Building Your LMS Email Marketing List: 6 Ways To Get Started

Building Your LMS Email Marketing List: 6 Ways To Get Started
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Summary: A built-up marketing list is worth its weight in gold. Especially when it’s filled with hot leads who are more likely to convert into loyal customers. In this article, I’ll share 6 easy ways to expand your email marketing list right now. There’s no time like the present!

6 Easy Ways To Get Started With Your LMS Email Marketing List

Email marketing allows you to stay in touch with new customers. In a typical situation, a customer will click onto your LMS landing page and make a purchase or promise to purchase in the future. Once you let them click away, there is no guarantee that you will see them again. The best way to keep them enticed to come back is to collect their email addresses. With these email addresses, you can keep sending persuasive marketing messages to them. Email marketing yields an ROI of 4300%. 23% of total sales in companies are driven by this channel alone [1]. How can you build your LMS email marketing list right now?

1. Host Social Media Giveaways

If you don’t already have an LMS email marketing list, you can quickly get one by hosting giveaways. Most organizations brush off giveaways because they feel they only attract customers who value freebies. That is not always the case. Choose a prize that only serious prospects would love. This will automatically weed out people who are less likely to purchase your LMS platform. A compelling award alone will not make your giveaway successful because it will only cater for the winner. To run a successful giveaway and ensure that other serious participants do not feel unappreciated, you should offer bonus entries to everyone who refers to a prospect. You can also give valuable incentives to non-winners so that they don’t feel left out. Most importantly, do not forget to ask participants for their contact information (emails included) as a prerequisite for participation.

2. Arouse Curiosity With Targeted Articles And Guides

By now, you’ve probably heard about the benefits of content marketing. But you may be wondering if it’s really worth the resources and time you’ll have to invest. Truth be told, it actually works. How can content help you build an email list? Create interesting, useful, and engaging content for your audience. Offer a partial amount of this content and give your readers full access only when they give their email addresses. This is the easiest and surest way of obtaining email addresses for your LMS email marketing list quickly. The best part of this approach is that it only garners you contact info from genuinely interested readers. People who aren’t likely to purchase your product will click away instead of giving their personal details. Which means that your email marketing list will be filled with hot prospects instead of casual visitors who are just looking for free stuff.

3. Post A Sign-Up Sheet

Your LMS website or landing page is the first point of contact most people have with your business. Do not lose the opportunity to stay connected with prospective customers who are looking for more information about your software. Add an email sign-up form on your website with a promise of delivering value-added messages on a regular basis. Ensure that you engage those who sign up as quickly as possible. For example, send personalized emails depending on their needs. The easiest way is to have an auto-respond email. Or send them a weekly/monthly newsletter that offers helpful tips and advice.

4. Use Pop-Ups

This marketing strategy is a bit more controversial. However, it does have potential. See those annoying windows that keep popping up on your screen whenever you visit the internet? They are so annoying, right? Well, they may be as effective as they are annoying. Social Media examiner attributes 70% of its subscriptions to pop-up banners. Pop-ups are easy to install. To be effective, you have to write a few useful lines of copy. Entice the customer to enter his/her email address by showing them the value they will get, in a few words. Just make sure that you don’t barrage your visitors with pop-ups on every page. Also, bear in mind that some people have pop-up blockers installed. So, you shouldn’t rely solely on this marketing method.

5. Organize An Event

Organize an event to educate people on the uses and features of your LMS. Let them sign up for the event by giving their emails. Collecting email addresses prior to the event gives you an opportunity to contact with attendees before it takes place. You also have the ability to maintain contact with them after the event. When you organize trade shows and exhibitions, make sure that you have sign-up forms on hand. Encourage people who show interest in your product to leave their contact information at your booth. Then contact them as quickly as possible, before they forget about your product.

6. Conduct A Social Media Poll

People love sharing interesting polls and quizzes with their social media network. Not only do they allow you to expand your reach and gather feedback, but you can also grow your LMS email marketing list by leaps and bounds. In order to participate or see the results, followers must provide their email address. You can even use their poll responses to customize marketing materials. For example, they stated that they were looking for a new LMS with more reporting and analytic features. Thus, you can highlight these USPs in the personalized follow-up email.

An LMS email marketing list drives the sales for most companies. It is responsible for more conversions than any other form of marketing these days. Marketing links provided via email have the highest click-through rates. To be a successful marketer never ignore email marketing. Build a list quickly with these tips and turn site visitors into loyal customers.

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