Free eBook: 5 Steps To Digitize Learning Within Your Organization
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How To Digitize Learning Within Your Organization

If taking your organization’s training on the status of eLearning is your objective, but you don’t know where to start from, 5 Steps To Digitize Learning Within Your Organization is a must-read for you. Scrolling its pages you’ll get to identify your managerial goals, find the right partner, present a plan with figures, be convincing, and ready before the starting line. This goes way beyond stacking up insight, by being explanative in many ways.

eBook Release: 5 Steps To Digitize Learning Within Your Organization
eBook Release
5 Steps To Digitize Learning Within Your Organization
Discover all the advice you need to turn your digital learning plan into a genuine success!

Among plenty of useful info, you get processes for defining the issues to be addressed together with colleagues and partners, and the needs you have from a platform. The authors also deal with calculating ROI, that leaves none indifferent, and a series of tips to make your presentation a convincing one. Last but not least, you’ll find a suggested course of action, detailed enough to get you started. All that, to impart the passion carried by 360Learning for transforming learning through digitization.

About The eBook

What’s so good about 5 Steps To Digitize Learning Within Your Organization is that it’s so figurative. Propositions, dangers and solutions, lists, and even the questions you need to be asking yourself, are all here. Each step is described in detail, concluding in a weekly plan getting you ready on how to successfully set up the platform. Easy and enjoyable to read, and even more handy to refer to along the way.


  • Step 1: How To Build Your Sales Pitch For Each Discussion Partner?
  • Step 2: How Should You Choose Your Platform?
  • Step 3: How To Calculate The ROI Of Your Project?
  • Step 4: How To Build A Convincing Presentation?
  • Step 5: How To Successfully Set Up The Platform?

It is true that you don’t have an eLearning project, without the approval from the decision-makers of your organization. In 5 Steps To Digitize Learning Within Your Organization lies a series of issues to be addressed with every department at stake, proposing the solutions that digital training brings. It is surely better to be prepared and armed with arguments, to get them on your side.

Then comes the time to choose your learning platform. As you will read, you have to define your needs, find the ideal partner, and anticipate blocking points. You’ll get a lot of questions, and with every answer you get closer to what your ideal LMS would be. From your target to content and implementation, along with the many dangers you have to be ready for, the authors have your back covered once more.

For those not experienced in calculating the ROI of their project, the next step contains information to be studied extensively. The main categories on which digital training has a direct financial impact are listed. This way you can apply all sorts of deployment, onboarding and talent retention costs to your company, and estimate them. Along comes listings with the gains in training efficiency, and new revenue sources.

Having taken in all the above, you reach the stage of the final presentation of your project, where multiple preparations are needed. Readiness, simplicity, details, arguments, are not skills but a matter of repeated work and a way of supporting a structured proposal so that you can overcome possible objections.

Upon the success of your presentation, comes the stage of setting up the platform. What 360Learning suggests through this chapter is a plan for every week of the project. From initiating to handling the solution, deployment of training, making the tool available, and building vocational schools, as well as analyzing the results and adapting, these are all parts of the process for transforming your business into a learning organization that will naturally create and disseminate knowledge among its members.

If you want to learn how to digitize training within your organization, download this eBook today.

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