eLearning Inspiration: 5 Hot Topics To Write About [April 2022 Edition]

eLearning Inspiration: 5 Hot Topics To Write About [April 2022 Edition]
Summary: Read all about it! Here are 5 eLearning topics that are sure to draw in a virtual crowd. If you're looking for writing inspiration, you've come to the right place.

5 Trending Topics To Cover In Your Next eLI Article

Looking for some eLearning inspiration? Choosing the right topic is half the battle when it comes to writing amazing content. So, we're kicking off a fresh initiative to help our authors craft top-notch posts, minus the stress. Here are 5 hot topics that we'd like to read about in April 2022.

1. Storytelling In The eLearning Sphere

Nobody can resist a compelling story that engages, enlightens, and puts everything into context. Telling tales is an age-old tradition, but how does it apply in the world of eLearning? How can you create stories that facilitate real-world application and foster an emotional connection?

2. Mastery-Based Training

This Instructional Design strategy requires learners to demonstrate a high level of comprehension before they move on to the next topic or task. We'd love to see articles that explore how eLearning pros can use mastery-based learning in corporate training to improve employee performance and engagement.

3. How Educators Can Transition From Face-To-Face To Online Learning

Since we're on the topic of eLearning inspiration, resilient educators spring to mind. The COVID-19 crisis has presented innumerable challenges for teachers, professors, and students, on a global scale. How can they move learning experiences online? Which tools should they consider? Are there tips to help them enrich the curriculum for remote learners?

4. Mistake-Driven Learning

We all make mistakes from time to time, but every error is a learning opportunity. How can L&D professionals make the most of experiential learning and calculated risk-taking in their training programs? Which common design and implementation mistakes should they avoid? What are some of the best mistake-driven learning activities they can incorporate into their courses?

5. Adaptive And Flexible Learning Paths

Every member of your learning audience should feel like the course is custom-tailored to their needs. How do you forge successful personalized paths for remote learners? What are the ways that eLearning professionals can gauge a learner's level of competency and understanding? How can you use flexible and adaptive learning paths in skill-based training?

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