Set Up A Team For A Lead Nurturing Campaign
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How To Form The Right eLearning Team For Your Lead Nurturing Campaign

Who will do the best job of implementing your marketing tactics? Which roles and responsibilities are must-haves and which are overkill? Making the right personnel choices from the start of your lead nurturing campaign is a vital prologue to executing your strategy. So how can you go about it?

How People Make The Difference

There are some common early errors when recruiting a team for lead nurturing campaigns. One of the biggest is not defining teams early on [1]. If your eLearning company is letting tasks float between various factions, things won’t turn out well. Such tactics can leave your management fragmented while making expert ownership of projects next to impossible. To create an efficient lead nurturing campaign you need the right expert for each job.

The other point teams often overlook is finding a balance between artfulness and method [2]. The ability to develop empathetic relationships with eLearning consumers is important. However, you need to simultaneously test and refine your content strategies. Too often, though, some eLearning companies separate these brains. What your brand needs to do is find a collaborative strategy to bring relevant eLearning content together. Then, you have to decide when is the perfect timing to distribute your valuable content.

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4 Personnel Choices That Make Or Break A Lead Nurturing Campaign

A handful of critical decisions in the team-building process can make or break the success of your lead nurturing campaign. Making them the right way from the outset will help you focus on the job at hand. The above can help build relationships with your leads.

1. Appoint A Content Manager

Content plays a variety of critical roles in a successful lead nurturing strategy. It’s a way of engaging eLearning consumers and building trust. While at the same time providing value to the eLearning community. So having a content manager should be a top priority [3]. The role is responsible for guiding the creation and execution of your messaging. Choose someone who is highly in tune with your eLearning brand’s voice.

Keep in mind, too, that content managers aren't necessarily just focused on writing. They're also the caretakers and curators of every message that connects your eLearning brand with your audience. They need to be able to judge what that audience wants and needs. They need to choose appropriate writers and platforms for each task. It is vital that they cast a high-level editorial eye on every piece before it goes out into the eLearning world.

Not just that, they also need to be able to adopt a strategic viewpoint while also overseeing how the overall narrative of your eLearning brand is translating out in the world.

2. Find An Operations Manager To Order Your Lead Nurturing Campaigns

This role is an important counterpart to the content manager, but note that it’s a difficult job that isn't suited for everyone. Choosing the right person for the job is vital for the success of your lead nurturing campaigns.

The operations manager is the figurehead of the art-science dichotomy we discussed earlier. He or she needs to have a complete handle on data. While also being able to choose the most meaningful data points to analyze and the most relevant metrics to study. All the above will lead to directing the people-power of your lead nurturing campaign. On top of that, a deep understanding of how your company functions on a human level is important so problems get solved with a process.

Finally, a technical mindset is crucial for this position. Your operations manager will need to maintain the systems and tools teams need in order to get the job done. It should be someone who thinks mechanically and procedurally while being ready to innovate, too.

3. Coordinate Marketing And Sales In A Productive Union

Bringing the traditionally siloed teams of marketing and sales together will take work. Your first task will be to make clear to both that they share equal responsibility. Then you have to motivate them in this pursuit under a common mission. The goal is to make their lead nurturing strategy a success.

You’ll then need to create a system for how marketers and salespeople should work together. Define and delegate certain tasks, and test different ways of communicating. For example, there might be several points in the funnel where you’ll need sales to hand off to marketing and vice versa [4]. How will you coordinate this to benefit your eLearning business? You’ll need to map out the points of contact so your campaign doesn’t suffer because of miscommunication.

Also, remember to open a feedback loop. If sales starts a conversation with a lead but the lead loses interest, marketing should be informed. The above will empower your teams to adjust their strategy accordingly. Thus, creating more effective lead nurturing campaigns in the future.

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4. Set Areas Of Focus

Deciding what to focus on is one of the most important tasks your team will take on. Making the right decision in the initial stages of setting up a lead nurturing strategy is key.

Successfully prioritizing means developing a process of trial and improvement. With the help of your operations manager and content manager, you’ll be able to investigate your campaign’s performance. You’ll also manage to discover which tactics are best in different stages of the funnel to inform different areas of focus.

According to research done by Chief Marketer, the most effective nurturing methods of 2019 were email marketing, content marketing, and in-person marketing [5]. Test out variations of these tactics and see which works best for your eLearning audience.

Ultimately, as you assemble your lead nurturing strategy, remember that it’s not just about the "what" but even more about the "who." Making the right personnel decisions early on can save your team confusion. It can also let you present a strong, united front to your eLearning prospects. Explore how you can ace your campaigns by downloading our Complete Lead Nurturing Guide for eLearning Companies!


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