Free LMS Project Toolkit: The Ultimate Guide To Learning Platforms

Free LMS Project Toolkit: The Ultimate Guide To Learning Platforms
Summary: The free LMS Project Toolkit by Docebo is the ultimate guide to learning platforms, more commonly known as Learning Management Systems. Whether you don’t have any previous experience with a learning platform or you are looking to transition from your current one and need to convince your executives, we are here to help. In this article, I’ll share some important information regarding the free LMS Project Toolkit.

Important Information About The LMS Project Toolkit

Learning platforms are all the rage right now as they constitute an indispensable part of any eLearning course. They ensure the proper administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of the eLearning experience. Docebo is a leading Learning Management System vendor with one of the most functional and reputable Learning Management Systems. The free LMS Project Toolkit was designed to share what years of experience in the eLearning industry has taught Docebo.

Get a Free LMS Project Toolkit: The Ultimate Guide To Learning Platforms
This LMS Project toolkit has everything you need to help you gain executive buy-in more efficiently.

Docebo addresses various LMS-related issues such as common features and benefits of learning platforms. It also demonstrates how modern learning technology addresses learning software dissatisfaction. What’s more, the free LMS Project Toolkit provides answers to the important issue of how to position learning technology with different executives in your firm. Another aspect of the toolkit focuses on the top 9 questions to ask your prospective LMS vendor to make sure they suit your eLearning project’s needs. Last but not least, the toolkit displays 5 things you need to consider when building your business case to convince your executives about the importance of a Learning Management System. The free LMS Project Toolkit even covers the 5 steps you need to take to present your LMS replacement project to senior management.

This article targets various audiences. It can help you if you are responsible for researching, purchasing, or influencing others in your company on learning technology solutions. The article can also assist you if you are trying to scale your learning programs globally in an efficient way. It enables you to improve learning performance and drive successful business outcomes. In addition, you can use it as a guide if you are a manager, CLO, or work in departments such as procurement, IT, HR, or L&D and just want to know more about what learning technologies can do for your business and what you should be looking for in a solution. It also educates on what actually is a learning platform. Finally, it showcases common features and benefits of learning platforms.

As extensive studies by Brandon Hall Group have found, there is a raging dissatisfaction about current learning technologies. About 44% of companies are actively considering replacing their current LMS. Why does this dissatisfaction exist? What kind of LMS do you need to meet the rapidly evolving needs of a learning audience? The free LMS Project Toolkit by Docebo provides answers to all those questions.

Learning technology is expensive. You often need to be extra-persuasive with the people in charge to get them to espouse your learning software investment plan. Sometimes, your executive team won’t immediately see the full value of a learning technology investment and Docebo’s free LMS Project Toolkit was compiled to provide hands-on advice regarding this matter. This article lays out some generic steps you need to follow to build your business case. It then provides practical advice on the ways to position learning technology with each executive separately. Targetted audiences range from Directors of Partner Channels all the way to CEOs. This article presents those executives’ concerns about learning technology and suggests effective ways to address each and every one of them.

The eLearning industry has abundance in LMS vendors. Finding the right one for your eLearning project is no easy task. Market research involves asking the right questions to prospective LMS vendors to determine if they are the right fit for your eLearning project. When the time comes to make a decision, you won’t be alone. Different stakeholders have different perspectives, different priorities, and unique sets of requirements. It’s all about reaching a consensus. The free LMS Project Toolkit presents everything you need to ask your prospective LMS vendor to guarantee they are the right fit. Organizations need to examine a series of resource-related questions when considering a prospective LMS vendor. This is what this article will be addressing.

Providing executives with a persuasive business case can convince them to alter the company’s current Learning Management System. Leaders in learning and development (L&D) have to determine return on investment (ROI) as they try to gain buy-in for a new solution. Docebo’s free LMS Project Toolkit was also designed to inform you as to what things to include in your business case to make your executives see how a Learning Management System could bring a significant ROI. This is what this article will be showcasing.

Senior management may not always be able to see the value of an investment in an LMS replacement project immediately. You know that you need a strategy to make them realize a new LMS is the only way to go. Docebo’s free LMS Project Toolkit features a detailed guide and several accompanying tools. It provides all the support you need to make an effective presentation to senior management.

You’re looking at the ultimate go-to tool for everything that’s learning platform-related. Docebo created the free LMS Project Toolkit intending to provide information on learning platforms and address common concerns about them. Do download the free LMS Project Toolkit to gain more insight into all the aforementioned topics.