8 Hidden eBook Gems To Help You Achieve Your 2023 Resolutions

8 Hidden eBook Gems To Help You Achieve Your 2023 Resolutions
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Summary: Download these eLearning eBooks for insider tips to help you reach your goals and tackle those 2023 resolutions.

New Year, New Opportunities: eLearning eBooks To Set And Achieve Your 2023 Resolutions

So little time and so much to achieve in the new year. Fortunately, we've gathered a list of the top hidden eBook gems from our library that you may have missed last year. You'll find titles that cover immersive learning strategies, employee onboarding best practices, hybrid learning tips, and much more to cross those 2023 resolutions off your list.

8 eLearning eBooks To Check Out This Month

Ready, Learner One? The L&D Innovator's Gateway To Immersive Learning And The Metaverse By SweetRush

Wondering what the metaverse is—and what's in it for L&D? Join SweetRush for this guided tour of immersive learning in the metaverse and beyond. You'll discover who (and what) lives in the metaverse, four strong use cases for immersive learning, and what the future holds for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology and immersive learning.

Get Fully Ramped In Record Time: Your Guide To Boost Employee Onboarding ROI By eWyse

Employee onboarding is instrumental to the success or failure of any business. There is much to gain from onboarding and training a valuable employee, just as there is much to be lost from seeing an employee walk out the door. Turnover is an expensive and disruptive event. This eBook explores how to increase employee onboarding ROI so that you can focus on what is important: the success of your business.

Making Collaborative Learning More Inclusive For Hybrid Workers By Brainier

As millions of workers return to the workplace and readjust to in-person collaboration, many will remain virtual, at least part of the time. Despite the location, ongoing employee collaboration is non-negotiable for organizations to operate, innovate, and remain competitive in the hopes of retaining top talent. This eBook by Brainier shows you how to empower both in-person and remote employees to contribute at equivalent levels by leveraging collaborative learning.

Thriving In The Global Skills Shortage: Your Path Through The Wilderness By Cornerstone People Research Lab

Download this Global Skills Report to learn how successful organizations worldwide are using skills to navigate uncharted territory and help themselves and their people thrive in a new world of work.

Your Immersive Learning Launchpad: The Ultimate Guide To Launching XR Learning By MindSpring

This eBook provides options for learning teams to quickly create immersive learning, including one that allows learning teams to practice using the software simultaneously.

Educators' Guide To Overcome Hybrid Learning Hurdles With The Right Virtual Learning Solution By Adobe Connect

This ultimate guide for educators is designed to help you overcome common hybrid learning challenges and find the best platform for your organization. We'll also explore how top-tier learning solutions stand apart from the rest and do away with traditional tools' limitations.

Insider Secrets To Select The Best Custom Learning Solutions For The Future Of Work By Integra

Many organizations hire external providers to handle the development and delivery of training assets, from custom-tailored JIT tools to immersive VR simulations. And, there are a large number of companies that decide to do it all by themselves. What is the right decision for your company? Can you be sure of the ROI of your investment? Selecting the best learning solution is a difficult process, and it's easy to make a mistake that could end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars, missed deadlines, dissatisfied learners, and loss of revenue. This eBook walks you through every aspect of the evaluation process so that you can easily choose the appropriate solution for your organization.

Your Guide To Creating Your Own Customized Hybrid Learning Success Story By Meridian Knowledge Solutions

Successful learning may look different depending on the industry, organization, or even the person completing the learning. Download this eBook to learn how to create your own customized hybrid learning program.

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