Learner to discover how adaptive learning works, when to use it, and its many benefits—like greater retention and ROI.


[1] Differentiated Learning: Why "One Size Fits All" Doesn't Work In Education

[2] Adaptive Learning: An Innovative Method for Online Teaching and Learning