Creativity As A Gift Or As A Choice For The Learner?

Creativity As A Gift Or As A Choice For The Learner?
Summary: There have been so many opinions shared related to creativity and its role for the educator and for the one being educated. No matter the field, creativity has become a common topic, for educators, businessmen, consultants, managers and other professionals alike.

Creativity As A Gift Or As A Choice For The Learner?

Did you know that even though you are not a musician you can still enjoy music? Not to say that even if you may not be an artist... you can still be creative.

Some of the most influential debates around this topic focused on whether or not creativity is innate or learned, or whether or not it is a gift which only some benefit from, or a choice which anyone can make and practice, like any other skill.

It is important to analyze the origins of creativity and to know if it is innate or learned, but even more important than that, you may want to know why it is essential to have creativity and know where to use it.

Creativity can be expressed and used in a variety of ways and since its resources are unlimited we will only focus on 4 of the most relevant ones:

  1. Problem solving
    Problems accompany us throughout life.  They can’t be ignored nor can they be neglected.  However, they can be approached with creativity.  Practicing creativity in the midst of problems, takes courage and a positive way of thinking.  But here’s a thought that should come in handy when you are facing problems of any kind. Learn to see problems as the perfect context for you to develop your creativity.
    problem solving
  2. Overcoming phony limitations
    Some of us can always find excuses for some of our actions and thinking patterns. We often blame our background for our lack of courage and initiative, when in fact we lack the confidence to take responsibility for our own decisions. But if you already happen to be among those who take risks and are able to live with the consequences of their choices it means you have learned to use your creativity in overcoming phony limitations. Believe it or not, phony limitations may seem quite inoffensive and insignificant but they can have a very strong impact on our decision making ability mainly because we like to entertain them. Once we realize they are “phony” we can’t be very creative in our actions.  In the chart below created with the help of a visual mapping tool, you can identify some very common misconceptions which often times block our way of thinking.
    Overcoming phony limitations
  3. Discovering one’s potential
    Creativity is not limited to a specific elite of people who are endowed with special skills and traits.  Creativity is an open invitation for any individual to discover and develop his potential beyond self-imposed boundaries.  To be able to discover your potential as a future professional you have to set in motion your curiosity.  Are you curious at all about your passion in life, your skills whether they are visible or hidden still, your intellectual capacity and thinking patterns?  Often times, our curiosity is fanned into flame when we want to find out something interesting about other people, places or experiences.  But this time, you are challenged to be creative in the way you analyze your own self, wishes and actions.
    Discovering one s potential
  4. Interpreting the world in a genuine way
    You may have already discovered the joy of being creative.  However, for some of us, creativity has become a choice.  When creativity becomes a choice, life transforms into an adventurous journey, where you can literally make things happen and interpret the world around you in the most genuine way.  So, what does the painting of today’s activities look like in your own eyes? What kind of choices will you make to give it some color? Whether you walk into a classroom, or a conference room, have the courage to express your genuine way of thinking.  In the mind map below you can find some examples of people who chose to interpret the world in a genuine way giving themselves the opportunity to be creative:
    world in a genuine way