6 Business New Year's Resolutions For Happier Employees

6 Business New Year’s Resolutions For Happier Employees
Summary: Successful businesses value employee satisfaction! Here are 6 New Year business resolutions for happier employees you must implement!

How To Make Your Employees Happier In The Upcoming Year

One more year is coming to an end, and if you're managing any type of company, you're probably busy thinking about next year's objectives. However, while you're thinking about stats and expected outcomes, don't forget about the most essential goal of any flourishing business: employee satisfaction. In this article, we recommend 6 New Year's resolutions for happier employees.

6 Business Resolutions For Happier Employees That Will Transform Your Business

1. Streamline Processes

If there is one thing employees dread about their work, it's complex workflows that take up an unnecessary amount of time and effort. No one wants to submit a ton of paperwork and hunt down supervisors for signatures only to get a work trip approved. Therefore, starting next year, closely examine all your processes, from communications to training, and try to simplify them. For example, if your current training program is tedious and ineffective, upgrade to an online platform that will make learning interactive and fun.

2. Encourage Autonomy

Having clear goals and objectives to work towards definitely helps your staff organize their daily tasks and be more efficient. However, it's important to remember that employees need a certain degree of freedom to come up with their own ideas and implement them to make their everyday lives easier. As long as they know their responsibilities and how they contribute to the overarching objectives of your business, you can rest assured that they will make the right decisions. Steering clear from micromanagement leaves you more time to deal with more essential tasks while boosting employee happiness and productivity.

3. Put Emphasis On Recognition

An important New Year's resolution for happier employees you can't forget is showing appreciation. Studies show that employees who feel valued are more engaged, hardworking, motivated, and, most importantly, happy. Next year, look for those employees who go above and beyond, showcase innovative ideas, or represent your company values, and let them know their efforts don't go unnoticed. Even a word of encouragement or gratitude will be enough to uplift your employees and motivate them to stay their course. But don't just stick to words. Switch it up from time to time with bonuses, small gifts, or non-work-related activities, such as a company party.

4. Promote Flexibility

After the recent re-evaluation of our way of working, more and more employees are searching for companies that offer flexible schedules. In many cases, customizable work hours or the ability to work remotely are even more desirable than a pay raise, as employees feel that they can achieve great productivity and work-life balance. If remote working isn't an option in your organization, there are other flexible options you can look into. Some of them include choosing your start and stop times, a four-day week, or an increase in paid time off.

5. Build A Culture Of Communication

Satisfied employees are employees who are supported, valued, and heard. And what better way can you think to achieve that apart from open communication? This resolution for happier employees starts with ensuring direct communication between you and your staff. Set up weekly or monthly one-on-one meetings with your employees to create a space where they can voice ideas, concerns, and questions or simply foster a more open relationship with you. In addition, make sure to encourage everyone to speak their minds and provide feedback on issues that affect their professional life.

6. Support Professional Development

Stagnancy is one of the main causes of employee dissatisfaction. Therefore, investing in your employees' professional development is of utmost importance to avoid high turnover rates. Start by identifying their professional goals and the skills they need to develop to achieve them. Remember to always align employee objectives with organizational goals so that your efforts make a positive impact on company success. Then search for learning opportunities, such as training programs, seminars, webinars, mentorship programs, or resources in general, that will help employees tap into their maximum potential. This way, you will not only further organizational goals but also create an efficient and loyal workforce that supports your company's growth through its development.


This Christmas season, take some time to reflect on your well-deserved accomplishments. And while you do that, remember to show your appreciation to your employees, the people who have helped you along the way. As the year comes to an end, follow the resolutions for happier employees we shared in this article, and create an open work environment that will boost employee morale and help you achieve your goals more efficiently.