Tips To Launch A Successful Lead Nurturing Strategy

How To Plan A Successful Lead Nurturing Strategy

There are leads hovering around your brand, but they need guidance to find the value that will prove your worth to them. Sharing valuable eLearning content with your prospects will ultimately lead them to complete a purchase. Picture social media users stumbling upon one of your posts. It sparks curiosity. From there, they might venture to your eLearning website. They may enter their email address and take a glance at some of your gated content on eLearning. Yet, they don’t become customers. The gaps between browsing, engaging, and buying are slight but crucial. In a B2B sales funnel, there are many opportunities to engage and re-engage consumers [1]. The cycle is not a closed loop. And by setting up a successful lead nurturing strategy now, you can seize that uncertain traffic. You can start by helping individuals become loyal proponents of your eLearning brand.

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Why Lead Nurturing Is A Must-Try Strategy To Turn Prospects Into eLearning Buyers
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Why Are We Nurturing Leads?

Before we dive into the “how” of lead nurturing, it’s crucial to understand why you’re setting up a lead nurturing strategy so you can get the most out of your actions.

The motivation behind lead nurturing should be to:

Use Content To Educate And Engage Consumers

Lead nurturing is effective because it doesn’t simply persuade or tell consumers what to do. It provides information and insight so they can make their own decisions that lead them to discover gems of value that are relevant to their lives. In fact, 69% of B2B marketers agree that creating highly relevant content is the most effective tactic for nurturing leads [2]. So, what should an eLearning marketer do about it? You need to focus on offering valuable eLearning content. Sharing eLearning material that targets the ideal buyer personas of your brand is vital.

Show Prospects How They Can Solve Their Pain Points

B2B products and services usually aren’t a one-size-fits-all deal. Leads need to be shown how they can adapt your eLearning solution to their unique needs. Part of your nurturing strategy’s job is to empower customers to discover interesting, sometimes complex use cases. There are several ways to discover what the eLearning audience is keen on reading. Such channels could be eLearning forums, online learning communities, social media related to eLearning, etc.

Convert Through A Clear Engagement And Kickoff Process

A successful lead nurturing strategy can turn a spark into a flame, helping consumers get serious about their needs and take steps to address them. Leads need time and attention to make decisions about your eLearning brand. A good lead nurturing strategy ensures you’re staying close to them— without bugging them.

Ultimately, a lead nurturing strategy takes all the abstract benefits of lead nurturing and crafts them into tangible, measurable actions. It gives you and your team the power to say with confidence, “OK, this is what we’re doing to build relationships today.”

The 5 Components Of A Lead Nurturing Strategy

Now that you understand what motivates a successful lead nurturing strategy and why a strategy is important, let’s dive into the components that need to be put in place. Such a procedure will help your eLearning business to nurture leads effectively. So, here’s what an eLearning marketer will need to get results:

1. A Set Of SMART Goals

The first step in adopting a lead nurturing strategy is to set goals. Not just any goals—SMART goals [3]. SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. Plus, they concretely lead to better results for your eLearning business.

Let’s walk through what those goals should look like.

  • Specific
    This means that you have identified a clear ideal outcome. Make your goals precise, not abstract, so you can tell when you’ve achieved them.
  • Measurable
    You should be able to track your goals so you can improve your performance incrementally.
  • Attainable
    It’s no good setting goals that you already know are beyond your reach. Attainable goals will help you stay focused and actually see that your strategy is working.
  • Realistic
    You know the limits of your team—hours, skillsets, obstacles—so don’t pile on more than they can handle. Be realistic with your goals so your team can thrive.
  • Time-bound
    Timeless goals are super achievable because there’s always tomorrow, but they leave too much room for procrastination. Put a deadline on your goals so you can unfold your strategy at a good cadence. This will help you respond to results with the appropriate amount of urgency.

2. An Aligned Sales And Marketing Team

Sales and marketing are used to sitting in two different camps and speaking in two different languages [4]. But to make your lead nurturing strategy work, they need to come together as one. That means collaborating on building relationships and sharing leads and data points so the Customer’s Experience feels like one cohesive, ongoing journey. The above can work miracles for your eLearning brand. Your sales team definitely has insights that can lead your marketing team to create effective strategies.

3. A Defined Audience

Your lead nurturing strategy cannot convert consumers into customers if you don’t know who they are. You need to zero in on potential loyalists by defining your ideal audience [5]. The above is crucial for your eLearning business. Get to know their needs, wants, demographics, and pain points so you’re better equipped to guide them through the funnel.

4. A Timeline Of Actions

For a nurturing strategy to work, it can’t be too rushed or too lackadaisical. It must have urgency but it also needs a sense of rhythm and momentum. All this, without making eLearning consumers feel pressured. This means you need to create a calendar of dates and times. You have to know when you’ll reach out to form an engaging cadence of communication. You can nurture leads by following a mixed content strategy by creating eBooks, articles, and webinars to move them down the funnel. However, all this has to be strategically done and at the right moment.

5. A Routine Of Analysis And Adjustment

Because you’ve created a wonderful set of measurable goals, you need to build a routine of evaluation into your strategy. Every tactic you try must be paired with a debriefing time. During this, you need to examine your metrics, work out what has gone well and what needs to be improved. Then you can start making the necessary tweaks before the next round.

Set up these 5 staples of your lead nurturing strategy before you do anything else. They’ll give you and your team a strong, methodical foundation. From this onwards, you can get creative as you build relationships with your eLearning prospects.


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