6 DIY Management Online Training Activities That Don’t Cost A Dime

DIY Management Activities That Save Your Budget
Summary: Team leaders field questions, provide continual support, and keep employees in check. How can you give them the training they need to rise to the occasion without breaking the bank?

6 DIY Management Online Activities That Don't Break A Bank

Managers, supervisors, and department leads accept a variety of roles and responsibilities within your organization. From mediator to the company policy enforcer. Some may even feel like a babysitter at times (when employees don’t get along and run to them for conflict resolution). Don’t they deserve top-notch online training resources to build vital skills, even if your company is strapped for cash? Fortunately, you can develop DIY management training activities that don’t cost a dime. Support your team leaders and help them hone their talents without bending your tight budget.

Do-It-Yourself Management Training Resources

1. Guest-Hosted Live Events

Live events are free if you play your cards right. Firstly, you need an LMS with video conferencing support. Then there’s the matter of finding a suitable host. But you may already have an in-house expert who’s willing to step up and impart their wisdom. Or even an industry expert who can speak at the live event in exchange for free publicity. For instance, they’re able to mention their website during the presentation to generate more traffic. Another obvious hosting choice is fellow supervisors and managers. Send out invites a week in advance and record the event for your online training library. That gratis webinar becomes a gratis support tool for your team.

2. Task Demo Videos

Invite managers to demonstrate daily tasks or let the higher-up get in on the action. For example, the CEO can act out the sales process or show warehouse supervisors proper handling procedures. Use a rapid authoring tool to edit the raw footage and add special effects. Such as transitions, captions, and voiceovers. You can take the same approach for do/don’t videos. For instance, teach managers the right and wrong way to handle an employee conflict or complaint. If you notice their performance is slipping, direct them to the right demo video so they can fix unfavorable behaviors.

3. Real-World Examples With Reflective Follow-Up

Sharing stories doesn’t cost a thing. But you still want to engage team leaders instead of merely telling them a tale that ties into the topic. So, pair real-world examples with self-evaluation. You can either include text-based examples or brief video clips. Even podcasts can include personal anecdotes. Then encourage employees to reflect on the story and how it relates to their job duties or experience. For example, have they encountered a similar challenge and how did they overcome it? Is there anything they would do differently to reach a better outcome? Once again, managers are your most valuable contributor because peers can relate to their struggles? As opposed to a real-world example from an outside expert who may know the niche but doesn’t understand your organization.

4. Repurposed Infographics

Borrow other assets and information from your library to create a new management online training infographic. It can cover everything from company policy to task protocols. You use what you already have, which saves money. But you also compile the takeaways in one location, which makes it easier for managers to retain. They know the infographic is there to refresh their memory and provide JIT support. They can also share the resource with their team to reinforce their knowledge. For instance, a subordinate comes to work every day in the wrong attire. The infographic features the basics of the company dress code so they know what’s expected of them. Or team leaders can post it in their departmental blog to disseminate the information more rapidly.

5. Problem-Solving Social Media Groups

Many problems can be solved through collaboration. Sometimes your managers just need to peer support to get them through rough patches. And they can use the online training social media group to tap into that expertise. Or at least vent to manage their stress level more effectively. Social media groups are free, but they give team leaders access to feedback, tips, and resource links. Employees can even host their own impromptu events via the group. Such as live Q&As or contests to see who can earn the most badges or points this week. It’s a multipurpose platform that allows them to connect and commiserate with their peers. Granted, there should also be some guidelines in place to keep the peace. For instance, managers are unable to mention subordinates’ names or discuss personal details.

6. Pop Quizzes

Identifying areas for improvement is half the battle. A great DIY leadership training resource that won’t dig into your budget is pop quizzes. Brief self-assessments that let managers disclose weaknesses discreetly and address them autonomously. Draw questions/responses from existing content and use templates to speed up the process. Add some humor to lighten the tone and engage managers. For example, some responses might refer to staff members or "insider jokes." Once they’ve completed the quiz, display their results along with a list of recommended support tools. Like the tutorial that will help them bridge those product knowledge gaps or hone their interpersonal skills. Even microlearning simulations and scenarios can disclose pain points that warrant immediate attention.


Do-it-yourself management online training activities can look like a million bucks if you have the right rapid authoring tool. Not to mention, a good dose of creativity to turn outdated assets into amazing support tools. These are just a few resources that don’t make you dig deep into your company wallet. You can also turn to video-sharing sites and online guides to supplement the knowledge and keep your team leaders in the know. Just make sure you give them credit and clarify how the resource connects to the subject matter.

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