Best Email Drip Campaign Examples And Ideas To Promote Your eLearning Business

Best eMail Drip Campaign Examples And Ideas To Promote Your eLearning Business
Summary: It's no secret that email marketing is among the best channels to nurture your subscribers. In fact, it's a great way to provide personalized marketing experiences that consumers expect from your brand. Utilizing drip email campaigns achieves exactly this. In this article, you'll find some of the best email drip campaign examples to try!

What Are The Best Email Drip Campaign Examples For eLearning Brands?

First of all, let's start with the basics: What is an email drip campaign? It is the first step to email nurturing and qualifying your leads. Most importantly, it's your best bet to actually make prospects convert.

An email drip campaign is a sequence of automated emails. It can be triggered and sent on a predefined schedule. It is mainly a way of targeting leads or email subscribers to achieve a specific result. These automated email campaigns enable you to personalize messages for your buyer personas. Obviously, marketers can do this on a large scale and base it on an action that triggers the whole procedure.

Let's say a website visitor fills out a contact form to get a free eBook from you. Once they click the submit button, you can automatically send a personalized email to this lead, including the promised asset. However, you don't want the relationship with your contact to end. Following your first email, you'd like to introduce your business and your values so you can send another email related to the same topic that caught the interest of this specific lead. But, this time, you can invite the contact to sign up for your newsletter or even buy a product.

One thing is certain, the benefits of email marketing, when targeting the eLearning community, are endless! So by now, you must be wondering how a drip campaign works and which strategies are more effective for brands like yours. Don't worry, I'll cover everything your need to know about creating email drip campaigns that convert in the following sections.

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What Makes A Good Email Drip Campaign?

The good thing about sending automated emails is that you can personalize them to fit your contact's name, company info, customer behavior, etc. To make it simple, you can think of drip campaigns as linear email sequences. Trust me, setting these drip campaigns up is easier than you think. But the true hurdle is to get it done right. For example, as your drip campaign progresses from one email to the next, you should check to see if your primary goal has been accomplished or not. The above is crucial to keep the communication relevant.

An email drip campaign is a valuable tool to guide leads, customers, or prospects into your sales funnel over time by utilizing a pre-written set of messages. Each time you send out a drip email, you can take advantage of a queued list of pre-written emails so you don't have to sit at your desk and write an email for every new contact.

The secret recipe here is to get your stats rising. But, to do that, you'll need good copy skills, eye-catching visuals, and of course, excellent timing. However, the most important thing of all is to think carefully about your email flow (i.e., which action will lead to the next). So, knowing your target audience, utilizing contact segmentation, progressive profiling, and having clear goals should be your number one focus.

Drip Marketing Stats To Increase Conversion Opportunities

Did you know that automated email workflows can get you 20% more sales opportunities? Following best practices can lead to success. With some online research, you'll discover what the relevant metrics of a successful email campaign should be. Hence, this will help you get a better idea of how your emails should be performing. From my experience, your average email open rate should be between 15-25%. In addition, if your average click-through rate is around 2.5%, things are promising! Last but not least, your average click-to-open rate should be between 20-30%.

However, it all starts by crafting the write subject title to get readers to open your email. Then, convincing copywriting and nice visuals will do the trick. Finally, the quality of your contact database is equally important. You can always leverage built-in audiences by teaming up with niche websites if you want to expand your email contact database.

Examples Of Drip Campaigns You Should Try

Here is the one million dollar question: How do you write a drip email campaign that actually works? Indeed, there are several types of sequences you can set up, depending on your products, services, and goals. The first time I started out, believe me, I found it very hard. But after having written hundreds of emails and reaching out to many prospects, I've figured out a few things. Thus, I promise that my insights will help you increase your click-through rates and your conversions.

So, I've decided to fuel your inspiration and help you boost your sales by sharing some ideas! Check out the email drip campaign examples below to start making an impact.

eLearning Software

First off, when setting up your email marketing drip sequence, you must distinguish your target group. Your target group can be from blog subscribers and first-purchase customers to lead magnet downloaders. Or, you can even target app downloaders or trial users, and so forth. Secondly, your drip email campaigns need to have a clear objective. For example, maybe your main goal is customer upselling or cross-selling. Or maybe, you're interested in creating a great user onboarding experience, therefore, improving customer experience.

Plenty of marketers also focus on lead nurturing to increase the chances of converting free trial users into paying customers. Best of all, you can use your drip campaign to build a sales pitch and land some new contracts. These are only some of the many email drip campaign examples you can leverage. Timely emails and the right triggers are what will seal the deal.

So, to reach your drip campaign's full potential, make sure that your emails are coherent and consistent. Finally, don't forget to monitor your drip campaign performance (i.e., you always have the opportunity to try A/B testing and optimize it over time).

Content Providers

When you send out a drip campaign, your mission is to achieve one well-defined goal. So, don't go overboard. Take it one step at a time. For example, you might want to teach something to your leads. In this case, you can offer them an email course. Or maybe you decide it's time to offer a new giveaway to nurture your leads.

You can always use a drip campaign to generate new leads. You might as well do that by offering a demo of your training courses. Another idea could be wanting to sell your products. In this case, you could create an onboarding that includes a sales message at success milestones. Obviously, you might want to upsell at some point. Hence, you can try to reactivate leads by testing the waters with a new drip campaign.

However, please note this: All drip campaigns share one goal—qualifying leads and pushing them "deeper" into the funnel.

Your goal should always be to generate more leads and sales. When designing drip email campaigns, defining your email marketing automation KPIs is a must. Thus, marketers should have a clear overview of the value and costs of leads in each drip campaign. In fact, this will help you understand which are the drip campaigns that deserve more traffic. Also, when planning your budget, be cautious, especially if you need to go with the lowest lead generation and user acquisition costs.

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The primary goal of your drip campaigns is to nurture leads and subscribers by delivering highly relevant emails to convert them. Essentially, you must try to meet them at every step of the sales funnel. Keep in mind that as you increase your lead generation, the more chances you have to convert leads into customers. So, it's best to have a strategy that will help you to constantly acquire new leads and/or expand your email subscribers database.

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