Beyond Routine: Creative Approaches In Instructional Design

Beyond Routine: Creative Approaches In Instructional Design
Summary: While designing instructions we tend to use the same approaches, tools, and techniques. This is completely normal - they are in our comfort zone as training intervention designers, developers, and trainers. We use them because we feel secure, because we consider them as good ones, and because we are convinced that using them we will deliver the promise. The problem is that many times these Instructional Design approaches are not optimal.

Creative Approaches In Instructional Design

Within XY Learning Team we are trying to find answers to this challenge. To open our minds we are using Learning Battle Cards (LBC) and tools from this family. Designed approaches, however, could be used regardless of the tool; you can utilize post-its or other materials which will help you to bring such a routine of opening minds for new Training and Development approaches to the table.

Beyond Routine 

The following clip shows how you can use Learning Battle Cards to design better learning journeys within the team of Instructional Designers. Feel free to copy, mix, match, and alter this idea when you face such a challenge.

Learning Battle Cards: Gamification Of Instructional Design

If you don't know what Learning Battle Cards is you can check the next short clip. Simply speaking, it is our ambition to gamify the Instructional Design process with Learning Battle Cards.

We will be working on new exercises and activities for educators utilizing the concept of Learning Battle Cards. We hope that they will help not only for designing better learning interventions, but also for deliberate self-development and better understanding of learning space.

You can check our website ( for more information about the concept, other tools, and other ideas how to foster creativity in day-to-day chores of educators. You can also place an order for you deck of Learning Battle Cards there.