8 Tips To Build Online Presence With eLearning Industry

8 To Build Online Presence With eLearning Industry
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Summary: Are you trying to build your online presence without going over budget? Do you need to promote your new eLearning product or service leading up to the launch? In this article, I’ll highlight 8 advantages of building online presence with eLearning Industry's advertising services.

Why To Build Online Presence With eLearning Industry

Building awareness for your brand and achieving your sales targets doesn’t have to eat up all your time or marketing budget. In fact, eLearning Industry offers a variety of promotional services that can help you establish an effective online presence even if you are working with limited resources or marketing experience. Here are 8 reasons why to build online presence with eLearning Industry.

1. Get A Better Return On Investment

It’s difficult to know which marketing strategies actually contribute to building online presence. However, we’ve conducted a significant amount of research to determine which promotional techniques offer the best ROI. We also offer a broad range of marketing services for different budgets and needs, from press release distributions and PPC campaigns to article publishing and event marketing services. Feel free to contact us if you’d like more information for any of our targeted solutions or you’d like some assistance choosing the package that’s best for your organization.

2. Reach A Broader Audience

The eLearning Industry site receives hundreds of thousands of visitors every month. You immediately have access to a vast reader base instead of having to build up a following from scratch. We’ve already laid the groundwork for you and made building online presence a lot easier. Furthermore, you can rest assured that you're reaching your target audience, as our site visitors are already interested in the products and services that you have to offer.

3. Decrease Promotional Expenses

Effective marketing is usually quite expensive. But eLearning Industry’s advertising solutions are cost-effective and ideally suited for any budget. As a result, you can decrease your promotional expenses and allocate funds to other endeavors, like R&D for your latest eLearning software or hiring more people to meet the growing demands of your eLearning organization. Many of our marketing services also feature different pricing packages. So, you can choose the option that works best for you and start building online presence without overloading your budget.

4. Monitor Marketing Results In Real Time

The secret to successful resource allocation is monitoring your marketing initiatives closely. This allows you to determine what’s working so that you can focus your efforts and invest in marketing strategies that actually achieve results. eLearning Industry’s PPC campaign, directory, and other targeted advertising services feature built-in analytics. Thus, you’re able to track visitor engagement and adjust your marketing strategy. For example, fine-tune PPC ads to boost your conversion rate.

5. Enhance Your Brand Image

Our press release service helps increase coverage and enhance online visibility, thus contributing to building online presence. You can generate buzz for your upcoming eLearning event or product launch. Your press release is delivered to more than 90,000 email inboxes and is seen by hundreds of thousands social media followers. You’re also able to track engagement, such as the number of views and click-through rates. This helps to enhance credibility and raise awareness of your brand. There are three pricing options to choose from: Starter, Pro, and Corporate for organizations who want to create a media blitz. We’ll review your press release before publication to ensure that it meets specifications and achieves the best results.

6. Showcase Your Key Selling Points

People may already be familiar with your brand. But do they know the benefits you can offer their organization? Or the unique features that help you stand out from the competition? eLearning Industry’s LMS directory gives you the power to showcase your key selling points, as well as a brief description of your product, ratings and reviews, and pricing plans. There are also directories for the following:

These listings allow you to reach your target audience and pitch your eLearning product or service to thousands of eLearning professionals and organizations. Then they can contact you to find out more about your offerings or sign up. In addition, there are social media links so that they can follow your page and stay up to date with promotions and new products.

7. Boost eLearning Event Attendance

Hosting an eLearning event is a great way to start building online presence but it requires a significant investment of time and money. Even if it’s an online webinar or workshop that doesn’t involve site rental fees or travel expenses. Thus, you must ensure that you fill those seats by actively promoting your eLearning event. eLearning Industry has over 600,000 visitors every month and more than 90,000 subscribers who receive our newsletter. This means that your eLearning event will get the attention it deserves. Your event announcement is also posted on our social media platform, which has hundreds of thousands of followers. You can view detailed metrics that cover everything from visitor stats to click-throughs. There are three pricing packages available: Starter, Pro, and Corporate for organizations who host multiple eLearning events and want maximum exposure.

8. Establish Yourself As An eLearning Industry Expert

Last but not least, our eLearning article publishing platform can help you build credibility and establish yourself as an eLearning industry expert. We welcome content from Instructional Designers, software vendors, and other service providers who would like to share tips and explore trends. This also gives you the opportunity to promote your own eLearning products and link to your landing page. Not to mention, showcase your knowledge of the topic so that readers become more familiar with your brand.

Advertising with eLearning Industry offers you the ability to drive more traffic to your site, boost sales, and measure results in real time. You can even increase sign-ups for your upcoming eLearning event or promote a product launch. Which marketing services do you think might benefit your business and build awareness for your brand? We can create a customized media kit for your eLearning company, so you can start building online presence right away. All you need to do is answer 7 simple questions to get started.

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