Corporate Social Responsibility: eLearning Industry Offers Free Job Postings

Corporate Social Responsibility eLearning Industry Offers Free Job Postings
Summary: Businesses and organizations are currently struggling with letting the world know about job vacancies. eLearning professionals are on the lookout for better job opportunities. What's the solution? Discover the rationale behind eLearning Industry's initiative to offer free Job Postings to the eLearning community.

Publish Your Free Job Posting On eLearning Industry

The pandemic isn’t over. In fact, the whole world is still struggling to adapt to the new reality. It is true that it’s more well-planned and organized now than at the beginning of the breakout, but it is by all means challenging. I am sure that you are all well aware of the hurdles the business world is facing at the moment due to this occurrence. Countless organizations and businesses have implemented remote working, conferences have been conducted as online Events and webinars, and eLearning happens in the comfort of the employees’ homes. At the same time, however, a significant number of employees have lost their jobs, or are trying to find somewhere to work or start their career with little or no results. Is offering free Job Postings on eLearning Industry a good idea?

Behind The Scenes

So, while I was trying to keep the spirits of my workforce and business up, I knew I had to do something more for our eLearning community. At eLearning Industry we maintain a strong work culture even in times of great difficulty. We really care about ethics and corporate social responsibility. It was highly unlikely not to take action and find the best solution possible. After long discussions with the marketing team, our clients, and business friends, I came up with the idea to offer free Job Postings on eLearning Industry’s website to all organizations! Τhis way, we will help both businesses reach out to more eLearning professionals and potential employees find exactly what they are looking for.

Benefit From The eLearning Community

If you are already a member of our valuable eLearning community, you must be aware of the fact that that eLearning Industry is always striving to enrich knowledge, form stronger business relationships, and provide resources and solutions that meet almost any business needs. It goes without saying that after these years and with the eLearning community’s trust, we have built a trustworthy and valuable website that over eLearning professionals can take advantage of. Job Postings are one of our very successful services that allow organizations to announce vacancies. Now, we offer free Job Postings on eLearning Industry to further tackle the feeling of uncertainty and unemployment.

Free Job Postings For All

If you believe that your organization has to benefit from our free Job Postings initiative, I urge you, by all means, to submit your job vacancy now! At eLearning Industry we are willing to offer free job postings to organizations, talent and recruitment managers, HR professionals, and more! Whether it is on remote working or an on-site job opportunity, our wish is to give a helping hand to recruiters, prospective employers, and employees.

Find the right fit for your organization by discovering qualified, highly trained candidates and eLearning professionals for remote or on-site working. By submitting a free Job Posting to eLearning Industry, you will benefit from spreading the word to our big community of eLearning professionals. We all know that finding the ideal candidate is not an easy task for recruiters, head hunters, and human resources professionals. More specifically some of the top-notch advantages of publishing your Job Posting with us are:

  • Reach an audience of 936,000+ highly targeted corporate training buyers and eLearning professionals.
  • Your free Job Posting is live on eLearning Industry for 30 days.
  • Benefit from having a great appearance on any device and grasp the attention of your audience.
  • Get the chance to attract skilled and qualified professionals.
  • Our marketing team promotes your Job Posting on eLearning Industry’s social media channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook).
  • Reach unique pageviews (within 60 days): 510–1,100.


When times are trying, it is our duty to assist businesses and organizations in every way possible. This initiative is just a nice gesture that I strongly recommend you take advantage of so that you can manage to balance out the hurdles you may be encountering at this moment. A community is a broadened family, and family members should help each other, right? My hope is that we get out of this pandemic and employment struggle as soon as possible. Until then, I invite you to reap all the benefits and resources offered to you, and let us know if it was any help—I’d love to hear from you!

To sum up, eLearning Industry is dedicated to supporting and maintaining a strong corporate culture, aligned with the feeling of corporate social responsibility. Reach out to us, and get to publish your free Job Posting by entering the coupon code “FREEJOB” in the checkout. My thoughts are with all of you. Until then, I sincerely wish you all the best.