Are Banner Ads A Waste Of Money For Your eLearning Business?

Are Banner Ads A Waste of Money For Your eLearning Business?
Summary: You’re looking for a cost-effective marketing strategy that gets rapid results. Are banner ads really worth the investment for your eLearning business?

Are eLearning Business Banner Ads A Sound Investment?

Should you launch a banner ads campaign for eLearning or take another promotional route? The tricky thing about marketing is that you never really know which strategies will pan out. There’s always some element of risk involved. On the other hand, there are certain techniques that have been tried and tested to promote eLearning solutions.

ROS banners and popup banners, for example, are proven to boost website traffic and generate qualified leads. While some naysayers might claim that they’re a waste of time and money, the benefits of banner ads I'll present below speak for themselves!

Do you want to drive the right buyers to your preferred landing pages?
Learn how banner ads advertising can help you reach highly targeted corporate training buyers.

7 Reasons Why eLearning Business Banner Ads Are A Good Marketing Tool

1. Launch Highly Targeted Campaigns

Many marketing strategies rely on a “cast the net wide” approach. You try to reach as many people as quickly as possible, even if they aren’t necessarily interested in your product. The hope is at least a small percentage of them will click through and convert into sales. However, eLearning business banner ads can be highly targeted so that you reach more decision-makers. For example, you can target specific countries or launch buyer persona-focused banner ads. Think of it as ditching that net and opting for a pole that lures in bigger catches.

2. Drive Traffic To Your Product Pages

One of the most convincing reasons to use banner ads is to boost site traffic to your most converting pages. Whether it be an LMS, authoring tool, or L&D solutions landing page. You can direct your marketing funnel where it needs to go to increase sales. Your goal should be to draw in senior executives and other decision-makers who are ready to invest.

Also, keep in mind that apart from running banner ads on your own website, you can try to reach new audiences by leveraging the quality traffic of other platforms. For instance, here at eLearning Industry, you can connect with 936K+ readers per month and get your message in front of the right people! You see, solutions are available, you just need to know where to look.

If you want to learn the secret to running successful banner ads for eLearning, make sure to check our Ultimate Popup Banner Ads Guide.

3. Promote New Products Or Services

You may need to get the word out that you’re launching new services, or possibly promote features that you just added to your Learning Management System. eLearning business banner ads allow you to build the buzz for new products, services, and special offers. For instance, tell qualified buyers about your new compliance certification features and how it helps them mitigate risks. So, launch a ROS banner or popup banner campaign to boost awareness and drive them to your compliance-focused landing page.

You still don't know which one of the two is best? ROS banners are a more subtle way to gain impressions and increase awareness, while popups can increase your CTR and actually drive your traffic to your desired landing page. The main thing to remember is that banner ads are a perfect channel to increase your reach and get the attention of your target audience. How can you make that happen? By following the right strategy. Marketing funnels are your friends, so the more topic-specific your banner ads are, the better conversions you might have.

4. Actionable Reporting

Banner ad campaigns also help you gather valuable Big Data for future marketing strategies, for instance, conversion rates and audience demographics. Another perk is being able to conduct a/b testing and see which approach yields the best results. You may have to adjust your copywriting, CTAs, visuals, or ad targeting to maximize your click-through rates, for example. Then you’re able to fine-tune your banner ad settings and use actionable reporting metrics to possibly expand your marketing plan.

5. Expand Your Mailing List

A lesser-known fact about eLearning business banner ads is that popup banners can be used as opt-in forms. For example, your marketing team can ask visitors to add their contact info to join your list and receive exclusive content or offers. As a result, you get to expand your contacts database and drum up more business for your LMS or authoring tool company. You know that these site visitors are keen on buying. At the very least, they’re at the bottom of the funnel on a fact-finding mission and you have the opportunity to build rapport.

6. Increase Brand Awareness Cost-Effectively

Banner advertising gets you in front of corporate training buyers who are already interested in what you have to offer. That’s why they’re seeing the display ads, which are often based on search intent. The catch is that they may not be aware of your brand quite yet. Thus, competitors who implement banner ads are likely to land the sale since they’re front and center. You don’t need to just keep up with the competition but stay one step ahead.

Category-specific banner popups allow you to boost brand credibility and stand apart from the online crowd.

7. Offer Discounts

Who can resist a great deal? Most people click on banner ads because there’s a sense of urgency and they can't bring themselves to click away. So, they click through instead. But, they also want to seize discounts and special offers. For example, you can offer them an exclusive eBook or introductory price if they purchase your LMS today. They’re more likely to convert into a paying customer if there’s something at stake, such as missing out on a special offer. This is why it's so crucial to write compelling copy for your eLearning business banner ads and include a CTA—preferably one that extends an offer they simply can't refuse.

What's The Difference Between ROS Banner Ads And Category-Specific Popups?

Once you've determined that banner ads are, in fact, not a waste of money, it's time to choose the best banner ad format for your business. Run of Site banner ads can appear at the top of your page or in the sidebars. The other option is to use category-specific popup banner ads that take over the screen. You can use the latter for more interactive marketing promos.

For instance, invite visitors to complete a quiz or fill out a quick survey; either option can prove fruitful. After all, your main goal is to drive your prospects down the marketing funnel. Step by step you can use this strategy to increase traffic but also qualify your leads based on the actions they take!


Many businesses invest in eLearning business banner ads because they want to take control of their spending and get actionable marketing data. Here at eLearning Industry, you can choose between Run of Site banner ads (ROS) or category-specific pop banners. Some marketers even take a hybrid approach to rev up their promotional efforts and prep for launches or upcoming events. The point is that you get to customize your marketing campaign based on your goals, target audience, and budget.

Are you ready to launch your first banner ad strategy and reach decision-makers in record time? Whether you’re an LMS company just starting out or an eLearning content provider looking to expand their client base, we can help! Contact us to set up your eLearning banner ads campaign.

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