Easygenerator Free Video Tutorials

Easygenerator Free Video Tutorials
Summary: eLearning professionals are rapidly adopting Easygenerator, an online free authoring tool. This is why we created a collection of Free Easygenerator Video Tutorials! VivaeLearning!

Easygenerator 21 Free Video Tutorials

Easygenerator is an online free authoring tool. Easygenerator is a Windows application that stores all content in the cloud, securely on their webservers. Part of the free edition includes hosting, updates, upgrades, and maintenance. There are no technical worries and no costs. With your free authoring eLearning software you can have as many as 10 eLearning courses in your online workspace, and up to 250 MB of data storage per user. You can import PowerPoint presentations (text and images) and build real eLearning courses from them.

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  1. Easygenerator Free Edition webinar
    The basic functionalities of free edition
  2. Content link, for mobile publication in easygenerator
    Changes in the Layout without effecting your original page e.t.c.
  3. The new timeline in easygenerator for more interactivity
    This allows you to create more interactive pages
  4. How to re-use content without maintaining multiple versions in easygenerator
  5. You can copy a page easily with a specific option.
  6. How navigation in easygenerator can work based on the outcome of a question or assessment.
    You have the ability to create navigation rules.
  7. Learning Objectives and how they work in easygenerator
    A written statement describing specific, attainable and measurable achievements that you want to accomplish during your work term.
  8. Glossary in easygenerator with automatic description
    Glossary with automatic description
  9. Commenting within easygenerator
    Using internal commenting of easygenerator to communicate among all the authors
  10. Integration of flash and other interactions in easygenerator
    Full integration of flash in easygenerator, using flashvars and javascript. Editing by non-technical people
  11. Adding youtube videos and other embedding options in easygenerator
    Embedding youtube videos using embedding code, also captivate, vimeo and Unity3d etc. are possible
  12. Assigning tasks in easygenerator
    Assign tasks to other authors and see your own tasks
  13. Editing resources in easygenerator
    Live editing images and other resources in your preferred tool
  14. Starting easygenerator
    Start easygenerator by visiting the website and starting the client, a login is needed
  15. Using question templates in easygenerator
    Using templates to ask questions in easygenerator
  16. Using question pools in easygenerator
    Randomize the questions by putting them in questionpools
  17. Versioning in easygenerator
    See the history of pages, who changed what, rollback to older versions
  18. Publishing your course in easygenerator
    Publishing your courses from easygenerator with a mouseclick
  19. Changing look and feel of courses in easygenerator
    Consistent look-and-feel with masterpages, easy switching
  20. External reviewing of courses in easygenerator
    Let other people review the courses you created in easygenerator without a license in their own browser with live commenting
  21. Working with page templates in easygenerator
    Using the information page templates in easygenerator to construct consistent pages
  22. What You See Is What You Get-editor of easygenerator
    Everything you do in easygenerator is visible live in the editor