The eLearning Project Toolkit Every Instructional Designer Needs

How The eLearning Project Toolkit Can Help Every Instructional Designer

There are some challenges that come up time and time again. Based on our experience, we’ve grouped the most common eLearning project challenges into 5 areas:

  1. Planning.
    You’re working on a new project but you don’t know where to start.
  2. Designing for mobile or conceptualizing your ideas.
    You’re struggling with how to present your content in a way that’s engaging for your learners.
  3. Speeding up production.
    You’re struggling with time management, clunky processes, and approaches to collaboration and review that slow you down.
  4. Getting insight with data and analytics.
    You want your eLearning to go that extra mile, but you’re not sure how.
  5. Commercializing content.
    If you’re creating eLearning to sell, and you are after quality and profitability.

Facing any of these challenges? You’re not alone! Check out the eLearning Project Toolkit to find useful resources and tips to help you tackle your current hurdles.

Not Just A Useful Toolkit: 3 Takeaways To Use In Your Curated Learning Content

It sure is a shining example of curated learning content too. The toolkit is not only useful for supporting you with all of these 5 challenges, but it’s also a great example of effective curated learning content. In a nutshell, curated learning is when a collection of existing resources are repurposed and presented in a different way. Curating involves identifying the relevant resources to use and finding the best way to deliver them to your learners.

When looking to the eLearning Project Toolkit as an example of curated learning content, there are 3 points in particular to pay attention to and be inspired by:

1. It Features Only The Most Useful Resources

At the heart of the toolkit, is the fact that all of its resources are extremely relevant and helpful for anyone in the industry to use to overcome their eLearning challenges. This is because Elucidat have taken the time to properly understand their audience and the objectives of their audience.

2. It Gives Added Value To The Audience

The aim of the toolkit is to immediately attract the target audience and provide them with the information they need. Elucidat do this by sharing a top tip along with every resource in the toolkit. This added value requires little effort to create, but is beneficial to the audience. It gets the audience considering their needs and challenges, and provides them with the most appropriate tips at all times.

3. It’s Not Too Good To Be True

The eLearning Project Toolkit is easy to use and offers its audience the information they want straight away. Take note of this, and don’t make it difficult for your learners; the journey to find your resources should be as quick, relevant, and seamless as you can possibly make it.

Try the eLearning Project Toolkit now.

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