5 eLearning Lead Generation Techniques To Supercharge Your Marketing And Sales Funnels

eLearning Lead Generation Techniques To Supercharge Your Marketing And Sales Funnels
Summary: Do you want to make sure everything goes according to plan and generate as many leads as possible with the best lead generation strategies for eLearning companies? Read on.

Supercharge Your Marketing And Sales Funnels With These eLearning Lead Generation Techniques

Since you're in the eLearning market, you must already know that the eLearning industry is booming. In fact, more and more companies turn to eLearning, and this means that it is expected to be worth $325 billion by 2025. But why is this happening, and which eLearning lead generation techniques can you leverage for your business? Let's find out!

One main reason for the eLearning bloom is the growing remote workforce numbers. And, of course, the huge increase in improving professional skills and personal development. And that's not only for millennials and Gen Z. Clearly, adults of all ages are flocking to sign up for free online courses because they love learning new things.

As a result, there's a strong interest from potential customers and companies from different industries. Some have built comprehensive courses, while others offer free educational resources and tools. You got that right...the above is part of a larger lead generation strategy that you can use for your own eLearning business. And do you want to know the best part? All the lead generation techniques in this article can help you supercharge your marketing and sales funnels!

If your company is ready to increase the number of qualified leads, you should definitely give eLearning lead generation a try. From offering resources they can't resist to promoting eLearning courses for lead generation and beyond, here's all you need to know.

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The Best eLearning Lead Generation Techniques To Get Qualified Leads

The most interesting thing about eLearning is that you can apply it to almost any industry. Depending on your area of profession or expertise, there's likely to be some eLearning available if you want to receive certifications or learn new skills. In fact, most of us have taken an eLearning course related to our job at some point. In marketing, for example, things change so fast, making it imperative to train marketers in new strategies and tools. So, imagine how many professionals out there are looking for eLearning solutions to grow themselves and their teams.

But what I love most about eLearning is that you can leverage it to boost your credibility and bring in leads. Best of all, you can even potentially launch a consulting career if you wish. The key to getting the leads you need is to focus on your buyer and user personas when creating marketing funnels. Eventually, that will lead to conversions.

All set? Now let's take a look at some proven eLearning lead generation techniques you can use to get qualified leads for your business.

1. Build Your eLearning Email List Using Lead Generation eBooks

Sometimes only a few potential customers truly understand how to use your eLearning software or services to their advantage. So, why not write an eBook about it? The more specific you make it, the more targeted leads you'll get. Maybe, for example, you want to grab the opportunity and educate potential customers about a certain use case or a trending eLearning method they can use.

Sure, you can create an eLearning course about it, but why not publish an eBook that is relevant and see who is interested? The people who download such an eBook will walk away wowed by all they've learned from your expertise. To add to that, they'll have entered your marketing funnel. And here's one more chance for you to nurture leads and lead them to purchase your eLearning product or service. More often than not, if the eBook is good, prospects might contact you, buy an eLearning subscription, or at least opt for a free trial after that.

Do read my latest article for more lead generation ebook ideas!

2. Using Online Courses As A Lead Generation Strategy

Take HubSpot, for example. They are a leader when it comes to inbound marketing, both for education and tools. What I like about their approach is that they have created a strategic positioning for their brand. Meaning that they've become a go-to place for all things related to inbound marketing. I bet you've checked out the HubSpot Academy. If not, you definitely should.

Marketers like yourself can sign up for free courses on topics ranging from web design to sales. Maybe you'd like to sharpen your SEO content marketing skills or learn more about reaching your target buyers. They've got you covered. Plus, students also earn specific certifications for their accomplishments. Similarly, you can offer courses and certifications to your ideal audience through your eLearning website.

Wouldn't you gain a lot by helping your business become a symbol of knowledge and experience in a specific niche? That's how it works. Your ideal buyers will come to you to get free courses, and then you can upsell your products and services.

If the above idea seems interesting, you'll enjoy reading these 9 smart ways to promote corporate training courses online.

3. Generate More Leads With Webinars

Has your eLearning brand ever used a webinar to talk to customers about relevant topics? If not, you surely should. I've witnessed the power of webinars and how they can influence the way prospects experience the brand or your e-shop. For me, it's a big yes because it's all about communication and showing who you are as a business. Also, hosting webinars gives you the chance to understand what drives your visitors. And that will help you get a better idea of what kind of deals you can offer them.

While many companies have been trying to use webinars and increase their mark on potential buyers, plenty of them fail to generate leads because they make common mistakes. Worry not, though, because we've done the hard work for you. After hundreds of webinars, we have the know-how of what needs to be done to get the results you need.

For more tips and ideas, please take a look at my latest article on running successful lead generation webinars.

4. Offer Limited Access To Your Entire Library Training Courses

Course subscriptions are a major thing lately, and plenty of professionals would love to test what you have created. So, why not give prospects a glimpse of what you have to offer? After they are hooked and enjoying your course library, you can make them an offer they can't resist. Chances are they might like it and keep the subscription or even share the news with their friends and peers.

Say you offer them X% on your complete set of training materials, maybe including a certification exam! That would definitely catch your audience's attention. Most users love to brag when they get something at a good price. And it's a win-win situation since you'll get the subscribers you need. Plus, now that you'll have their contact details, you can upsell anytime.

5. Implement Social Media Lead Generation Strategies

Social media might not come first in mind when you think about eLearning lead generation techniques, but it should be. You cannot ignore the fact that 75% of B2B buyers and 84% of C-level executives use social media during the decision-making process. Truth be told, social media impacts fostering sales leads. At the same time, it adds to your branding, thus offering eLearning businesses greater ROI in the long run.

When talking about social media lead generation, I'm referring to all the activities done on social platforms to acquire new leads. Your main goal is to capture qualified eLearning leads and pull them into your sales funnel. Letting your company culture and brand identity show will help to attract your ideal audience without trying too much. Social media lead generation is all about the implementation of your strategic marketing plan. And let's not forget that you can always drive leads and sign-ups with eLearning influencers through their social media platforms.

The good thing is that you can use social lead ads if you want to boost your lead collection when organic traffic doesn't do the trick. You can either try Facebook lead ads, Instagram lead ads, or LinkedIn led gen forms. Last but not least, YouTube TrueView for action ads might also bring relevant leads. What you need to focus on is offering the right incentive. It's always about what the user gets out of it to sweeten the deal. So, make sure to give people a reason so that they'll share their info with you. And ensure that you use the platform where most of your audience hangs out for best results.

Extra Tips

Here's some extra advice to help you generate leads.

  • eLearning Software Free Trials

Sometimes you don't have to tell anyone anything. You can just show them. By offering limited-time, no-cost, no-obligation free trials to your prospects, you can get relevant leads that can then turn into customers. Simply show them how great your eLearning service is. For plenty of companies, this shift in strategy quickly pays off. Especially if you've got good-quality eLearning products and services, you'll see prospects converting at a higher rate. And that is excellent if you want to meet your sales targets. For example, take a look here at the best LMS free trials.

  • Lead Generation Tools

Having a good lead generation platform can work miracles for your eLearning business. Not only will you manage to drive traffic, but you will acquire new customers. And that's what we're all looking for, right? Increasing business revenue. However, for better results, you might need to implement multiple pieces of lead generation software. You can leverage such tools in different categories like customer engagement, marketing automation, sales and CRM, social media, forms and landing pages, advertising, and more. For example, you can use AI-enabled live chat platforms and customer engagement platforms for personalization. Or you could consider testing out top lead tools for email outreach.

  • Niche Influencers And eLearning Websites

There's no better way to spread the word about your products and services than talking about them to a highly interested audience. If you want to capture qualified eLearning leads, you're better off sharing your gated assets on eLearning websites than, say, choosing to publish an advertorial on a publishing platform that targets a larger audience that is irrelevant to your niche.

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Key Takeaway

Don't you want to reach a broader audience at a minimal cost? My best advice is to work on your social media listening. Start monitoring your eLearning brand's social channels, and don't forget about customer feedback. Most importantly, connect with your audience via social media. You'll manage to create a sense of community. Keep it real, and you'll see your followers and brand advocates increasing.

If you start using all these lead generation strategies for your eLearning business, you'll begin to see better results. And that will happen throughout the funnel. What I mean is that you'll manage to build brand awareness and boost sales conversions if you do it right. At the same time, you'll find interesting topics to talk about. That's a lot of material to help you create a strategic marketing plan, including lead generation eBooks, webinars, and courses.

To add to the mix, by checking what your competitors are doing, you can get on top easier. For example, you can combine social media and SEO to reach more people. If you're still uncertain about what kind of information interests your ideal audience, you can always perform an SEO competitor analysis and get ideas from your biggest rivals.

And remember—using the right incentives is always good for generating more leads in eLearning.

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