Custom eLearning Trends To Increase Learner Engagement

Custom Trends In eLearning To Watch Out For
Summary: Some years ago, organizations relied on the traditional classroom training medium in order for their employees to acquire knowledge. Although this medium of learning is efficient, it's not cost-effective.

Trends To Watch Out For In Custom Learning

Traditional classroom training is not the best medium of learning for employees, as it's not flexible and consistent. Because of these reasons, most companies shifted to the online training approach to overcome these challenges. With eLearning, organizations can deliver different types of training to employees, depending on their learning requirements. However, they must always shift and focus their learning on custom eLearning trends in order to remain unique and relevant in L&D. In this article, we'll be exploring 6 custom eLearning trends that increase employee engagement.

1. Mobile Learning

With the constant increase in mobile device usage, most organizations are now shifting focus to mobile learning. mLearning is not only useful in helping instructors deliver engaging training, but it also helps provide on-the-go training experiences. While most learners prefer to have access to their training courses at their point of need, others prefer it in their free time. So, with mobile learning, employees can have access to their training material at their convenience, at any time and place. Furthermore, mobile learning is an essential learning strategy for organizations to deliver a personalized learning experience for their employees.

2. Microlearning Videos

One of the custom eLearning trends that increase employee engagement is micro-videos. Videos are visually appealing and, as such, can help engage and grab the learners' attention quickly. Also, they are useful in delivering on-the-go training, where learners only attend training in their free time. Compared to long videos, microlearning videos are the preferred format for knowledge acquisition. That's because they're precise and focus on the learning objectives. Besides, they are also preferred because they are efficient and help save learning time. With all these positive effects, most organizations have started shifting to the production of micro-videos to deliver their training.

3. Informal Learning

Informal training is another custom trend in eLearning that can help increase employee engagement. In today's world, learning is more than just relying on formal training to acquire new ideas. From the 70:20:10 model, 70% of knowledge is acquired through experiential learning, 20% through social and collaborative learning, and 10% through formal training. Most organizations integrating this learning model are making use of social learning to deliver a better learning experience. So, in order to have a successful organization training, there's a need for you to enable peer-to-peer interaction among your employees. By doing so, they will be able to share knowledge and become more productive for the organization.

4. Gamification And Serious Games

Game-based learning is the most effective learning approach to engage and motivate employees to learn. As an addition to creating your serious games, you should also introduce rewards at each level. This can serve as motivation for your employees to put in more effort to acquire new knowledge. Another way to improve learning through games is by providing feedback that matters, especially when your employees are failing to progress. Most organizations are now making use of game-based learning to increase their corporate training ROI. You should also consider it.

5. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also a custom trend in eLearning that you should watch out for to increase your employee engagement. You can utilize the technology to develop a personalized learning process for your employees. Also, AI technologies are useful for identifying the learners’ behavior and performance levels, hence allowing you to customize training materials that suit their needs. AI technologies are now being used by organizations for smart learning content. Apart from that, they are also utilized as content analytics tools and intelligent tutoring systems.

6. Virtual Reality (VR) And Augmented Reality (AR)

Virtual Reality technology is the next big thing in Learning and Development. That's because it is a useful technology that helps instructors provide immersive learning experiences to their employees. Although it requires a lot of investment, it's helpful in achieving a massive boost in training ROI as it is highly effective. On the other hand, AR technologies help improve the learners' natural environment by adding images and pop-ups to it. By doing so, learners become engaged as their real-life environment gets improved. You can see the effect of AR technology through the Snapchat experience.

In Conclusion

Properly planned and designed custom online learning courses can help increase your learners' engagement. They can also help organizations achieve an increase in their training ROI. So, follow the above-listed custom trends in eLearning to deliver better learning experiences to your employees/learners.

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