Digital Marketing For 2017: Trends, Opportunities, And Beyond

Digital Marketing For 2017: Trends, Opportunities, And Beyond
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Summary: With digital technologies getting more sophisticated, the opportunity for companies to engage with customers is extremely endless. In 2017, marketers will deal with marketing Return on Investment (ROI) and tangible growth.

6 Trends And Opportunities In Digital Marketing For 2017

2016 was a marvelous year for digital marketing. After gaining a lot of popularity with companies creating online presence and promoting the products and services via several social media channels, it is believed that the online world is going to expand further. There are more media options than ever, new channels and formats playing a substantial role in giving your digital marketing strategy a rise in the coming year. It’s time for all the marketers to review the lessons from the last year and look for new skills required for your organization to succeed this year and beyond. Let’s drill down into the key trends that should be your focus in order to formulate effective digital marketing for 2017:

1. Content Marketing Will Evolve

All about blogging, eBooks, and other content types, content marketing will continue to succeed and become more creative with visual content to break through the noise.

In 2017, content will be more unique, challenging, and thriving.

A great promotional tool for businesses, it is the perfect opportunity for the marketers to make it even bigger. In this year, we will likely to see interactive content - one of the biggest goals that help you stand out from the crowd and drives as much as engagement as possible. Also, try to focus on the practical as well. Evergreen content offers value to the audience, generating longer lasting results. So, shift your focus to driving growth in existing audiences to make certain consistent management until conversion.

2. Use Of Plenty Of Big Data

Of course, everybody does, but you can use different types of data to get more attention of your target audience. Make 2017 a success by analyzing your own data productivity and Return on Investment. As customers play a great role in the success of a brand, Big Data makes it possible for the companies to advance customer experience. Your customers expect attention, if you are listening to their queries, then you are providing them an enriched shopping experience. It also offers great opportunities to learn more about the consumers, allowing them to personalize their products and services to gain their confidence.

3. Digital Workforces To Scale Business Processes

Latest digital technologies are all around us and faster than ever. If the organizations use them effectively, it will generate a significant competitive advantage. This will give the employees new digital skills to adapt and render them with the most relevant platforms, tools, and motivations. Some of the technologies driving the digital workplace are production studio technology, immersive technologies, personal clouds, process hacking, and microlearning.

4. Artificial Intelligence Making Amazing Strides

One area that will continue to proffer opportunities for transforming customer service, Artificial Intelligence is deemed to bring huge shifts in how individuals notice and interact with technology. AI is creating smarter experience every day, from messaging platforms to imagining insights and machine learning. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, marketers can able to understand the human knowledge and experience. They can complete the most consuming human-actions in a fraction of a second. Moreover, this technology will make it easier to extract all the information required for marketing the brand to the targeted viewers.

5. Social Media Grow Exponentially

Customer preferences, features, and brand opportunities will continue to surprise us. There will be changes this year and beyond. As social becomes more associated, it is time for the marketers to keep their eyes on the strategies to remain ahead of the competitors. Snapchat is one of the most efficient channels for brand to connect with customers in unique ways. It offers a chance to use Geofilters in an efficient way to reap the benefits of a network. Create something that entices individuals, target the right audience, and then sustain the momentum with a marketing campaign to come within a reach of more people. Try live video-streaming to build a strong digital marketing foundation.

6. People-Based Marketing Is In Demand

Organizations are turning to people-based marketing where ads are based on data that generates relevancy to potential customers. The performance is real: Advertisers and marketers are holding addressable media for superb reason. 2 in 3 advertisers said that the capability to onboard customer data is very important. A main technique of implementing a people-based marketing strategy is to get a more comprehensive view of your potential consumers by amalgamating online and offline data. Doing this can truly reap the advantages of people based marketing campaign.

Final Word

Challenge yourself to drive results that are outside of the box in terms of creativity. Invest the extra time in the areas above and you can make every penny go a really long way. It is time to gain in-depth experience in oodles of marketing disciplines like digital marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing to deliver exceptional customer service.