Why Opt For Custom eLearning Development

Why Opt For Custom eLearning Development
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Summary: In this technology-driven era, every small organization offers employee training utilizing eLearning courses. Since the demand for online training is increasing, there are lots of custom eLearning development companies and some companies who offer prebuilt courses.

5 Reasons To Choose Custom eLearning Development

The demand for online training is very high right now; and, to meet this current demand there are lots of custom eLearning development companies as well as companies that offer pre-developed courses. The problem arises when the enterprises/companies need to make a decision about which eLearning course would be the best for them. Often these enterprises/companies tend to choose the off-the-shelf course since it's readymade, there is no waiting period, and it is cheap when compared to custom eLearning courses. But sometimes, choosing the off-the-shelf course might be the wrong choice. What's fast and economical might not necessarily be the best fit for you or your company's employees.

Custom eLearning is tailored to satisfy the necessities of each organization. Each organization is unique in their own manner and, therefore, they have individual training requirements based on organizational culture and systems. Opting for a custom eLearning platform is the best match for product training, software systems training, new employee orientation, etc. Here are 5 reasons to opt for custom eLearning.

1. Each Organization Is Unique

Every organization is different from one another, hence a prebuilt course wouldn't do the thing. You know your company better than anybody else, the problem when opting for prebuilt eLearning courses is that they are not you. They would not be providing a relevant course that would have the portions that you need in your training program. But, they don't know the uniqueness of your company and your particular objectives. If you are opting for prebuilt online training that is used by your competitors, then it won't help to outstand them. It could make your employees both as skilled and proficient as the employees of other companies, who also have used the same off-the-shelf course. Opting for custom eLearning development would provide you with the upper hand over a competing organization using prebuilt courses. Choosing a custom eLearning course would help to raise the ROI of your organization.

2. Control Over eLearning Course

The learning goals and objectives are different for every company. So, before deciding on a custom eLearning vendor, you must be clear about your learning goals and objectives. Custom eLearning developers identify the specific needs, objectives, and desired online training results and provide you with the platform that is the ideal fit for your training requirements. Companies can customize every part of the online training course and can include activities and images that would be the best fit for their employees, instead of going for one-size-fits-all material.

3. Easy To Access And Update

As time goes by the competition in the market increases and hence, companies may need to add new products, services, etc., in order to keep up with current competitors. These modifications in the company's service and policies would require alteration to the online training program. In cases like this, custom eLearning is the best option for you. The custom eLearning portal allows you to modify and create new online training content easily with the help of eLearning authoring tools.

4. Branding

Many companies would appreciate their eLearning portals personalized with branded images of their company. Custom eLearning development enables you to create online courses with background and scenarios related to your organization. You can also develop an eLearning app with your brand name and logo to reflect the brand of your company.

5. Tailored Learning Materials

By choosing custom eLearning development, you would have control over the courses. Thus, you would have the ability to decide what your employees should gain from this training. You can make an important topic more elaborate by adding extra objectives and more demonstrations. While off-the-shelf training courses would not allow for making any alterations to the courses and objectives. With a custom eLearning course, you are able to erase the unnecessary portions, hence, making the training program much more effective as the learners wouldn’t need to waste time on irrelevant content.


Better learning and quality training can be obtained by using custom eLearning courses rather than a prebuilt course. Choosing custom eLearning development, you would be creating an eLearning course that is ideal for your organization and target audience. If you want long term online training then custom eLearning development is the way to go.