eBook Launch: Building A Data-Driven Learning Organization

eBook Launch: Building A Data-Driven Learning Organization
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Summary: Download this guide by Kineo to discover how to develop a data-driven learning organization and set up an effective analytics program.

Is Your Learning Organization Driven By Data?

Creating a data-driven learning organization often takes time, analysis, and the right tools. However, your efforts pay off in the form of carefully crafted L&D strategies that build crucial skills and make the most of your internal talent. This eBook explores why data is so essential, where to gather it, and how to assess it in order to accomplish your goals.

eBook Release: Building A Data-Driven Learning Organization
eBook Release
Building A Data-Driven Learning Organization
This guide will help you set the foundation for a learning analytics program in your organization.

Data-Driven Learning Organizations: Analytics Is The Key To Unlock Your L&D Potential

There are a variety of reasons why certain learning organizations struggle to achieve their objectives and others have resounding success. However, one of the most crucial differentiators is data. Top learning organizations know the importance of information in its many forms and how to manage and evaluate that information. For example, analyzing the data to identify areas of improvement within their L&D programs or linking training performance to real-world outcomes.

About This eBook

How do you gather meaningful Big Data? More importantly, are there cost-effective ways to filter out what you need to improve your L&D program? Here's a sneak preview of what you'll find in this eBook:

  • Data, Data, Everywhere: Exploring why today it's data, and not instinct, that drives most business decisions.
  • The Credibility Gap: L&D suffers from a crisis of credibility. So, what can be done to bridge the gap?
  • The Building Blocks for a Data-Driven Learning Organization: The best learning analytics programs have intentional measurement strategies.
  • Focus on Data that Improves Outcomes: An integral part of planning is to articulate what decisions you plan to make through the lens of learning analytics and to capture data.
  • Ready to Get Started? It's no small task to launch a learning analytics program. There are three things to remember.

How To Get Your Copy

Download the eBook Building A Data-Driven Learning Organization by Kineo today to make sense of the metrics and achieve your business objectives.