Commercial-Free Web-based Training for the Process Industry

Summary: KROHNE, a full-service provider for process measuring technology, offers a free online training tool focusing on various elements within the area of industrial process measurement. Published on the ILIAS learning platform, the KROHNE Academy online consists of electronic learning content with full audio.

KROHNE Academy Online: Commercial-free Web-based training for the process industry

With the Academy Online, KROHNE gives you direct access to the knowledge and vast experience of one of the leading suppliers in industrial process measurement and instrumentation.The content of the online Academy is commercial-free and allows for discussion and interaction with our experts on specific issues. There are key courses on technology for suspended materials, vortex frequencies, ultrasound and mass flow, and there are also courses on basic principles in the area of gas measurement or leak detection in pipelines. After a short evaluation, the participant can even request a certificate. The learning material is free and uncommercial, with unlimited use, and is available in four languages: German, English, French and Chinese – Spanish and Russian are in preparation.Structure and content of eLearning courses

KROHNE does not advertise any KROHNE measuring devices; instead, KROHNE describe and explain measuring technology in a way that is not related to specific manufacturers and is industry comprehensive. Of course, it is certainly understandable that the training more often includes illustrations of KROHNE measuring devices than those of other companies on the market. Nevertheless, all of the learning content maintains neutrality and follows the same structure: starting with the measuring principles themselves and moving on to interpretations, advantages and limitations, then applications and industries where the measuring principle is applied - each course covers all the relevant areas. The web based training does not require any previous knowledge or experience, but a certain amount of technical understanding is helpful.Published free eLearning courses so far

  • Variable Area Flowmeters, Measurement Basics (EN, DE, FR, CN)
  • Coriolis Mass Flowmeters, Measurement Basics (EN, DE, FR, CN)
  • Vortex Flowmeters, Measurement Basics (EN, DE, FR, CN)
  • Ultrasonic Flowmeters – Liquids, Measurement Basics (EN, DE, CN)
  • Temperature Measurement, Industrial Temperature Measurement (EN, DE, CN)
  • Pipeline Leak Detection, Basics of Leak Detection (EN, DE, FR)
  • Gas Measurement, Basics and Physics of Gases (EN, DE, FR, CN)

The KROHNE Academy Online is aimed both at staff in practical roles, who come into contact with a wide variety of measuring principles daily, and at students or anyone else with an interest in the subject, wanting to ensure they are up to date with measuring processes and applications in technical facilities. Registration is completely free and instant for anybody who is interested at