5 Amazing eBook Ideas For Successful Lead Generation In The eLearning Niche

Lead Generation eBook Ideas To Target The eLearning Audience
Summary: Do you want to collect and nurture leads with compelling lead-generating eBooks? Great! This article will provide you with the information and inspiration you need to create lead-generating eBooks for your eLearning business.

Lead Generation eBook Ideas To Target The eLearning Audience

Do you find eBook lead generation to still be one of the top challenges for marketers? I couldn't agree more. It's hard to ensure a steady supply of high-quality leads that will keep feeding the top of the funnel. The key here is to find fresh ideas that will help you keep new leads coming to your eBook lead magnets. Hence, this article sets down clever eBook ideas for lead generation that any eLearning marketer can use to capture more high-quality leads and grow their business.

By following my tips, you'll learn how to create a customer-first lead generation strategy. Meaning, you'll have the ability to focus on providing value to your target audience. In addition, with these eBook lead generation hacks divided across different categories, you'll ramp up your marketing efforts. As a result? You'll see your business growing. Plus, I'm also going to share some real eBook examples of how companies like Adobe, Absorb, and 360Learning use these techniques to get more leads.

Are you ready to explore some fresh eLearning eBook ideas for your strategy? Let's get started!

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Start Growing Your eLearning Sales With These Cool eBook Ideas For Lead Generation

For a fact, I believe we can all agree that creating an eBook for your eLearning business is one of the best ways to convert leads. In addition, this will also help increase brand awareness among potential buyers. That's the very reason that more than half of today's B2B businesses include lead generation eBooks in their content marketing plan.

Of course, there are plenty of ways to reach your target audience. Be it offering valuable industry tips or analyzing unique product selling points, or even publishing case studies and creating comprehensive overviews, marketers can use eBooks to address several topics.

It can be merely everything, from company best practices to product components. eBooks also act as a lead magnet that targets an audience at different stages of the buying journey. By doing so, businesses can connect with their ideal prospects and nurture them until they convert.

However, eBooks can be time-consuming, and sometimes they can be somewhat expensive to produce. For this reason, it's essential to keep a few simple tips in mind to ensure an optimal return on investment (ROI). Thus, the success of your lead generation eBook depends on the topic you choose and how inspiring your ideas actually are.

So, let's explore some eLearning eBook ideas to get your lead generation project rolling.

1. Focus On A Specific Industry

Almost everyone recognizes the benefits and the value of workforce training. In fact, some industry's need it more than others. When done effectively, training can make employees work more efficiently. As a result, companies that implement training initiatives can increase production, revenue, and profits. While at the same time, they can decrease costs and inefficiencies. For all the above reasons, we can all understand that each industry has different needs.

Thus, lead generation eBook ideas that focus on targeting specific industries have more chances of landing you leads of your preferred target group. For example, you can create an eBook that focuses on creating training for healthcare, manufacturing, higher education, IT companies, retail, etc.

2. Make It Relevant To Your Buyer Persona

What's the point of creating an eBook if you're not targeting your ideal buyers? So, when trying to think of a topic for your eLearning eBook, you should consider who your target buyers are and how you can help them. Remember that writing content that is generic, will also attract a more generic audience. Hence, when you have a specific buyer persona in mind, it's better to write content that they'll want to read.

For example, if your target audience is "training managers," then why not write specifically for them? Also, consider adding the job role that interests you in your eBook title. Of course, this might bring you fewer leads, but it will definitely land you the right ones. This also goes for other buyer personas (e.g., instructional designers, operations managers, growth managers, team leaders, sales teams, marketers, and so forth).

3. Explore Different Use Cases

Not every company, or industry for that matter, wants to deliver training for the same use case. Training that works can lead to increased compliance when it comes to regulations. Or a good training program can even lead to a happier, more satisfied, and engaged workforce. Hence, making turnover reduction a reality and helping companies save on costly new employee onboarding.

That is why focusing on use cases is one of my favorite lead generation eBook ideas. It's all about targeting your ideal reader by focusing on search intent. For instance, why not create an eBook about people who want to create new employee onboarding training? Or maybe publish an eBook guide for virtual training or blended learning which are trending the last few years?

Following the same reasoning, there are companies that want to create training programs that focus on different use cases. Some businesses might be looking for the following: compliance training, customer training, employee onboarding, workforce development, and so forth.

Again, you have to figure out which clients can get the most out of your services. Last but not least, make sure that you create funnels that cover every aspect of the buyer journey.

4. Solve Pain Points

Knowing that the benefits of training are plenty is not enough. On this note, eLearning businesses can create eBooks that focus on solving the most common training challenges. Since creating effective training isn't easy, anyone interested in getting good training ROI will be searching for answers.

Some common problems include creating training that cannot support business goals, or maybe the training intends to solve a problem, but the approach isn't the right one. Without identifying the true purpose of training as their first step, businesses fail to get the best out of their training programs. Why not create a lead generation eBook that helps them do just that?

If your goal is to target the extended enterprise, creating an eBook just for that can help increase your chances of signing a new client in this range. Similarly, you might plan to land a few new contracts with SMBs. When you address specific types of companies, you show them that you have a specific solution for their business needs. Who doesn't want to feel special, right?

Also, consider creating an ultimate eBook guide on a specific topic and make sure to cover every aspect. For instance, why not share your insights on how X industry can train millennial employees and keep learner engagement high? Don't forget to highlight your USPs in a subtle way where you'll make readers understand that your solution is what they seek.

Show off your thought leadership and use examples and success stories to make your case. And remember, no one can deny a good checklist—even better if it's in the form of an eBook that they can save and read any time they want.

5. Make Your eBook Attention Grabbing And Engaging

Recently, I read a study from Microsoft Corp saying that humans now generally lose concentration after 8 seconds. Meaning, people have a shorter attention span than goldfish! True story. This undoubtedly highlights the effects of an increasingly digitalized lifestyle on the brain. Thus, it is vital to make your eBook content entertaining to keep your prospects hooked.

One of the best ways to do this is to include more visuals and get your readers excited to read more. But what does an engaging eBook really mean? It is about sharing valuable information with your target buyer and serving it in an appealing way. So, your title has to be enticing and it should also solve your potential buyers' problems. Choosing the right keywords for your content is equally important since it will define for whom you have created X eBook.

Are you looking for some successful eBook examples? Take a look at the list below and see what other eLearning companies have published:

To get even more ideas for your lead generation strategy, make sure to visit our online eLearning eBook library.

Next Steps

Picking topics and turning prospects into leads are what we excel at. Marketers, like yourself, can get more information on crafting content marketing strategies that differ from the competition just by browsing our eLearning marketing resources.

Do you want to know what you're missing when you don't include eBooks in your marketing strategy? From a marketer's perspective, publishing eBooks can have numerous benefits for eLearning marketers, some of which are:

  • Generating leads/sales/subscriptions
  • Reusing the previously written content (for instance, joining several blog posts into an eBook, or the other way around—writing an eBook and segmenting it into several separate blog posts)
  • Telling a more comprehensive story
  • An additional channel for content distribution
  • Provide actual value to your customers

Don't you think it's time to start getting more leads with less effort? We hope you liked our eBook ideas for lead generation. For extra resources, make sure to download the following assets for a successful lead generation campaign:

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