7 Questions To Ask Before Using Your eLearning Authoring Tool

What To Ask Before Using Your eLearning Authoring Tool

Before using your eLearning authoring tool, there are 7 key questions you should ask:

1. What Is The Actual Problem?

A digital learning solution investment calls for clear goals. Therefore, it's vital to clarify the problem you're solving and understand its scope. Be clear on why your learning content deserves to exist. Whether your goal is to increase customer satisfaction scores or support your learners' career growth, ensure the elearning software you use can help you achieve this.

2. Who Is It For?

Before you can change a behavior, you have to understand your audience and listen to their needs. For instance, if the business has an issue, discover how your learning audience currently seeks help and at what time. Start with your audience by asking questions so you can give them the digital learning that bridges the gap.

Consider using Elucidat's Surveys feature to discover your audience's needs. You can also take advantage of the Analytics Dashboard to view live responses and qualitative comments from the survey results.

3. Why Isn't The Target Audience Doing That Thing You Need Them To Do Already?

Discover obstacles that are keeping your audience from being where they need to be. Here are some common ones to explore:

  • Unaware they should be doing the task.
    This indicates an awareness issue.
  • Aware but don't care.
    This indicates a relevance or motivation problem. This OU Elucidat-powered learning experience demonstrates how to motivate people to explore forensic science.
  • Lack of skills.
    This indicates competence and skill enhancement needs.
  • Unaware of skill application.
    This indicates a "learning" problem, regardless of best practice examples.
  • Lack of on-the-job support.
    This indicates a performance support issue, and you would need to clarify the type of support needed (tools, managerial support, guides).
  • Applied but reverted to previous ways.
    This indicates a habit-making issue, which may require effective intervention that keeps learners engaged.

4. What Is Likely To Actually Help People Make/Change improvement?

Consider the approach or intervention type that may help solve the issue. It can be as simple as using existing videos to translate data in the form of a guide.

5. What's Worked Before (And What Didn't)?

Use your Analytics dashboards to gather useful data, such as engagement stats and location access points, to help shape your future design. Discover how learners rated your Elucidat learning content after dropping in a survey and viewing the Your Data tab in Analytics.

You can also check out an Elucidat Masterclass to see how you can quickly capture feedback.

6. What One Thing Are You Going To Do Really Well?

Focus on a primary goal and make the digital experience engaging. Focus the content to bring results, including using a combination of targeted, streamlined resources and challenges and depth to create desired long-term behavioral changes.

7. Are You Sure They Need You To Actually Create Something For Them?

Decide if you can empower those who know how to create guides and tips directly in your collaborative authoring tool. Integrate existing content, such as videos or job aids, and drop them in Elucidat.

You can also empower your learners via diagnostics and personal planning tools, such as via surveys, which can be handled (smartly) live via Elucidat.

Final Thoughts

You must get clear on the issue you're resolving to enable a smarter, more focused learning design approach that delivers results.

There are prototypes you can check out and useful links on content curation, learning design strategy and engaging training. Filter out high-priority content and use what's relevant for getting the desired outcome.

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