Free eBook: Competency Based Learning In Healthcare Organizations

Competency Based Learning In Healthcare: What Healthcare Organizations Stand To Gain From CBT

Healthcare clinicians always took a big part of their training on the job. Since in most cases it can’t be done otherwise, it is useful to find ways for making training more efficient and capable of adjusting to pressing time schedules and even more pressing work conditions. Taking it from the start—the principals of Andragogy—the importance of applying Healthcare learning in the ways of the competency-based model is unfolded.

eBook Release: Competency Based Learning in Healthcare Organizations
eBook Release
Competency Based Learning in Healthcare Organizations
Discover what Healthcare organizations stand to gain from Competency-Based Training, and how the CBT movement has begun to make the workforce more relevant.

Once you are aware of the foundations of it, then comes the presentation of the benefits of competency-based learning in Healthcare. Its ability to focus on performance and on the fields that need it the most every time, together with being cost-effective, easily deployed online, and supported with great success by Learning Management Systems.

About The eBook

The definitions, facts, theoretical factors, and even metaphors offered here form a solid argument for competency-based learning being the appropriate solution for Healthcare training. What is also provided is a thick synopsis on the evolution in adult education, in a direction that made all this possible.


  • Introduction
  • Competency-Based Learning In Healthcare Defined
  • The New Competency-Based Learning In Healthcare
  • The Evolution Of Andragogy To Competency Based Training
  • Realizing The Benefits Of Competency Based Training In Healthcare

They say time is money, but there are situations when there is more to time than this. Healthcare produces situations like that, where time is an even more compressed concept. In a certain time period, work, training, and effectiveness in matters of life and death coexist. This surely demands strict organization and concentration from all parts involved, and this is where competency-based learning comes in. Teaching has to be done, and it must produce certain quantifiable outcomes, skills, and competencies.

Competency-based training is, to put it plainly, an evolution of vocational training for those busy professionals that have no time to spare. What is declared here is that CBT has taken adult learning to a higher level, not being a dry, flat training most people would be trying to avoid. When it comes to Healthcare you certainly have to take into consideration the need for measuring learning by evidence. After all, Healthcare professionals get paid for it too, as part of their providing patient care tasks.

As I mentioned already, the writers of Competency Based Learning In Healthcare Organizations link their arguments with the principals of Andragogy. And they do make their point referring to its tenants. Most notable are the tendency of an adult learner to be motivated when involved in a problem-solving process, and the attributes of being self-directed and self-empowered. Instructors are mentioned too, with the clarification that they should act as facilitators and not presenters.

Moving on with learning how to do a job while you are doing it, Lambda Solutions present a series of its benefits for Healthcare. The ability to measure the outcomes, that brought up the “Pay for Performance” movement, is probably the first that comes to mind. What is also an undeniable fact is that CBT feeds a learning cycle that never stops, being cost-effective on top of it. Its flexibility, along with the ability to take place online, with the support of an LMS, and to target fields where training is needed most, surely leave no Healthcare professionals indifferent.

If you are intrigued and keen on discovering all good things that’ll happen for your organization by skipping classes and integrating the knowledge needed directly to the tools and tasks of work, download the eBook Competency Based Learning In Healthcare Organizations today.

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