How eLearning And Digital Marketing Are Related

How eLearning And Digital Marketing Are Related
Summary: This article explores the relationship between eLearning and digital marketing and offers tips on how to promote an eLearning business.

eLearning And Digital Marketing

eLearning is a vast sector. Some businesses deal with specific products/services and launch training programs for their consumers. Though they aren't purely educational businesses, they will still be counted in the eLearning industry when they promote their courses/training. There are various digital marketing strategies beneficial for eLearning vendors. However, one needs to apply them effectively and have out-of-the-box thinking.

What Do You Mean By eLearning?

eLearning is the short form for electronic learning. eLearning uses digital means to provide education and learning. eLearning is structured and planned just like other forms of learning, with specific objectives. However, eLearning delivers the content via electronic devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets connected to the internet.

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What Digital Marketing Strategies Should eLearning Providers Use?

1. Search Engine Optimization Leads The Way

Students are looking for an eLearning provider like you, but they don't know that you exist or where you are. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in. By implementing SEO techniques, you optimize your website to make it rank higher on the search engine results pages. Here are some practical SEO techniques that can help you acquire more students:

  • Optimize your headers, title, and meta tags
  • Add schema markup
  • Research for keywords that contain the word "eLearning" and include them in your content
  • Secure the website with https
  • Optimize URLs and images
  • Fix broken links
  • Optimize the website’s loading speed
  • Make your website responsive
  • Write useful blog posts and articles in a friendly tone
  • Use SEO tools
  • Create HTML and XML sitemaps
  • Add a PR section
  • Add citations
  • Include external and internal links
  • Implement seamless navigation
  • Use powerful CTAs (calls to action)
  • Use optimized site banners
  • Optimize for voice search

Good SEO strategies can help you interact with your students effectively. When your website ranks higher, you increase the awareness about your eLearning business on the internet.

2. Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising To Acquire Interested Students

According to WordStream, 65% of the users click on a pay-per-click (PPC) ad when searching using a high-intent keyword. So, if you think Google Ads are useless, think again. Here are a few tried and tested PPC advertising approaches:

  • Write relevant copy
    Your ad copy determines whether someone will click on your ad or not. Create an ad copy that attracts only qualified leads. Thus, your ad copy should contain information about your eLearning services that your target student will want to know. And make sure your copy and keywords complement each other.
  • Bid on related search terms
    PPC ads run on keywords just like SEO. You need your ads to show in more related searches and keep your cost-per-click (CPC) low. For this, you should bid on long-tail keywords.
  • Utilize ad extensions to make your ad appealing
    You can use ad extensions such as featured snippets, site links, etc. These extensions add extra value to your advert and increase the chances of a potential customer clicking on it. These extensions can make you stand out from your competitors.

3. Interact With Your Target Consumers On Social Media

As you run an eLearning school, your target customers are likely more active online. And research has revealed that most of the time netizens spend on the internet is consumed by social media. If you aren't unlocking the potential of social media platforms, you are losing a big chunk of your potential students. These best practices can help you better engage with people on social media.

  • Interact with potential students
    Social media has a comment feature for a reason. So, use it and respond promptly to your followers to engage them.
  • Select suitable social media websites
    Choose the best social media channels by testing various channels or researching other similar businesses on social media.
  • Put up ads on social media
    Social media websites like Facebook and Instagram do an incredible job of gathering information about users’ activities and then showing them relevant ads. You should take advantage of this by running social media ad campaigns on different platforms.

How To Leverage Some Popular Social Media Platforms

1. YouTube Video Marketing

YouTube video marketing is an excellent marketing method used by digital marketing agencies. eLearning vendors can create videos focused on a specific audience to promote online courses/services on YouTube.

2. Twitter Marketing

As you run an educational institution, Twitter can benefit you a lot. It is a place where most industry experts and learned people hang out. You can make connections and nurture a strong online presence using the power of Twitter. Also, there are many influencers on Twitter, so you can present yourself as an influencer in your industry and turbocharge your business.

3. LinkedIn Ads

As LinkedIn is a platform for professionals, you can target a specific group of people with selected niche backgrounds. In this way, LinkedIn marketing is more focused.

4. Facebook Ads

Facebook has the largest user base among all social media channels. eLearning companies can easily target their ideal students here. Furthermore, Facebook ads ask for lower prices and offer analytics.

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Start Digital Marketing Today For Your eLearning Institute!

Digital marketing offers you innovative opportunities to reach your target audience and communicate with them, no matter where they are. Digital marketing keeps evolving, so you will never run out of new and workable ideas to engage with students searching for an online learning service provider.

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