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Amber is the resident communications ambassador at ShareKnowledge. She brings over 15 years of marketing and communications experience, working with Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Columbia Sportswear, Intel and Nike.
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October 16, 2017

How Much Will You Really Pay For Your New LMS? Part I: Cloud LMS – A True Cost Analysis

The cloud is essentially software and services that run on the internet instead of a computer. Examples include Netflix, Apple iCloud, Dropbox, and Microsoft Office 365. And, of course, there are training systems now on the cloud as well. Here is what you need to need to have in mind if you consider buying a cloud-based Learning Management System for your organization.
October 2, 2017

The 4 Steps In The Selection Process When Choosing An LMS

Being able to choose the right LMS to fit your needs is priceless. With over 78% of companies using a Learning Management System, there is a host of benefits including saved time and money, a more knowledgeable workforce, improved compliance training, and engaged talent and future leaders. But how can you be sure that you follow the right LMS selection process? Here is a 4-step guide for choosing the most beneficial LMS for your organizations’ needs.
September 30, 2017

5 Advantages Of A SharePoint-Based LMS

An LMS-SharePoint fusion offers the cost-effectiveness of a SaaS LMS solution and lower hardware, software, integration, administration, and user adoption costs than a non-SharePoint-based on-premise alternative. SharePoint adopters will also appreciate the risk avoidance and compliance management offered by an on-premise solution like ShareKnowledge, which cannot be matched by a SaaS LMS solution. Adding an LMS to work as a part of SharePoint gives users an enterprise content and learning management solution with benefits much greater than the sum of its parts.