eBook Release: Top 10 Best LMS Websites 2019

Free eBook Top 10 Best LMS Websites 2019
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Summary: Gordon Johnson and Lynne McNamee evaluated over 300 websites of suppliers in the LMS space to make your life easier. And when I say you I mean a vendor; a vendor who sells a Learning Management System, a Learning Experience Platform, a Learning Content Management System or any of the other names which exist for technology solutions supporting Learning, Training and Development. This eBook covers three major topics; SEO, content, and design. Concluding with a prime list of the 10 best overall LMS websites.

Top 10 Best LMS Websites 2019 - Capturing The Essence

This eBook provides a fundamental overview of what a secluded few LMS vendors are doing very right. Instead of straining yourself by going through a universe of info, you could use your precious time more efficiently; keep reading to find out everything about small and big players and the equally gigantic moves they are making.

eBook Release: Top 10 Best LMS Websites 2019
eBook Release
Top 10 Best LMS Websites 2019
Learn what it takes to build a powerful LMS website and find out which LMS vendors have mastered website design!

A modern website is an ever-evolving, organic tool which constantly adapts to its environment and its users. At least it should do that. It doesn't merely serve the purpose of showing a pretty exterior or how fantastic your services are. Besides being your digital business card it is also a data powerhouse linked to a modern business which gathers an abundance of precious information. This eBook compiles a list of which LMS vendors are driving enormous traffic and engaging prospects with high-impact content.

 About The eBook: Choosing The Best Out There

As a vendor, you could reinvent the wheel yourself on how to engage LMS buyers. Becoming a SEO expert to discover what it takes to get to the top of Google search. Rely on your own design skills to explore how you can create powerful first impressions. But we believe it is a better idea to read this eBook. Why not make use of someone's thorough research? Not only will it help you make great choices, but you will also get insight into the Top 10 Best Overall LMS Websites and what it is exactly that makes them great.

What We Do In Life Echoes In Digital Eternity

The real product that Google is selling, is trust. Trust that the search result of their query is highly accurate. It's your job to make sure that you are aligned with Google's algorithm and more importantly aligned with the queries that potential buyers will use to find you. Algorithms are always shifting as is the behavior of internet users. This part of the book gives a really good indication of what the top players in the LMS field are doing differently. We know for a fact that they regularly update their website, that they go above and beyond in regard to being "mobile-friendly" and making sure that the front and back end of their "digital business card" is up to par.

From SEO, “Top 10 Best LMS Websites 2019” takes us to Content. As an LMS vendor, you need to focus your website copy on one specific visitor: your ideal LMS buyer. The clearer the copy, the more likely it is you are targeting those who are looking to buy your product. They need to find what they are looking for as fast as possible. Easier said than done. However, the focus here should be on increasing engagement by writing original articles which are in no way like the ones which already exist in the market. Why coexist when you can prevail? What Gordon Johnson and Lynne McNamee discovered, is that it all starts with being clear and concise, and being able to define your USP in a remarkably clear manner. At the same time, it should become evident which problem you are going to solve for your client and not, I repeat not, how great your services nor how advanced your products are. Be different, be unique. Get deep into the "how" of the problem you will solve for your LMS buyers. Top 10 Best LMS Websites 2019 indicates precisely what you need to become a top content creator based on the evaluations performed by Gordon and Lynne.

The final contender is ‘Design’. Appearance is most often misleading. A website may promise more than it may actually be able to deliver. But still, people subconsciously compare the quality of your website to the quality of your LMS. So as a baseline your design needs to be up there with the top. Design consists of a whole other ballgame. So instead of causing potential buyers to wonder why your site has an anti-aesthetical design, really bad user experience or incorrect info or links, it's in your best interest to do the absolute opposite. This speaks for itself. Instead of having to create and think of everything from scratch the authors proceed to describe the six essential elements which help establish great LMS website design. From a clean cut and simple design to applying a "less is more" credo. From responsive, mobile-friendly optimized interfaces to the use of 'warm' color palettes which are pleasing to the eye. Start taking charge of your product by directing your buyers in the right direction. This eBook is a perfect place to start.

Decisive Action

This eBook doesn't only give you some enormously valuable knowledge about what market leaders are doing in this highly competitive market, it hands you insider secrets to be able to equate to the greats out there. As in life, your first impression, which you leave on a potential buyer is immensely important. It will determine which choices they make in regard to your product. It might be the defining moment where they recommend your business to other professionals. Make your first impression count. Put in the work so you can reap the reward later. You can read all about it, right here.

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