6 Creative Ways To Repurpose PDFs In Performance Management Training

Repurpose PDFs For Performance Management
Summary: PDFs are on their way out, but you can still reuse them in your current strategy to cut costs. In this article, I highlight 6 innovative ways to repurpose PDFs in performance management training to provide ongoing support.

How To Make The Most Of PDFs In Modern Training Programs

The question is not whether you can afford to dedicate time and resources to modernize online training. It's whether you can afford to lose top talent and train their replacements. You know, the valued staffers who will jump at the next job offer because the competition is willing to spring for employee training revitalization. If assets are starting to show their age, it's time for a change. The right rapid authoring tool makes it quick and cost-effective for you to bring those outdated PDFs into the digital era. Here are 6 creative ways to reuse them in your performance management training program.

6 Resources To Repurpose PDFs In Performance Management

1. Interactive Guides

This is the most straightforward way to repurpose PDFs for performance management training. Given that you still use the original PDF and simply add interactive elements. Of course, you may need to fine-tune the content for modern learners. For instance, replace outdated policies and references. Modern employees probably don’t need to know the dos and don’ts of pager use in the workplace. Embed relevant links so they can find more info about the topic and supplement their knowledge. You should also include timely images, graphs, and charts to improve comprehension.

2. JIT Troubleshooting Manuals

Survey the team to determine which tasks or skills they struggle with. Then evaluate existing PDFs to see how they fit into your performance management training strategy. A single source may not have all the troubleshooting tips trainees need. However, you can pull from different PDFs to compile a comprehensive JIT manual. For instance, one guide features tips and tricks to handle a product return or resolve an IT issue. Once again, include links so employees can delve deeper on their own and explore alternative solutions to the problem.

3. Live Event Outlines

PDFs aren’t just beneficial for employees. Your live event hosts can also use them as inspiration for scripts or outlines. The document already contains valuable information. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have uploaded it to your training library in the first place. Albeit, it may need some work, but the raw material is still there. Which can save your hosts countless hours of research. Invite them to peruse the PDF repository for the sole purpose of eLearning content conversion. They don’t have to use the entire file, just pick-and-choose content that aligns with current objectives and outcomes. In addition, PDFs can be given as parting gifts to attendees. Which enables them to reinforce what they learned and refresh their memory after the event.

4. Slideshows

Break the PDF into different sections and add them to your next online training slideshow. A word of warning: traditional slideshows are typically passive. Get your employees actively involved by incorporating background music, voiceovers, and images. You can even follow up with resources that enrich the experience and broaden their understanding of the topic. Not to mention, provide performance management support and facilitate practical application. Such as real-world simulations or branching scenarios that show them how to use the skill they just learned about in the slideshow. Another idea is to integrate personal anecdotes or examples after each lesson. The goal is to impart the information and develop an emotional connection. Bear in mind that mobile learners are working with less screen space. So, keep slides brief and allow them to swipe through the activity on any device.

5. Pop Quizzes

There are actually two ways to transform PDFs into pop quizzes. The first is to use the source material and a test template to create self-assessments. As I mentioned earlier, the data is already there. You just need to come up with some alternative responses to test employee know-how. The second approach is to inject quizzes into the existing PDF. Convert each section into a mini-course, then bookend it with a pre-assessment and post-quiz. That way, you find out how much employees know now and what they learned through training. There is one more option that’s a bit more involved. Which is to convert your PDF into a simulation that tests qualitative knowledge. Use the source content to create character dialogue and infuse it with realistic scenarios.

6. Self-Guided Certification Paths

Turn PDFs into self-paced training paths that culminate in an online certification (if they pass the final exam). Every PDF should contain standalone units with tie-in activity links. After they read that section of the document, they must complete the serious games, tutorials, or pop quizzes to reinforce their knowledge. Then move on to the next portion of the certification path that covers a related sub-topic or task. Everything is connected, so it doesn’t feel fragmented or disjointed. Employees are able to go at their own speed and train when it’s most convenient. The certificate at the end shows that they know their stuff and how to apply it on the job. You can even pre-assess trainees to give them targeted certification recommendations based on personal areas for improvement.


eLearning content conversion cuts costs and improves resource allocation. Those PDFs no longer have to sit on the shelves or confuse employees with outdated references. This guide features 6 budget-friendly ways to repurpose PDFs and give them a new lease on L&D life. However, not all assets are worthy of honor. Some may be too far gone to be used in their current form. But you can still pull bits and pieces to reuse in other online training content. You know what they say, "waste not, want not."

You don’t have to repurpose PDFs on your own or delegate the task to overworked team members. Choose the right eLearning content provider for the job with the help of our online directory. Read reviews and evaluate specialty areas to select the best outsourcing partner to modernize your online training.