6 Best CRM Software Solutions For Your Business

6 Best CRM Software Solutions For Your Business
Summary: CRM software helps companies to interact with customers, automate marketing, access business information and manage employee relationships. There are a number of CRM software available which might put you in the tough situation to decide the best one.

What's The Best CRM Software? 6 Solutions For Your Business

During the early days of business, it is not difficult to manage clients’ information and contact details. However, with the passage of time and growth of the business, you hire more employees and the information gets scattered.

To address this issue, CRM software helps you to organize the scattered information. Whether you are looking for sales reporting solution, contact data organization, scaling up sales process, or forecast sales, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can offer everything to organize important information.

Studies show that adopting CRM tools helps increase sales productivity by 14.6% on average.

If you are a startup business owner, or managing an online store, choosing CRM software is quite challenging. Alternatively, you can hire a software development company to offer you customized CRM software for specific business needs.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best CRM software that you can incorporate in your business. Have a look at them.

1. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a sales management tool to help you keep track of all your deals. It allows you to keep 50,000 teams organized at one time. Organizing your sales information is easy with Pipedrive, and allows you to analyze what happened with a prospect.

Pipedrive’s activity-based sales methodology works as a daily planner, and helps you create tasks all at one platform. The software can be integrated with Google apps, customize the software according to business needs, and write, and send emails from it.

2. FreshSales

FreshSales is yet another powerful CRM software for business owners with robust features to streamline processes of sales. With the help of it, you don’t need to have any other tool because it offers sale optimization, prioritize pipeline opportunities, and reveal rich insights.

The best feature of FreshSales is that it comes at an affordable price, and offers flexibility, so small and mid-sized businesses can use it for free. Lastly, it also allows you to filter when organizing or arranging your data.

3. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is a one in all solution you need in order to organize, track, and nurture your prospect clients and customers. It helps you manage all the little details such as logging emails, recording calls, and everything to keep you organized.

The best feature of HubSpot CRM is that it helps you see everything at one place about the lead. You don’t have to strike your head to dig through cluttered email inbox and spreadsheets. Setup your series of emails, schedule, and deliver them on a given date without overlooking.

4. Commence

Commence is yet another helpful CRM software to manage Sales, Project Management, and Marketing Customer Service. It allows you to create marketing campaigns that help you to grow your business, and build brand recognition.

Moreover, Commence also helps you plan, organize, budgeted hours, and manage projects. In fact, this CRM software is designed for small and mid-sized companies to make your company efficient sales and service organization.

5. Insightly

Insightly is a most powerful CRM software to help you grow your business faster. It allows you to know about your customer, or lead from a single page. Moreover, contact management, workflow automation, tasks and event management, and opportunity management are some of the notable features.

The software can be integrated with various apps such ass Google to connect records to email, slides, sheets, and docs. In addition, Insightly can be integrated with MailChimp for email and marketing activities, and Quickbooks to handle accounting functions.

6. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a web-based CRM and part of Zoho Productivity Suite. It allows you to nurture customer relationships for sales purpose. The software is designed to retain, satisfy, and attract customers to help grow your business.

Zoho key features also include lead and contact management along with sales pipeline management and purchase control. In fact, it is all in one CRM solution to simplify processes get insights and engage customers.


When it comes to choosing CRM Software solution for your company, make sure to have a thorough research. Consider the features, pros and cons, and pricing of the CRM software solution. Most of the CRM software does not need any technical expertise. All you have to pay is for installing the software, and pay the vendor for training sessions.